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Damn it this was torture. The internal life, the loneliness, the thirst. Their was nothing he could do to escape it. He couldn't end himself, it went against his morals to feed, and he trusted very view of his kind.

He grew weaker and weaker by the day. Trapped in his own misery, self hatred, spite, and jealously. Jealous of those pathetic humans for their lives, and those of his kind that were able to adapt and except their fate, hell he was just angry at the world.

He snarled hatefully and his senses heightened. The scent of human blood hit him ten times stronger, his overly sensitive ears picked up every sound within a five mile radius, his eyes sought out the throats of all the innocent civilians surrounding him.

He growled again and walked away quickly waiting till he was out of site before sprinting off into the quietest neighborhood he could find.

The anger, the jealousy, and the spite made the thirst worse. He had been on this earth for more than a hundred years, he could practically ignore it. But when emotions got in the way he could loose his self control. It made everything more personal. Because it wasn't fair that this had happened to him, his life had been literally sucked away from him while these humans grew old and was put to rest when they were tired.

Unlike him, he who was exhausted, but could not die. He buried his face in his hands as a particularly sweet scent hit his nose and stuck with him blocking out everything else out. Everything including his common sense.

He took off, blood red eyes locked on a beautiful white house that sheltered his next victim. He kicked the door down effortlessly and closed his eyes briefly while breathing heavily through his nose. His head snapped to the right as his eyes snapped open landing on...a child.

An infant that seemed to be no older than three months, lying in a crib deep blue eyes wide because he had been startled out of his sleep by the sound of his door falling off it's hinges.

He felt an intense tingling sensation coming from his left. He turned in time to see a blond, probably the father, swinging a bat at the side of his head. He grabbed the end of it, feeling no pain when he felt it connect with the palm of his hand before flinging it across the room with the man still clinging it to it killing him instantly.

He charged at the child ready to end this. The smell was amazing, something akin to citrus, and he couldn't wait to see if it taste as good as it smelled. But he had disregarded one thing. The child's mother.

She stood standing on front of her wailing child with her head pulled back exposing her neck. And his mouth was so close. Without a second thought he sunk his fangs into her neck. He didn't care to know how she knew what he was exactly, all that registered through his mind was of the taste and warmth of her blood until she was completely drained.

He pulled back and let her drop to the floor setting his eyes back to child who's crys had subdued to whimpers. He inhaled deeply that scent filling his senses again. But this time it calmed him. His eyes turned back to their original black and his senses back to normal. He was full there was no need for him to feed anymore. That scent that at first was so appetizing was now relaxing. The child was truly unique.

But now that he was thinking clearly he had to wonder...what now? He could leave, this would be nothing. No evidence could lead them to him, he had no DNA, and what could they do even if they did find him?

He turned to leave but stopped when another whimper reached his ears.
He looked down into the child's deep blue eyes and guilt overtook his being. He had turned him into an orphan in less than five minutes.

And who knew what would happen to the child now. Leave him to rot in Japan. He would be an outcast, the only blond among ravens. He could be beaten, rapped, kidnapped, sold, or even left to die. He growled, angered at the thought. He couldn't understand why he felt an overwhelming need to protect this child maybe because he felt guilty.

But whatever the case, he knew he couldn't leave him here. He lifted the child in his arms gently before taking off. He had to visit some old friends.

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