Animal Instinct

Summary: While on a trip to America, the Tokyo Mew Mew girls come across a mysterious pet shop. But they aren't the only ones intrigued by the animals in this unusual store. The aliens think Count D's pets will make fine Chimera Animas. Tokyo Mew Mew/ Petshop of Horrors Crossover.

Rating: T (for safety)

Genre: Drama/Action/Adventure

Disclaimer: I know what you're thinking. It's something along the lines of, "How can you cross over a creepy horror manga with a fluffy shojo manga?" This is where I put on my best Count D smirk and sidestep your question by telling you, "It's an art."

Public Service Announcement: I am aware the in the manga PSoH, Leon can cuss up a blue streak. However, I will not be using swear words in this story. There may be implied swears, but there will be no outright swearing. For more on why, please obtain a Bible and turn to the New Testament book of Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 29.

(Besides, all that swearing just gets annoying after awhile, anyway.)

Other: There is a time lapse in this fic, on the TMM side. I wanted to put Berry and Ringo in the story, but the only villain I could come up with for the story was the aliens. So I guess I've ripped a la Mode apart. And Berry is not the leader of the TMM crew, so keep that in mind. I guess we can say that the aliens came back, or that Berry and Ringo were there with the original Mews from the start. Whatever works for you. On the PSOH side, this takes place around, I dunno, book 6 or 7 I guess.

In an alternate dimension, four beings form a different world stood talking.

"It is an honor to have you come back to us, Gateau du Roi." The purple haired one said.

"I've heard some news about your nemesis, Tokyo Mew Mew." Gateau replied.

"Yes," Pie nodded. "They have left Tokyo on what they call a 'vacation.'

"Where are they now?"

"We believe they are currently travelling through a part of a different country. This place is called Los Angeles, California." The purple haired one explained.

Gateau frowned. "Dissapointing. Nevertheless, I won't allow them to ruin my plans. Listen to me well, you three. I have some information I think you need to know."

"It's a lovely day, isn't, Q-chan?"

"Kyu." The small hybrid creature replied.

Count D, owner of a small pet store not far from where he and his pet currently were in Chinatown, smiled. "We have everything we'll need now. We should get back to the store before Detective Orcot shows up."

Ching. Ching.

The count paused and looked around, looking for where the sound was coming from. The answer came in the form of a black cat bounding across the road, a bell and bow on it's tail, and another ribbon tied around it's neck.

"What's this?" D asked, his curiosity piqued. He set down the basket holding his groceries and went to have a look at the kitten. "It's … an Iromote Wildcat?" He asked as he managed to corner the cat and pick it up. "What is one of these doing in America? They're supposed to be native only to Japan."

The cat hissed and scratched to get down, but D didn't let go. Instead, he studied the animal closer, and saw an echo of a human.

While most animal appeared to have human forms to him, this one only had an echo of herself, which he found most strange. She was a red-headed girl, her hair tied in two pigtails, with grey eyes. She was a wearing a dress.

And there was no trace of animal around her. She was a normal human.

A normal human? In the form of a cat?

Before D had anytime to ponder the mystery any further, the cat jumped up towards his face, and landed it's lips on his. There was a blinding flash of light, and then he was flat on his back on the sidewalk; the cat transformed back into a girl and sitting on his chest.

For a moment, the girl seemed disoriented. Then she realized what had happened and exactly where she was sitting. She turned a shade of red the count had never seen before and vaulted off him with a speed that was impressive.

"I…uh…I'm sorry!" She hastily bowed and then turned and ran in the other direction as the count pushed himself back up.


The red haired girl stopped and turned to look across the street. Stepping around the corner were a girl with black hair tied in odango buns and green-haired girl with her hair done in braids.

"Where have you been, you airhead?" The black haired girl shrieked as Ichigo raced across the street to join the other two girls. "We've been looking all over Chinatown for you."

"Mint!" Ichigo said breathlessly. "Come on, let's go find the others." She grabbed the other girl's arm and darted away, the green-haired on following behind the other two.

Count D watched as the three girls vanished then stood back up. As he did his hand brushed a paper; he knelt and picked it up.

It was a business card, torn diagonally in half. On the top of the card was part of a business name: ew Mew, and underneath was part of an address in Tokyo.


He looked up and saw Q-chan was flying overhead. "No, I don't know what that was about either. Let's get back to the shop." Pocketing the slip of paper, he picked up his basket of groceries and headed away.

