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Chapter 7

Jo looked at the owner of the restaurant. She was staring at Jason with a very sinister smile. Jo stood back a little, just enough that the microphone could pick up the convo.

"How was everything Jason? Did you not enjoy your meal or was it your date? I keep telling you that you should be choosier about your company."

That was bold, but after being with a contained Jo, bold seemed a nice pace. "No everything was fine; you run an amazing place here, Rosaline. Just visiting with my exgirlfriend, she stopped into town to check on me after seeing what happened to Beth in the paper."

Rosaline smiled, she knew all too well what had happened to Beth. It is just a shame that Jason couldn't see that she and he would be perfect. Now there was this exgirlfriend character she was going to have to contend with. She had about had it. Maybe she should go with her original plan and just kidnap Jason and fly him somewhere remote. She could do another spell on him or something. The first one had worn off, but she could find a more permanent spell somewhere surely. "Well that was thoughtful. I hope there is no more excitement quite so close to my area. It makes me very uncomfortable."

"I understand completely. It takes away the privacy and intimacy of a restaurant, to see cops come and question the owner. "Jason was looking at Rosaline, he had forgotten how nicely built she was. He liked the attention she gave him. He had found comfort with her first when Jo had split. She was recently broken up with and he needed someone to take the edge off. She could be counted on for that, but after a while she was reading bride magazines and dropping hints. He wasn't ready for that kind of a romance again. He wasn't sure now if he ever would be.

Jo was getting antsy it was time to go. The Shade was still positioned in Jason's shadow and she didn't like the circumstances of that. Shades were technically nothing more than a shadow with a life of their own, but that was what could be dangerous about them. They were someone else's shadow and the witch or wizard could tear into their plane. Thus causing their shadow to gain almost a soul, only not quite a soul, it would split the creator's soul in two and the Shade's half would be more like a puppet. Doing whatever the creator willed. In this case it would be easy to strangle and get rid of a body. The body was probably in an alley ten blocks down. A Shade would have been able to go up over the building and down without noise or roadblocks.

Jo cleared her throat and gave Jason a small smile. "Are you ready? I don't want to rush, but I can wait outside if you would rather me." Like hell she didn't want to rush him. She was getting seriously pissed off. It's not like a dagger dipped in oil, then lit on fire was going to magically appear. Especially how to tip him off that something was up, when he and the red headed ho bag were making googaly eyes at each other. She had reached her nice and understanding limit with him for the next three years. She especially didn't like this Rosaline character. It was almost like she could see too much.

After some subtle tips Jason finally got the idea. They walked out arm in arm smiling, but dropped it as soon as they were outside. Jo immediately scanned for Dean. He was there by her side before she even really had a good look. She gave him a big smile. "I'm so glad that is over. We are dealing with a Shade. I know for sure. It was in Jason's shadow but now, for all we know, it could be in mine, yours, or the car over there."

Dean had to give Jo credit, after being put through what was probably an extremely crappy date, not to mention mentally exhausting, she was still on her game. He gave her a quick kiss and loved the way her eyes lit up. "So, you say it's a Shade? Well that means either a dagger dipped in oil and lit on fire, or saturate every shadow we can find in oil and then light it on fire. I vote we get that dagger and make sure we are clean first. What about Jason? Does he know?"

"I was in the process of getting him out of there, but I really couldn't tell him. Rosaline was always a few paces behind." Jo knew she had to look as pissy as she sounded but she didn't care. She had quite enough for one night. "Since we know what it is, I vote we go on back to Jason's house and decide how best to proceed."

"That sounds good to me. Is Rosaline the one toward the end, the one who sounded like she would be more than happy to run you off and ride off with Jason?" He had heard the entire conversation, and knew Jo had positioned herself so the mic could pick up everything, but she probably didn't catch it all.

"That's the one. Oh, how I wish I had a club or something to whack her with." They both laughed and headed off toward the Impala. Dean wrapped an arm protectively around Jo and snuggled her into his side. Jo was so in tune with him that she naturally turned a tad and gave him a kiss and light nip on the neck. "I am exhausted. Never again am I going on a date with anyone other than you."

Jason watched as they pulled away. He had never pulled Jo in the way Dean had. He had always held her hand or just walked next to her. The arm and arm thing was a rarity as well. It made him see the things she wanted and needed and that he couldn't give her.

