Final Chapter – Sayonara Kyoudai

"My dear brother,

I'm writing this to you now as you lay asleep next to me. I can't even lay down now, I have so many thoughts into my head sleeping would be impossible and I couldn't manage to pass all of them to paper.

All our lives we loved to play and run and explore and I enjoyed every single moment of it, the joy of feeling so alive, running around and around beside you.

You have me only good memories. Those are what makes me go through every day now. I couldn't have wished for a better life than the one I had with you Itsuki. I know now that I'll be leaving in ease because of all the wonderful times I've spent with you.

Please don't be sad, brother. I don't want you to feel guilty about what we are about to do. It's not your fault, and I will blame you for nothing, whatever happens. This is the only death I want if I could chose for myself, to die in your arms and for you to hold me until the very end.

"I'm so sorry to leave you. I'm so sorry for leaving everything. Even for all this people – for I know the ritual is going to fail. I don't want to be a sacrifice. I don't want to die. I have a full life ahead of me, and I want to live it at your side like it was meant to be.

So, even if you don't have my butterfly to console you, never forget that I won't break my promise – I will always be with you. We no need no butterflies. We don't need no marks. I shall live on on you, my brother.

We always said that we would be together forever, didn't we?

I love you with all my heart. Always have, always will.

P.S. Feel free to marry Sae if you ever change your mind about her, I won't be jealous :)


The end

After all this months, it's over. Such a relief, such sadness. I'm really proud about the development of Mutsuki's character. In a way I've always imagined him like this.

Dedicated to Red Kunoichi and to Ivory Tears, hope they have enjoyed this fanfic. I certanly enjoyed writing every single chapter.

Also dedicated to my twin friends, hoping they will remain together in harmony as Itsuki and Mutsuki wanted.

Mina Kon