"Count! I know you're in here!" Detective Leon Orcot said as he stormed into the pet shop.

D smiled. "My dear detective, how nice of you to join us again. You're early today; I haven't made the tea yet."

Leon huffed and sat down in a nearby chair.

"Leon, I was wondering if you could help me." D said. "I ran into a young lady today, and when she left, she left part of a business card behind. I wonder if you could figure out what it's supposed to say?"

"Let's see it."

D handed over the scrap of card, and Leon studied it. "Mew? Mew Mew?" He lightly bent the scrap of card between his fingers then looked back at the count. "Tokyo Mew Mew is a supposed group of superheroines out of Tokyo. No one could figure out the story behind them. Personally, I think it was all costumes and CGI." He looked back at the card again. "I didn't know they had a business, though. Probably just proves I'm right and the whole thing's been a big fake all along."

"Was there anything peculiar about those girls?" D asked as he headed back into the kitchen.

"Not unless you count teenage girls in shiny costumes running around fighting monsters as peculiar. Which I do, by the way." Leon replied, raising his voice so the count could hear. "And the weapons they used were just weird."

I've never met a human who had such a strong animal feeling about them. But that girl today… she was human and animal. She was both. The count mused as he moved around, preparing the tea.

"Maybe the Mew crew is trying to set a business in L.A." Leon said as the count came back into the room. "I wonder if I should tell the chief."

D set the tea tray down and realized something awful. "Oh, no! I forgot the pastries while I was out today!"

"That's okay. We have just have tea without the sugar." Leon said as he leaned back in his chair.

"It is not okay. We need to go get some pastries. Or mousse. Or a cake."

"Or something that has sugar in it, before you go further into withdrawal." Leon interrupted. "Sheesh, you and your sweet tooth. It's a wonder you don't have a mouthful of cavities."

Ten minutes later found both of them prowling through the streets of Chinatown, looking for a shop that could sell them some treat to go with their tea.

"There it is. Bim's Café. I hear they make an excellent apple flan." D said.

"You really have a problem, you know that?" Leon, who was trailing ten feet behind the count, asked. The detective was looking around and not watching where he was going, so when D stopped, he bumped into the count.

"What are you doing?" He started to ask, but the question died on his lips as a group of girls, escorted by two young men, came around the corner.

The count stared at them for a moment before muttered to Leon, "The girl with the red pigtails, she was the one I bumped into earlier."

And he had noticed now that all of the girls there had some traces of animals around them. The redhead was a cat, the black haired girl was a bird, the green haired one was a porpoise, the blond one was both rabbit and cat, and the brown-haired girl had only the faintest traces of a penguin. The blonde haired young man with them was also surrounded by traces of a cat.

"D, what are you doing?" Leon finally asked.

But it was obvious that the redhead recognized the count, the detective realized. It didn't take a his job to figure that out.

Mint had been chattering away about how it was teatime for her and how they needed to find a respectable place to stop and have a cup of tea. Then Ichigo, who had been in the lead, stopped, and the other girl had bumped into the redhead. "Ichigo, what are you doing?" Mint demanded. "We need to find a good teahouse."

But Ichigo wasn't paying attention anymore. Standing not twenty feet away from here was the guy she'd been sitting on not an hour ago.

And just thinking about that memory made her face burn red.

Mint looked at the count, and then back at Ichigo. "Uh… you two know each other?"

D smiled. "We bumped into each this morning. I'm Count D, owner of a pet shop here."

The blonde haired young man stepped forward. "I'm Ryou Shirogane, owner of a Café in Tokyo. These girls are the employees at the café," He paused and motioned at another man who was with them. "This is Keiichiro Akasaka, co-manager."

"What brings you to Chinatown?" D asked.

"We're on vacation." Mint replied. "I'm Mint Aizawa. The ditz next to me who ran into you earlier is Ichigo Momomiya."

"Hey, that's not fair, Mint." Ichigo protested.

Mint waved her friends concerns away and resumed introductions. "That's Lettuce Mirdorikawa, Berry Shirayuki, Ringo Akaii, and Zakuro Fujiwara. Pudding is around somewhere."

"And all of you are travelling through Chinatown without a guide?" D asked.

"Well, not exactly." Ryou replied.

"That's what Pudding is for, na no da!" And then another blonde girl popped up, and the count noticed that this one traces of monkey in her.

Pudding studied the count for a moment, then told him, "I'm Pudding Fong. When we need help or need to find something, I just ask someone about it," she finished, in near perfect Chinese.

