I attempted to rewrite this entire story before posting the last chapter because there were a few changes that needed to be added before you guys could understand exactly what was going on in the epilogue.

Obviously I got lazy and because I'm pretty sick of myself at this point for abandoning this for so long I've just decided to upload what I have so that you don't have to wait on this anymore.

The first five chapters have been re-edited and I've added the epilogue to them in a entire new story… I know it seems sloppy and unorganized to do it this way but….. yea its all I got.

Yes I am still working on it but I don't want you guys to wait on it anymore you can just consider it finished and be satisfied with an ending while I find it in myself to get off my ass and improve the rest of it.

Refer to my profile for the edited chapters and epilogue. "MBN In Construction"


I need a beta.

Even the edited chapters still suck to me… It just isn't coming together for me and I guess I haven't developed enough to make it into a good quality story like I want it to be.

Things I need help with…

Being descriptive

Character development

Conveying character emotions especially while keeping them in character at the same time

Plot development.

And if anyone just has any suggestion for improve on anything that they feel can help this story along… like anything from something lacking in dialogue, plot, character portrayal …anything… feel free to DM me we can do this together :)

But please try and be polite about it. I already know that the story is lacking in quality and to be honest I didn't bother going over the edited chapters before uploading them because I'm kind of impatient to through them off my shoulders. If I thought it was as good as I know it could be I wouldn't' have asked for help in the first place.