"So that's it then? Your just going to leave? Just like that?" He sighed. More out of frustration that anything else. It's like it didn't even matter to him. Everything that we had been through for the past two months, just worthless to him now. "Derek?" I said. Tired of all of this. The fighting. The yelling. All of it. "I'm done Spencer." He said, so blunt. So emotionless. "Doesn't even matter how I fill, does it?" I said, with more calmness than thought I would have. "What about the past two months we've shared together huh? They mean nothing to you?" Now I was just angry.

"Doesn't even matter anymore." His voice so cold, that it hurts.

"It does to me!" He put his bags down then.

His face that had held so much stress just moments ago, disappeared. He slowly walked to me. His voice low and sympathetic. "Spencer.." "Did you not feel anything for me? Anything at all for the past two months? Was it just some fling to you?" I said, before he could finish what it was that he wanted to say. I held in my tears that treated to fall down my cheeks. "It wasn't a fling." He admitted. "Then what was it?" So close to letting them fall.

"It was..." But he didn't get to finish. His phone ringing, had stopped him from doing so.


He said, into the phone. His eyes never leaving my own. "Yeah baby girl." He said. Letting me know that it was Garcia. Our co-worker in the BAU, and closest best friend. "I'll be there in 20." He hung up the phone without another word. He turned to the door. He gave me one last look. "Good-Bye Spencer." Then he was gone. Then the tears fell. I felt so stupid. How dumb could I have possibly been to have let him into my life? I knew that he was no good for me the moment I said yes to his stupid date. I knew that this would end wrong when I accepted his invitation to dinner. Now look at me? I'm sitting here in the middle of my living room crying, because he did what I tried so hard to deny that he wouldn't do to me. Break up with me. Stupid me. But as I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself. I still miss him.

What was I going to do when we went back to the BAU? Was we just going to pretend that it never happened? That for the past two months we didn't fall in love with each other? That the things we shared together meant nothing to either one of us? I guess that was all we could do. It couldn't effect our job. That was the number one rule that we said we wouldn't break when this started. We wouldn't let it effect our job. And I was at least going to keep that promise to myself. I got up from the floor, and went into the kitchen. I fixed myself a glass of water. I drunk it in one gulp.

I then walked up the stairs to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, and saw how bad I really looked. My hair was a mess, and my eyes were red. I can't believe I let him do this to me. It's exactly what I get though. I let someone in, and I get hurt because of it. I should've just stuck to my books and statistics. I sighed then. I cleaned myself up, and walked into the bedroom. I laid down. I was soon fast asleep. The next morning. I woke expecting Morgan to be laying down beside me. As I turned on my side to look at the place of where he would be laying down. I sighed. I rolled back over, and looked at the clock. 6:00A.M. I had to be to work at 7. By the clock was a picture of me and Morgan.

It was when we had went to the park. I had made us a picnic, and we spent the whole day there playing around like little children. I pushed it down on the nightstand. I got up, and went to go get dressed for work. Once at work, I took my time to get my head together in the elevator. I wouldn't say anything about it. I wouldn't even acknowledge the fact that it even happened. I would just keep it completely professional. The way it should have been the entire time. Stepping out of the elevator, I wasn't expecting to run right into my problem. I bounce back off of his chest like a rubber band. I sighed. I fought the feeling to roll my eyes. I looked up at him.

"Sorry." I said, making my way to move past him.

"It's fine." He said. His voice soft. Something I didn't expect.

I told myself that I wouldn't acknowledge it. And by 'it', I mean Derek. So I'm not acknowledge him. I walked into the bullpen, and to my desk. "Hey Reid." Emily said, as I sat down. Next to Garcia. She was our next closest friend in this job. She is always so understanding about everything, and she never judges. That's what I love about her. You can tell her almost anything. Almost. "Hey Em." I said, getting the things that I needed out of my messager bag. "How was your weekend?" She said, getting up with he mug in her hand.

Well I wasn't going to tell her that it was great, and I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her that it was bad either. "It was okay." She shook her head. Something about laying to a profiler felt weird. I guess it was because they could read you like an open book. But I over looked it. I went on about my business. "That's good." She said, making her way to the break room, for her coffee. As I logged onto my computer, to open up the files of paperwork that I had to finish for our boss, Hotch, I thought about the run in with Morgan.

I wonder how he was feeling about the whole situation? Then I shook my head. I didn't care. I wouldn't care. Pretty soon JJ was coming from down the stairs, and into the bullpen with a folder in her hand. "Hey guys." We all knew that tone. That meant that we had another job to do. Another case to solve. Another sadistic person to profile. "We're briefing in one minute." She said, as she made her way back up the stairs, and into the conference room. We all followed. As we gathered around the round table, I tried not to notice how Derek stood all the way on the other side of the room from me. Usually he would just take his normal sit next to me, but given the circumstances. I wouldn't sit next to me either.

"Alright." She said, when everyone was accounted for, and seated.

"Blake Higgsworth." She said, as she pointed the remote to the big screen in front of us, giving us his picture. One of him smiling and happy with his life. The other, of him being dead. "He lived in Minnesota. He was a senior in Black Plums High School. He went missing two days ago. Local authorities found his body this morning by the Blue Bridge River. He was 18. Just had his birthday one week ago before he went missing." We all begin to look over the case files that were sitting in front of us.

"His mother? Where is she?" I asked, not seeing anything about her in the file. "She died when he was 10. Car accident by drunk driver." I shook my head in acknowledgment. "His dad was his football coach." I said, more to myself than any particular person in the room. "Yeah. He had taught the kids there for about 4 years." "Since Blake's freshman year." "Mean anything to you Reid?" Hotch asked. I looked up from the file then. "Could mean that he had separation anxiety. Either Blake are his dad. So either of them could keep an eye out of the other one. Making sure that one of them was always safe."

"Are to make sure that Blake never got into trouble." Morgan spoke for the first time since we had been in the room. "Lost his mom at a young age. Going into puberty, certain acts of adolescences is way more likely of happening." "Statistically. Adolescence behavior can result in a number of ways. Some going to such extremes as bipolar disorder, to eating disorders, but in Blake's case anxiety disorder." "So how sure are you that he has separation anxiety?" Emily asked, from the left side of me. "73% Sure. If it's not him, then it's his father." I said, giving her one of my awkward half smiles. She smiled back. "Alright then." Hotch said, standing up from the table. "Get your things ready. We're leaving for Minnesota in 30."