"You speak Chinese?" The count asked, surprise evident in his voice.

Pudding nodded. "My family is from China, but we moved to Japan when I was little. My mama made sure I still knew my parent's language, na no da."

"Where are your parents now?" The count asked.

"My father is training in the mountains of Japan. My mom is…" She trailed off.

"I'm sorry." D told her.

"Now I have a job at the Café, so I can help take of my family." Pudding announced.

D smiled at her. "You're very ambitious."

"Okay, enough of the freaky Chinese." Leon interrupted. "You're both in America and you can both speak English, so get to it."

Ryou stared at him, and D glared at him.

"Who's your friend?" Keiichiro asked, trying to break the tension.

"That is Detective Leon Orcot." D replied. And if he doesn't keep his mouth shut I might have to get rid of him.

"Well it was nice to meet you Count but we need to get going." Mint said determinedly. "We have to find a tea shop."

"Tea shop?"

"Yes. It's time for my afternoon cup of tea. It's a tradition." Mint said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

D smiled again. "Well, you're just in time. Leon and I were on our way back to the petshop to have tea just as soon as we pick up some sweets to go with it."

"I might be able to help you with the sweets." Keiichiro spoke up. "I do have a bit of talent when it comes to making deserts."

"I guess it's settled then." Ryou said. "Let's get Mint her tea. Lead the way, Count."

"So, what are we waiting for now?" Leon asked.

"Keiichiro to get done cooking." Ryou replied, leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head.

"So what are you saying, that your friend has a whole bunch of recipes stored in his head?" Leon asked.

"Well, he is the chef at our café." Ryou replied.

"Does he have a specialty at your café?" D asked.

Ryou considered it for a moment. "Well, he is pretty good in the pastry department." D's face lit up.

Leon, D, Ryou, Mint, and Zakuro were sitting around D's table, waiting for Keiichiro to finish his work in the kitchen. Ichigo had beat a hasty upon their arrival at the pet shop and, for reasons none of her group could understand, was staying as far away from Count D as she could. The other girls were off exploring the pet shop, except for Lettuce, who was helping Keiichiro in the kitchen.

The aforementioned green-haired girl ducked back into the room a moment later. "Akasaka-san says it's be about five more minutes."

"Thank you, Lettuce." Ryou replied.

She darted back into the kitchen, and then the noise came of someone tripping and something made of glass breaking. Ryou winced and glanced at the Count, who was looking right back at him. "I'll pay for that." Ryou assured the other man.

"So, Ryou, tell about this Mew thing." Leon said, watching the Japanese native closely.

Zakuro spoke up. "It's a café in Tokyo. What's to tell about it?"

Leon was about to reply when Keiichiro entered the room, holding a tray laden with confections. Lettuce followed behind him with the plates.

To say that D was surprised by the extension selective of confectionery would have been something of an understatement. "Akasaka-san, this is amazing!"

Keiichiro smiled. "I hope they taste alright; it's been a few days since I was last cooking at the café. And please call me Keiichiro."

The count stood. "I'll get the tea."

After the tea had been poured and the cups passed out, everyone helped themselves to the sweets and proceeded to eat.

"So what brings all of you to Chinatown?" D asked.

"Pudding wanted to stop and see it." Zakuro replied.

"And it is vacation, so we could hardly say no." Keiichiro added as he reached for a brownie.

"How'd all of you come to be travelling in LA, anyway?" Leon asked suspiciously.

"This is a vacation from work." Ryou replied. "The girls work for me at my shop, Café Mew Mew. This was a reward for all the hard work they've done."

Leon turned to Mint. "And your parents agreed to this?"

She nodded. "My parents said a trip to America would be very educational." Then she resumed sipping her tea.

D selected one of the pastries and took a bite of it, and his face went rapturous. "Keiichiro, this is amazing!"

Keiichiro smiled. "You're too kind."

Leon took one of the pastries and bit the edge off it. "Better watch out, Akasaka. D will never let you go back to Tokyo now."

D scowled at the detective, but before anyone could reply, Pudding came running over.

"D-san, your store is amazing! But it needs more monkeys."

D smiled at her. "I think I have plenty of animals already. Do you want some tea, Pudding-chan?"

She shook her head. "I want to go play with the animals some more. Berry is still back there with Pon-chan. Pon-chan's nice."

D frowned. He hadn't told Pudding the names of any of the animals.

