Hi guys

Just a little story I came up with based off of a picture I saw on photobucket

The link is on my page

Now let's start the show!


A 5-year-old Neji Hyuga was crawling into his futon after a hard day of training with his father.

He pulled the blanket over his head and was 2 seconds from falling asleep, when there was a small knock on his door.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

''What,'' he called.

The door slide open a little, and there stood a 3-year-old Hinata Hyuga.

''I had a nightmare'' she said quietly.

She walked in and closed the door behind her, then almost ran to the side of Neji's futon.

''Can I sleep with you Neji?'' She scooted a little closer and quietly added ''Please?''

He sighed quietly and scooted over so she could lay down.

She scooted in next to him, and they layed in silence for a few minutes before Hinata asked ''How come you never have nightmares?''

With his eyes closed he replied ''I have nightmares sometimes,''

She tilted her head ''How come you don't ask to sleep with your Mommy and Daddy?''

He opened his eyes and looked at her ''Because I don't want to''

''Why not?''

He shrugged ''I just don't,''

''Oh,'' she said quietly.

''Anymore questions before I go to sleep?'' He asked because he didn't want to be woken up again.

She shook her head no

But after a few seconds she said ''I love you Neji,''

He couldn't help but smile ''I love you too,''


Don't yell at me if you hate it I just thought it was cute little story.