If you decided to go to the amusement park and if you also decided that you waned to take someone with you, would you tell them, or scare them by blindfolding them and take them there?

"Berwald..." Tino waved his hands around in front of him blindly, "...where are we going?"

"Ya g'nna ruin th' s'prize."


"Like Liet." Feliks held the arm that he managed to find tighter, "Where are we going?"

"Where do you think, Poland?" Toris replied, grinning at the currently blind nation.

"Let's get a move on!" Eduard called, dragging Toris by his other arm forward to meet Berwald and Tino.

"Hey!" Eduard hissed whenever they met, "All right, take 'em off!"

"Huh?" Tino's sight was given back to him, seeing the nation in front of him. "Estonia!" He called running over and hugging the man.

"Like, we're going in there?" Feliks pointed at the park entrance, "Again?"

"Of course, they added a whole new section to the park, darling." Toris answered.

Feliks giggled.

"Berwald, really? This place again?" Tino held his hands together as he stared at the park they went to only five years ago, "You shouldn't..."

"Th's pl'ce off'rs more th'n l'st time we w're h're." Berwald held Tino's shoulder, "B'sid's where 'lse we g'nna go f'r our 'nniv'rsary?"

"Yeah, this is gonna be so cool!" Eduard said, "But I feel like a fifth wheel..."

Feliks laughed, "Call up your girlfriend!"

"No!" Eduard snapped, "She is not my girlfriend!"

"Now you know how I feel about you lying about me dating Feliks." Toris smirked.

"But I actually thought you were!"

"Hey, let's go get in line, and wait for the park to open, OK?" Tino said, "C'mon."

"If only we had the boys with us..." Toris sighed.

"Th' b'ys?" Berwald asked, looking around them, like he always did during occasions like this.

"Yeah, we could make them ride a huge scary ride again." Eduard laughed, "Hey, Toris, what did Raivis say when we caught him kissing Peter?"

"Oh! Ahem." Toris shook his head quickly, responding in a high voice, "Quit making fun of me! He – he – he l-l-likes – uh – s-stop laughing T-Toris, E-Eduard? D-don't t-t-t-tell B-Berwald! Who cares if I – I – wasn't u-u-using my t-t-tongue..."

Eduard grasped his sides from laughing; it was always Toris' voice that made the moment so much funnier.

"Well, Peter said – ahem – but Daddy always makes Mommy kiss him!" Tino blushed and chuckled.

"I d' not." Berwald answered, still looking around.

"Aw, he called you Mommy?" Feliks asked.

"Be quiet."

"Where a-a-are we?"


"Y-you, b-b-better t-tell me..."

"Again, shh, I'm not gonna make you do something stupid or let you die."

"T-tell me w-where we are! It's l-loud!"

"We held hands, remember?"

"T-t-t-that makes, n-n-no s-s-sense..."

"They're they are!"

"Well, when does it open?" Tino asked, looking at his watch.

"In a few." Eduard replied.

"Like, Liet, you're not gonna, like, force me upside down or anything are you?"

"Hmm, how's about... if you don't go upside down I get top tonight?"

"Oh, you and making –"

"How's about if Feliks goes upside down Toris cooks dinner for a week?" Eduard and Tino glared at the couple next to them.

"That'd be good." Toris sniggered.

"I hate cooking. Fine." Feliks said, "At the end of the day."

Berwald kept his eye out, looking around... somewhere, they said they'd be here...

"Dad! Mom!"

"T-Toris! Eduard!"

The nations turned around, seeing the boys walking over to them with their hands held together.

"Peter!" Tino ran over, hugging the Sealander, "Raivis!" he immediately changed who he was hugging, followed by Feliks.

"Hey, Latvia." Eduard and Toris both walked over, punching Raivis on both shoulders.

"Dad." Peter walked over to Berwald.

"P'ter." Berwald slapped a hand down on the boy's head, "You've gr'wn a l'l."

"A little?" Peter asked, "I can tell you right now, I'm almost five inches taller then I was when I moved in with Raivis!"

"And there haven't been so many chores since." Tino laughed.


"What did I establish about calling me that?"

"So..." The Three Baltics and Feliks stood near the other three nations, Toris holding Raivis by the shoulder, "Who vacuums the house?"

"M-me..." Raivis looked down at his feet.

"Hey, you're almost as tall as Eduard!" Feliks commented.

Eduard and Raivis looked at each other, face to face. Eduard kneeled down, "And he keeps growing, and growing, and growing..."

"You're dumb." Raivis laughed.

"But you've both matured so much. When did Peter hit voice puberty?" Feliks laughed. "His voice is deeper then I remembered."

"Not gonna say." Raivis replied, Peter now by his side and hanging to his arm.

"H's st'rtin' t' g't k'nda muscu'r." Berwald admired his adoptive son, "D's he act'lly w'rk?"

"He..." Raivis looked at the other teen, "... chops our wood, fixes almost everything..."

"That's right. I told you, Mom." Peter laughed, Tino's face turning red.

"Call me that one more time and I'll make sure to send you rotten –"

"T'no." Berwald chimed.

"Whatever. They're opening!" Eduard started to pull Tino along with him.

"Let's hope no one stalks Toris this time." Peter smiled

"Oh, dear!"

"Like, don't worry, I'll be here to save you."

"Peter, are you still hungry? You've eaten all of your lunch, plus dessert, and I'm not even half way done with my lunch." Raivis said, holding Peter's arm.

Peter paused in mid-sip of his half empty drink, shook his head, and continued.

"Same goes for you, Berwald." Tino poked the Swede in the shoulder.

Berwald looked across the table at Peter, "Th'ts m' boy." He said.

"And I'm still wimpy." Toris said in a squeaky, pouting voice.

"But I'm hefty hefty hefty." Eduard answered; voice as deep as it could go.

Feliks laughed, "Why did I date you again?" he asked Toris before laughing again.

"Still like children." Raivis shook his head.

"Ya gonna finish that, m' wife?" Peter pointed at Raivis's unfinished box of fries.

"And when are you Berwald Jr.?" Tino asked.

"Ya 'k, m' w'fe?" Berwald smiled, seeing Tino turn red again, as he said, "Stop calling me that stop it stop it stop it!"

Feliks walked away from the newest roller coaster to the park shaking, Toris helping him keep his balance while the group joined Eduard at the exit.

"That was fun." Peter said, hugging Raivis's arm, "We should ride again!"

"We should not!" Tino barked.

"Ya sc'red, T'no?" Berwald patted the Finnish man on the back.

"Quiet." Tino responded, "I just don't like going really fast and upside down in a five minute period."

"Hah!" Toris laughed.

"Next ride Feliks waits at the exit!" Eduard yelled, "We're gonna go on the Viking Coaster again!"

"Have fun." Feliks stiff lipped.

Raivis and Peter looked at each other, smiling, "It's just a ride."

"Yeah... a ride."

And a ride it still is.

**This last part was inspired by a school trip we went on and a get together we had last week. I saw my cousin and he was so much different then I remembered him, and ding inspired this ending. Now, I think Peter ends up being like Berwald, and Raivis is just "Th' w'fe" to him. LOL, imagine Peter talking like Berwald.

"'re ya 'k, m' w'fe?"

"Peter, I s-said to not call me y-your wife!"

"Ya 'ct l'ke 'ne."

"Hush. I just like a clean house and romance novels."

And then they go make man bebes. XD LOL

So, I hoped you enjoyed, I'm gonna go type my Australia story, bai**