"What are they talking about?" Leon asked, irritated.

"Pudding is telling the count that she's having fun playing with the animals in the petshop." Zakuro said, then took another another sip of her tea.

"You speak Chinese?" Leon asked.

She nodded. "And a couple other languages."

Pudding scurried away, and D turned back to the present company.

Ryou glanced around and then asked, "Where did Ichigo go?"

"I believe she's wandering around the back rooms of the shop." D replied. "We had a…interesting meeting earlier, and I don't believe she's gotten over it yet."

And then he watched to see how Ryou and his group would take the news. Mint and Zakuro gave each other a long look, then glanced at Ryou and Keiichiro.

The looks the four of them were sharing quite clearly said that D knew something he wasn't supposed to know.

"This is the place?" Kish asked, hovering behind Pie as they stared at the street below.

"This is where Gateau said to attack. This is also where the Mew Mews currently are." Pie replied. "That shop right there." He used his fan to point at the one across the street where they were floating. A sign hanging outside said "Count D" on it.

There was a pause, and then Pie said, "Well, then." Then he released the Para Para.

"Find a good creature to make a Chimera Anima with."

They knew that he knew that their friend Ichigo could turn into a cat. D was glad to be drinking tea; he could hide his smile behind the cup.

Ryou and the others were keeping up the masquerade of everything being normal; that they were just having tea with some new friends. And even though he wondered how a normal human could come to transform into a cat, D decided for the moment to continue the masquerade.

"Have you seen any other sights in Los Angeles yet?" He asked Keiichiro.

The other man nodded. "We've done a lot of sightseeing since we came here. We just stopped by Chinatown because Pudding wanted to see it."

"Despite the fact that there's Neo Chinatown in Tokyo that she could visit." Mint pointed out as she set her empty teacup back down.

D was about to reply, but then he felt something like a shockwave go through him.

Some malicious had arrived, and it wanted to hurt the pets.

He stood up and spun around, trying to figure out what exactly it was, when T-chan came bounding by, closely pursued by what looked like a flying jellyfish.

Ryou jumped up and swore. "Where's Masha?"

"To late for that!" Zakuro retorted sharply as she Mint stood up and darted after T-chan, who was heading for the door.

"Let that thing out of here!" Rou ordered and Mint yanked the door open, allowing T-chan to dart out, the jellyfish still in pursuit.

"What are you doing?" The Count demanded.

"We'll explain later." Mint replied as she, Lettuce, Zakuro raced after the totetsu.

In one of the back rooms of the petshop, Ichigo was sitting in a roomful of cats when Masha popped up. "Ichigo, alien, alien!" The little robot shrieked.

"Aliens? Here?" Ichigo asked. "Masha, go get the others." She darted back out the door, heading for the front room, while Masha headed further back to find the last three Mews.

"What is going on here?" Leon asked as Ryou and Keiichiro raced for the door, followed by Ichigo, who darted out of the back of the shop.

"Like Mint said, we'll explain later." Ryou replied, even as he realized that by this point their secret was pretty much screwed and there wasn't anything they would be able to do but tell the truth when it was all over.

Ringo, Pudding and Berry came racing out of the labyrinth in the back of the shop, and the count and Leon followed them out the door.

They arrived just in time to see T-chan finish transforming into a Chimera Anima.

"This can't be happening." Lettuce gasped. "How did the aliens get over to America?"

"I don't think we should be worried about that right now," Berry said.

A massive paw came down on where the girls were standing, all of them jumped out of the way.

"It's time we transform." Zakuro called to the others.

"What about them?" Ichigo asked, indicating Leon and the Count. Transforming in front of Ryou and Keiichiro was nothing, but this time they weren't alone.

The Chimera Anima slapped another paw down on where Lettuce and Mint had been standing, both girls jumped away before it could hit them.

"I don't think we have tome to worry about it anymore." Berry repeated.

Ichigo nodded. "Mew Mew Strawberry!"

"Mew Mew Minto!"

"Mew Mew Lettuce!"

"Mew Mew Pudding!"

"Mew Mew Zakuro!"

"Mew Mew Ringo!"

"Mew Mew Berry!"

And then, all together, they shouted, "METAMORPHO-SIS!"

T.A.R.N.S.: And here I was hoping to put in some battle before I had to cut to the end. But this is a rather long chapter, and I feel I should break it in half. Battle scene next time, I guess. I'm sorry if the scene breaks seemed kind of quirky.

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