My Wings

The wings on my back I spread wide to fly. The wind in the night sky makes me feel free. To follow the sound of your whispers would set fire to me. I change my direction, to find my way home; as the air flows through me.

The higher I soar; the harder the wind blows to push me back down. The chains on my wings, binds me to this place. I search for the light to work my way free. A small laugh escapes my lips; free, free to spread my wings to fly.

The wind whisper to me again and I struggle to hear the words that should never have been said. For you are the one who calls me to be free, yet you are the one who binds my wings.

Freedom I shall never have again; even if the chains rust away and night sky is crystal clear; for this place holds me, it keeps me here with you; even if I'm here alone.

Love or to be loved could heal these wings of mine; and I shall soar to greater heights; even if it's all in my mind.