**I'm going to Busch Gardens before I go back jai- I mean school. So I decided to write this to celebrate how much I don't want to go, because my Mom bought me a ticket without asking me if I wanted to go or not. Note to self; make sure Mom doesn't make me go upside down. I hate going upside down, and in this story Tino does to. (Although I do like falling, falling's fun.) Warnings: Peter/Raivis, Berwald/Tino, Toris/Feliks, Eduard/No one :( and probably sometimes the characters being OOC. Flames will be burned with Green Fire and murdered with a hockey stick. **

All was quiet in the house, not a single sound.

Hana-Tamago slept in the same room and Peter Kirkland, the young boy that Tino's boyfriend "Adopted". She had her head resting against the boy's leg, sleeping soundly...

Until it jerked out from underneath her. Hana-Tamago growled in annoyance, but Peter was all too excited about today to even encourage that she had growled at him.

The boy left his room quietly, looking at his clock before doing so. It was a couple hours before they were supposed to be leaving.

In another room down the hall, Berwald was curled up with Tino, in a light sleep. He knew that Peter was going to come in and jump on the bed to wake them up, because he was so excited.

If only he was that way whenever he had to be dropped off at someone's house to be babysitted.

Sure enough, after he finished that thought, he heard the door to their room creak open. Berwald was glad he put some pajamas on after what he and Tino did last night – so Peter wouldn't be asking questions. Tino didn't stir, he stayed asleep, Berwald just wished he could have stared at him for another hour – he was so, beautiful awake, asleep, angry, he was just so beautiful Berwald couldn't believe that this man was his –

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, wake up! Wake up! Wake up Tino! Wake up! It's today, it's today!" Peter started to jump up and down on the bed excitedly, "Wake up!"

Tino muttered "Five more minutes Mom..."

Berwald kept his eyes shut, lips hardly turning to show his smile.

"Wake up! It's today! Wake up!" Peter yelled again, Hana-Tamago added to the disruption of peace by barking and pawing at Tino's side of the bed.

Tino woke up, shaking Berwald's arm off of him and calming Peter down.

"Tino, Tino, I'm so excited! Let's go right now, get Dad up, let's go!" Peter jumped off the bed.

The Finnish man rubbed his eyes, "Peter." He said, "That's not a nice way of waking people up."

Hana-Tamago barked.

After yawning, Tino reached over and gently shook Berwald's shoulder, "Berwald. Su-San, wake up."

Berwald opened one eye, the hand that was closest to his face held up the pointer finger to cover his lips. He closed his eye again, making like he wanted Tino to call Peter back over.

With a laugh, Tino said, "Peter, I think Berwald's gonna let that ticket go to waste!"

"No!" Peter called dramatically, "Wake up Dad! We're gonna be late, we're gonna miss it, wake up!" the young boy started bouncing up and down on the bed again while Tino went over to his bag for an extra change of clothes.

Berwald kept his eyes closed, faking sleep while Peter did everything to wake him up.

"Dad." Peter stopped jumping, lying down on his side and getting really close to the Swede, "Get. Up."

Said other man didn't move. Peter went to grab his nose as Tino was watching him.

That was when the Swede – literally – roared to life, grabbing Peter like he was tackling him and making sounds imitating a lion.

"Dad! Stop, stop, haha, Dad! Ha! Dad stop, I'm ticklish!"

"Oh, 're ya?" Berwald asked, tickling the boy even more.

"Stop! Haah! Tino, help me!"

Tino laughed, "I thought super heroes didn't need help!"

"I call in – ha! – my trusty sidekick, Hana-Tamago!" Peter yelled in between laughs, Berwald still ticking the child to death.

Hana-Tamago jumped up on the bed at the sound of her name running to the other end and barked at Berwald. "Hana-Tamago used super bark!" Peter cried.

Berwald, playing along, threw himself backward screaming, "Arrrgh! It h'rts!"

Peter sat up, "Its super effective!" he held the dog in the air, Tino rushing over to make sure the boy didn't drop her.

Berwald got off the bed, looking at the Sealandic boy before saying, "Berw'ld uses 'G't dressed bef're I change m' m'nd 'bout goin' out t'day.'"

"Eep!" Peter yelled hurrying to his room.

"It's super effective!" Tino called after him, laughing with the other adult.

"I'll get my revenge!" Peter call from his room.

"Uh huh." Tino giggled, walking over to the taller Swede and hugging him around the chest, "You're so good with kids."

