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It has been a week or two at the most since the death of Padraic Ratigan II. Basil was still shaky about it, seeming how it had been the very first time anyone had seen him fire a gun. Liz, of course, was still healing from her would when she was taken by Ratigan, the wound having gone from her hip up her side nearly to her shoulder. Of course, she is never one to remain still and has pulled the stitches out twice already. So, she has gone to live with Dawson until she heals. Meanwhile, Dawson is fighting day and night for his wife, Diana, who is still being affected by a horrible disease...

The house was quiet. Liz was fast asleep in the guest room, Dawson in his recliner where he had fallen asleep watching over his wife, and Diana on the couch. Suddenly, the whole house aroused as a horrible scream was heard. Liz jumped from her bed, not even taking notice to what time it was, and ran for the living room where the scream was heard.

"Doctor?" she asked, walking more cautiously now that she had entered the room.

"Liz dear. Can you help me down to the clinic with Diana. The sickness has gotten out of my hands." he said hurriedly as he tried to calm his quivering wife down.

"Right away!" she said, running and grabbing both his shoes and her own in a matter of seconds.

They arrived at the ER and Liz watched as both Dawson and Diana went off down the hallway, he running, she on a stretcher. She sat down, grabbing at her side. It still hurt, and she wasn't sure if that feeling was the stitches coming out again or just memories of that horrible night. She looked up at Big Ben, which was just in a clear view out the window of the clinic. It struck 2 in the morning. Fifteen minutes later, Dawson came out.

"They don't know what it is." said Dawson, sitting down next to her in a chair.

"Nobody has known for several months now. What caused her to scream?" she asked.

"I don't know. She just said it felt like her heart was trying to escape her chest." he explained.

"Oh god." said Liz. "Speaking of which, it feels like my stitches are jumping out as well." she mentioned, lifting her shirt slightly for the doctor to examine it.

"Well, no. But I... um... I better clean it when we get back to the house." he said, standing up and grabbing her arm to walk her home.

"What about Diana?" she questioned.

"There's not much we can do as far as that is concerned, and I want you well rested. Basil told me about Olivia and you going out wedding dress hunting. Now, I want you to get a loose enough dress so that the stitches aren't bugged. You understand?" he said, sternly but playfully at the same time.

"Yes sir!" she said sarcastically, raising her hand in a salute.

"Now, that's just rude!" he said back playfully.

Soon enough, they reached the front steps of Dawson's house. They walked in the living room.

''Now, about those stitches." he said, turning to her.

"Oh please Dawson. I'm tired. Can it wait for a few hours more while I get some sleep back?" she asked, shaking her head as her eyes drooped.

"I suppose. I probably wouldn't be much use to you anyways considering how tired I am as well. It can wait." he gave in and went off towards his room as Liz did to her room as well.

Liz woke up at eleven the next morning, sun shining through her window. She saw a silhouette standing in the window with the sun around it. She sat up and held up her hand to block the sun light.

"You're awake! Finally!" said Olivia, pulling on her arm.

"Owe, watch it!" she said to Olivia, pulling herself out of bed.

"Come on! Come on! We're loosing day light! We gotta get you an awesome dress!" Olivia said impatiently.

"Alright, alright. I'm coming!" she said.

It wasn't another hour when they headed out the door to McPherson's bridal wears.

"Oh, I love that one!" said Olivia, looking the pink one over that she had thrown Elizabeth into.

"I look like... a... a... girl!" she screamed in horror. It showed her curves nicely, and had the straps barely hanging off the shoulders like it was supposed to. It was beautiful in every way.

"Oh come on!" said Olivia.

"It's never the first one you try on! How about this one!" she looked for another one hanging and finally found a lightly shaded blue one.

"I don't like it!" Olivia said in distaste.

"Liz! Oh thank god i found you!" came a familiar voice, and Basil came running in panting.

"Dad?" she said, looking over at him.

"I wanted... I needed to..." he said, trying to catch his breath. He stopped and stood up straight, brushing his hair back.

"Now then, I was hoping perhaps you may consider your mother's dress?" he said, motioning for her to come with him. She took off the pink one she still had on and got back into her normal clothes.

"Come on Olivia, believe it or not, your opinion may help." So, they rode Max all the way back to Bakerstreet. They dismounted and went in the house.

Basil went to the back of the house while Olivia and Liz sat on the couch.

"Here it is." they heard from the back, and soon he appeared with an old brown box.

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