The Nightmare Chatroom

NightmareQueen99 - Amaya

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Hiruko

SilverStar_84 - Mizuki

Cant_Touch_This - Hifumi

MistBell12 - Kasumi

FantasyLander371 - Kairi

FantasyHelper21 - Shima

Chatroom Name - Silver Star Tea House Chatroom

MistBell12 has logged on.

NightmareQueen99 has logged on.

The_Nightmare_Inspector has logged on.

MistBell12 - Okay you two, what is it?

NightmareQueen99 - We just have some questions for you.

MistBell12 - Why do I have the feeling that you and Hiruko are smiling evilly?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Maybe because we are?

MistBell12 - O . . . kay, what's up?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Why did you leave the second Hifumi came in?

MistBell12 - Oh . . . No reason. I just had to leave for the Rumor Club.

NightmareQueen99 - Then why did Hifumi leave until 1:00? I remember because me and him were fighting. Again.

MistBell12 - Oh . . . that . . . well, um . . .

NightmareQueen99 - Yeah?

MistBell12 - I . . . and . . . him

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Go on

Cant_Touch_This has logged on.

Mistbell12 - Oh, Mizuki is calling for me. I got to go bye!

MistBell12 has logged off.

NightmareQueen99 - DANM YOU HIFUMI!

The_Nightmare_Inspector - WE ALMOST GOT KASUMI TO TELL US!

Cant_Touch_This - What? What was she going to tell you?

NightmareQueen99 - We don't know because YOU ruined it!


The_Nightmare_Inspector - MAYBE BECAUSE YOU CAME IN?

NightmareQueen99 - THAT'S IT HIFUMI! *Nightmare Virus*

Cant_Touch_This has been disconnected.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Well, that got rid of him. Nice work.

NightmareQueen99 - *Grins*

The_Nightmare_Inspector - By the way, what are we going to do now?

NightmareQueen99 - That's easy. We'll just make another—

SilverStar_84 has logged on.

NightmareQueen99 - plan to get the info.

SilverStar_84 - What info?

NightmareQueen99 - Oh … um, nothing. Listen Hiruko, meet me in our room later okay?

NightmareQueen99 has logged off.

SliverStar_84 - What were you two doing?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Nothing special.

SilverStar_84 - Right. By the way, where is Hifumi?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Don't know, don't care. He was here, but he left.

SilverStar_84 - Why?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Amaya gave him the nightmare virus.

SilverStar_84 - What's that?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - A virus that disconnects anyone.

SilverStar_84 - Wow, why did she do that? Wait, don't tell me, she got into another fight with Hifumi.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - *Nods*

SilverStar_84 - I knew it.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - … Hey Mizuki. Is Kasumi with you right now?

SilverStar_84 - *Looks around* Nope, why?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Me and Amaya were talking to her when she left saying that you called her.

SilverStar_84 - That isn't true. I never called her.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Danm, then WHERE did she go?

SilverStar_84 - *Shrugs*

FantasyLander371 has logged on.

FantasyHelper21 has logged on.

SilverStar_84 - And who are you guys?

FantasyLander371 - I thought we went through this. It's Kairi

FantasyHelper21 - And SHIMA!

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Oh, hi.

FantasyLander371 - Let me guess, Hiruko?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Who else?

SilverStar_84 - Hi

FantasyHelper21 - Oh, Hiruko, before I forget. Hifumi was here, he said to meet with him in the chatroom later.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Why?

FantasyHelper21 - He didn't say.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

SilverStar_84 - Hiruko, you are such a pessimist.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - I'm a Baku. Baku are pessimists.

FantasyLander371 - Can't you try to be a little bit … oh, I don't know, a bit HAPPIER?

SilverStar_84 - Thank you.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - No.

FantasyHelper21 - Oh, COME ON Hiruko. It would kill you. Nothing can.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - I have two words for you. No. Way.

SilverStar_84 - Hiruko, don't make me go up there.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Try Mizuki. TRY.

SilverStar_84 has logged off.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - I got to run before Mizuki catches me. Bye.

The_Nightmare_Inspector has logged off.

FantasyLander371 - Well, it's just us.

FasntasyHelper21 - Wanna get something to eat?

FantasyLander371 - Sure.

FantasyHelper21 has logged off.

FantasyLander21 has logged off.

NightmareQueen99 has logged on.

NightmareQueen99 - Great. Just great. I have the feeling that this will happen a lot.

The_Nightmare_Inspector has logged on.

NightmareQueen99 - Hiruko! Finally.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Sorry, I had to run from Mizuki.

NightmareQueen99 - *Has WTF face on*

The_Nightmare_Inspector - *Sighs* Mizuki was trying to make me happy.

NightmareQueen99 - . . .

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Yup.

NightmareQueen99 - Doesn't she know that we Baku are pessimists?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - That what I said, but she and Kairi didn't listen.

NightmareQueen99 - Danm.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Anyway, I did find out from Shima that Hifumi was at the Delirium. He told Shima that he wanted to talk to me on the chatroom.

NightmareQueen99 - When?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - *Shrugs* Dunno. Shima didn't say.

NightmareQueen99 - Speaking of Hifumi, what about Kasumi?

The_Nightmare_Inspector - I talked to Mizuki, but she said she didn't say she called Kasumi.

NightmareQueen99 - Hmmm, I wonder what's up with her.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Me too. By the way, what about our plan?

NightmareQueen99 - We try again. Only this time, we try Hifumi because he wants to talk with you.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Alright. What now?

NightmareQueen99 - *Sweatdrops* Dunno.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - Wanna . . . I dunno, leave?

NightmareQueen99 - Sure.

NightmareQueen99 has logged off.

The_Nightmare_Inspector - I'm betting that I'll be the last on the chatroom next time . . .

The_Nightmare_Inspector has logged off.

Cant_Touch_This has logged on.

Cant_Touch_This - Hiruko? You here?

Cant_Touch_This - Danm it, I must have missed him.

Cant_Touch_This has logged off.

SmexyGemEyes79 has logged on.

SmexyGemEyes79 - Peeps? Anyone here?

SmexyGemEyes79 - DANM!

SmexyGemEyes79 has logged off.

Me - Well, well, this is getting weirder by the second.

Why did Amaya and Hiruko call Kasumi in? Why is Kasumi leaving every time that Hifumi comes in? What is she hiding? Where did Amaya get the NIGHTMARE VIRUS? Will she use it again? Where did Kasumi go? Why did Hifumi ask Shima to tell Hiruko to meet him in the chatroom later? What is he hiding? Why was Mizuki trying to make Hiruko happy? What are Hiruko and Mizuki planning to do with Hifumi? Will Hiruko always be last in to leave the chatroom? Who is SmexyGemEyes79? What does SmexyGemEyes79 want? Why is Hifumi's screen name Cant_Touch_This? Why does Kairi and Shima come into the chatroom anyway?

Well, now it's 15 questions now. ANSWER THEM RIGHT AND WIN A CAKE!

Amaya - Review or get a nightmare from the Nightmare Queen herself.