"Why'd ya th'nk I g't h'm?" Berwald stroked Tino's hair.

"I don't know." Tino answered blond-like, "My, like, BFF Jill?"

Berwald chuckled, "S'..." he said, "...w'nna make th'ngs fast'r n take a sh'wer t'geth'r?"

"Oh, you just want to see me naked again." Tino whispered.

"Dad! Hana-Tamago won't let me have my privacy! I want to dress without her seeing my underwear!"

"Like I don't know what underwear you have!" Tino called back, "Are you wearing your Superman undies?"

"Tino!" Peter whined.

The door to Raivis's room opened, Eduard stepping inside quietly as it did. The Latvian was asleep, hugging a stuffed bear close to him and his hair messier then ever from the night's tossing and turning.

"Raivis." Eduard whispered, shaking the boy by the shoulder, "Raivis, wake up."

Said boy mumbled something and snuggled his bear closer to himself.

"Raivis." Eduard whispered again, Toris entering the room with an alarm clock. Eduard looked up, "Don't use that! He'll have a heart attack!"

"How else is he going to wake up?" Toris asked, setting the alarm to go off in thirty seconds, placing it under his pillow, "Besides, we're right here, we'll comfort him until he stops shaking. We do have to go somewhere today."

Eduard sighed, sometimes Toris was smart and kind, knowing that the Latvian could be scared even by a cat meowing if it was dead silent. Other times, the Lithuanian didn't care.

The alarm went off, Raivis jumped up, screaming like a girl. "He's coming to get me, oh no he's after me!"

"Raivis, Raivis, Raivis..." Eduard wrapped his arms around the boy, Toris shutting the alarm off and joining the other nation in comforting the youngest one.

Raivis kept the bear hugged tightly to his chest, shaking in the arms of his current guardians.

"You scared him shitless!" Eduard mouthed to Toris.

"Sorry." Was the mouthed response.

After ten minutes of calming the boy down, Eduard let him go, "Get dressed, we're going somewhere today."

"W-where?" Raivis asked nervously, "Ivan didn't c-call us b-b-b-back did he?"

"No, Raivis." Toris patted the smaller nation's back, "Nothing to be scared of. Unless you don't like dropping."


"Toris!" Eduard exclaimed, "Quit dropping hints! You'll love it Raivis, trust us."

Raivis sighed, "Good." He said, "I thought you guys were going to push me off a bridge or something."

"Why would we?" Toris asked. "You're my best friend."

"Aren't we all friends?" Eduard asked smartly, "C'mon Toris, let the boy dress by himself."

Peter kicked his feet back and forth, waiting for the bus to come to a stop.

"Now, Peter, let's not get too excited at the gate, alright?" Tino said, "We want a good day today."


"L'sten t' T'no, Peter." Berwald said, "I w'nt a good d'y as w'll."

"Uh huh." Peter kept swinging his feet back and forth, waiting and waiting and waiting... "Hey, Tino, Tino, Tino, Tino, Tino, Tino."


"Are we there yet?"

"No, Peter, calm down."


"OK!" Eduard pulled the blindfold away from Raivis's eyes, "Here we are!"

Raivis blinked, they were at the amusement park that was an hour away from home.

Toris and Eduard were smiling at him whenever he turned to them, "You guys didn't pay to take me here, did you?" he looked back, "It's... expensive."

"Oh, don't worry." Toris said, "We split up the cost."

"You both did?"

"With someone else."

Raivis blinked at them, "Who?" he asked, "Can I know?"

Eduard shook his head, Toris kept a smile plastered to his face.


Toris pulled a map out of his pocket, "OK, where do we wanna go after the park opens?"

"Oh! There!" Eduard pointed at a spot on the map, sounding like a child.

"After what Raivis chooses." Toris answered.


Raivis chuckled, "Being here brings out your inner child, doesn't it Eduard?"

"Yes! Yes!" Eduard pretended to jump up and down with a high pitched voice, making all three Baltics burst out in laughter.

Peter pulled on the hands of Berwald and Tino running from the security gate to the opening of the park. His excitement was so much for him to bear, he laughed as Tino stumbled to keep up, while Berwald just walked at his normal pace.

They stopped at the entrance; the line had long since gotten longer when they could see it from the security point.

"Hm..." Tino started to look around.

Berwald did the same.

Peter looked at them confused.

Then, he saw Tino smile in a certain direction, pulling Berwald and Peter with him, telling them to stay close.