Later that night Jo clued Jason into what was going on. "So that thing could be in my shadow right now?"

Jo thought for a moment. "It could be, but I highly doubt it. Shades are attached to their creator. Even though they can move about, they can only do so for so much of a distance. Your house is far enough away from the restaurant that, unless the person followed us, it shouldn't be here." Dean and Jo had done some quick research on it when they had returned. Sam had been on the phone with Bobby and that was all they had come up with. They were all three in agreement that it was probably Rosaline. She fit all of the criteria. They just needed a motive. Jo had a feeling she knew what the motive was.

"Jason, I need you to be completely honest with me. Did you and Rosaline ever become intimate? Would there be any reason for her to want revenge against you, or want you to herself?"

Jason paused a moment, "You think Rosaline is behind this? She couldn't be I mean I have known her for a while. We have been to each other's homes and what not. She has nothing out of the ordinary at her house." Jason knew he was rambling but the idea of Rosaline being the bad guy was laughable.

"You aren't looking at this with the right neutrality. You need to step back and see it like I would." She was getting irritated. Dean was upstairs waiting for her to get done briefing him and she couldn't wait.

"I guess, I mean she and I did have a little fling. She was really upset when I ended things. She had hoped I would ask her to marry her, I think." He hadn't known at the time that Rosaline was one of those sex leads to commitment type girls, or he would have picked a better rebound partner.

"Well that takes care of that. We will go see her tomorrow and Sam and Dean will go check out her place. Goodnight Jason." She turned without so much as a by your leave and walked upstairs.

Jason watched and wished he could go with her. This had become one big mess that he wanted to draw to a close soon. He was having trouble keeping up the charade. The doting, loving, still upset exboyfriend roll was getting old and tired. At least Rosaline had done her part well. Let Jo chew on all of that for a few days.

Upstairs Jo was trying to get ready for bed. It didn't help however that she was continually side tracked. She finally gave it up and let Dean have his way. Dean slowly unzipped the back of her dress. He had waited a long time for this. It was finally the right moment and the right time. She was his they both knew it and he had never wanted anything more.

He moved over and kissed her neck as the dress fell down her body. She was left in her thong and strapless bra. She had made sure to pick something nice out for him tonight. Not that she had planned on this happening, but she knew that he would at least probably see her in her underwear. She wanted to look nice. Black, black, and more black was definitely nice.

Dean nearly swallowed his tongue as she stood there. It wasn't that she was hot or that she was almost naked; because she was both of those, but he had seen and fucked hotter girls than Jo. That was it however, that was what made all of the difference, she was Jo and she was completely his. It was all he could do to not jump her right there. He wanted to take his time, wanted to make sure Jo was going to remember him and forget anyone else.

He laid Jo down on the bed. She started to say something about him not being naked, but he shushed her. He put a finger to his ear in a reminder that there were other people in the house that didn't need to know what they were up to. She smiled getting the hint. This was going to be a game of chicken and she wasn't going to lose by screaming or moaning her head off.

Dean began slowly starting from her neck and kissing down her body. He stopped at her navel and slid his tongue around it. Jo thought she would expire on the spot, he was driving her crazy. He could feel her muscles tighten underneath his mouth. He knew that she was ready and he really didn't want to but he didn't know how much more he could stand of this. She was making him harder than he had ever been in his life. She looked up at him and he looked down at her. "Do me." she had meant to say it in her head but it had come out a whisper. Dean shucked off his pants so fast he wasn't even sure if they hadn't magically disappeared.

The climb back up her body felt like it took an eternity. He made it and slid in. He wanted to come so badly but he wanted to watch her while she did too. He wanted to watch as she climaxed with him inside her and see her face when she knew it was he who had made her fall off the cliff. He leaned up a little so she was partially sitting on him, but he was still in control. He watched as her eyes went from glazed to cloudy and then she was moving with him. They were hardly making any noise. No one would have been any the wiser had they walked by, that was making this twice as erotic. The fact that they were holding themselves in and pouring everything else they had into each other.

People like to think that sex causes mountains to move and a new perspective on life. Normally they are wrong and sex is just sex. This was not the case. What Jo and Dean were doing, well there could have been a religion based on it. They both climaxed and just stared into the other one. They were looking each other in the eyes but were seeing almost to their souls. It hadn't been perfect but sometimes the line between perfection and imperfection gets blurred. This was definitely one of those times.

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