The boy followed, clinging onto Berwald's hand and looking at the strangers watching them walk through the crowd. Suddenly, Peter's excitement didn't feel as bad to handle, and he it was replaced with fear.

"Tino! Glad you could make it!"

Peter turned to see a little clearing in the mass of people, he saw Tino hugging Eduard, Toris and Raivis smiling next to him and nodding their heads at Berwald.


Peter let go of Berwald's hand, "Raivis!" he cawed.

The Latvian braced himself for a hug from the other boy, smiling at him but on the inside gaping in surprise. So, they had planned to bring him here for a day with Peter's family to? Great, they could catch up on life.

In his arms, Peter felt the weirdly warm embrace of the older boy, and Raivis smelled really good today. "Hey Peter." Raivis said, "Your dad still scares me a little."

"I know. When I grow up I'm gonna be just like him, fierce and strong!" Peter and Raivis broke their hug while the adults talked amongst themselves.

"So Toris, how's life?"

"Oh, you know, different now that Ivan let us go."

"Th'ts n'ce t' hear."

"I know. So I've been going places that I felt like and soon moved in with Eduard and Raivis after me."

"Oh, well I've been seeing Berwald. We're... not, living together or anything."

"Oh, it might be like that one day."

Berwald chuckled.

"Let me tell you about Toris' boyfriend!"

"No Eduard!"

"He's dating Feliks –"

"Eduard!" Toris slapped the Estonian.

"H'y." Berwald said calmly.

"Berwald." Tino chided.

"Toris." Eduard snarled.

"Raivis." Toris called the boys closer by waving in hand at them.

"Eduard." Raivis said.

"Who's gonna say my awesome name?" Peter asked.

"Peter." Everyone said.

"Thank you."

"So..." Toris muttered, pulling out his map, "...where we gonna go first?"

"S'mething t' warm us up f'r th' d'y." Berwald said.

"A boat ride?" Raivis asked, "I like those."

"Why not a roller coaster?" Peter threw his arms up, "So that way we can scream and go upside down and –"

"Hang on there Sailor Boy." Tino raised his hand, "I'm not going upside down, I'm gonna go with Raivis on the boat rides."

"I'll ride with Peter." Eduard offered.

"I'll do the same." Toris said, "But I think something calm to start us off will be nice."

"What about you, Dad?" Peter aimed his question up at the Swede.

"'ll r'de w'th T'no on a boat r'de t' start, th'n I'm doin' roll'r coast'rs."

"Not in a tunnel of love, please?" Raivis asked, "I – I don't think it'd be comfortable waiting for you two at the exit to that..."

"Says the boy who loves romance novels." Eduard punched Raivis lightly in the shoulder.

"Alright, boat ride. One that drops! So we can be wet!" Peter threw his arms up again.

"Then I'll look like I peed my pants." Toris whined.

"Oh, well I'm sure we can pick up some diapers for you." Eduard poked the Lithuanian in the shoulder.

"And some for Peter." Tino said.

"Why?" Peter crossed his arms.

"'cause ya m'ght pee your p'nts on some of th'se r'des." Berwald smiled, "L'ke the Vikin' Coast'r."

"You and your Vikings!" Tino said, "What ever happened to, 'I'm the tough guy who doesn't need to carry around an axe'?"

Berwald just kept his smiled plastered on his face, looking at Peter.

"Hmm, are you saying that I can't ride a roller coaster like that?" Peter crossed his arms, "'cause I will!"

"Hmm, 'k." Berwald shrugged, "Maybe 'f ya do, ya w'n't h've to do laundry f'r a week."

"Oh boy, really?"

Tino laughed, "Finally, I don't have to – wait, what?"

"'f Peter r'des the Vikin'." Berwald said, "He doesn't hafta do laundry f'r a week. If he doesn't, he h's t' do laundry."

"Which I will not!" Peter stamped his feet, "I will ride the coaster, it probably isn't all that scary anyway."

"We'll see when we get in there." Eduard smiled, looking at the map, "The map shows it to be an impressive size."

"But!" Raivis said, "We're gonna start calm right?"

"Of course!" Toris said, "Oh, look, they're opening!"

"Finally!" Peter said, "I can't wait! You'll see Dad, I'll ride that coaster!"

**So let me get some things straight, this is probably going to be, uh, three or four chapters long and won't take that long to get the entire story up. And, Tino and Berwald aren't married - yet. Heck, I could finish the story this evening, but my friend is dragging me to church. *Gets a halo* anyway, hope you enjoyed and come back for seconds!**