Lucian and Leigh deal with their loss by traveling to Europe. Will they overcome this tragedy or possibly suffer another loss?


"Leigh?" Lucian called into the darkness of the room. He could see, of course, but this total lack of light was distressing. Leigh shifted on the large bed slightly at the call of her name before wrapping her arms securely around herself again. Lucian quickly crossed the room to climb into bed with her.

"Leigh" he repeated as he pulled her into her embrace, "What is wrong?"

Leigh just shook her head before turning into his chest. "Please…Leigh. You can tell me anything. We're –"
"Life mates, I know," she finally spoke.

"I thought we were enjoying ourselves traveling through Europe. You seemed to enjoy Paris," he commented as he drew comforting circles across her back.

"I did, especially the food. You've been so generous and so understanding and so kinds and –"

This time it was Lucian who interrupted, "Leigh, it is all part of being your husband. You remember the vows – sickness and health, richer or poorer…"

"I know Lucian, I was there. Until death do we part," she mumbled the last part.

"Leigh…that…this will not separate us. We're strong; you are incredibly strong…and stubborn. Please, Leigh," he argued.

"But it's my fault."

"It is not your fault. It happens."

"The death of our child just happens?" she exclaimed, pushing harshly against his chest.

"Leigh," he sighed as he pulled her close. "You cannot keep blaming yourself. We're going to have, hopefully, a long life together. Some of our children and love ones might die – I might die,"
She glared at him, as if to tell him he definitely did not have permission to.

"I know my words might comfort you little but I have felt this pain before Leigh. Even though I had my siblings after - I still lost my first wife and children and...I never thought I would ever get over that loss. But then I met you and it's been wonderful...and I hope that will continue through our lives even through this tragedy and the unfortunate others that might a rise," he told her in a reassuring whisper while he stroked hair.

"However…you need to move on. For them, everyone and most importantly yourself, please. We cannot let this come between us. I love you too much to ever let you go," he finished, gently stroking her hair.

"What if it happens again?"

"It won't. It was rare the first time and nearly impossible to happen again. A freak occurrence like…like an albino being born into the wild, it is almost a sure thing never to happen again."

"You're sure?"
"I'm sure" Lucian reassured her. Leigh smiled at him as she snuggled closer to him and deeper into the bed.

"Can we stay here, just for today?" she asked timidly as she stroked his chest.
"Whatever you want," he replied kissing her lightly, almost unsure of himself.

Leigh knew Lucian was not a man who usually found himself helpless like this but it had been centuries since he had to deal with emotional turmoil instead of just battles. Leigh kissed back eagerly as she wound her arms securely around his neck. Lucian responded to her enthusiasm as he wound his arms around her waist, securing her to him.

Joyful moments passed between the couple, minutes marked by sweet kisses and adoring caresses. Leigh rested her head in the nook of his neck as he lovingly stroked her brunette hair.

"Leigh, can I ask you something?" Lucian pondered out loud. His only response was a content mew from his wife.

"What brought all this on? I mean, I thought after the last couple of nights we were on our way to…it was great, but…" he seemed to be having an issues making his thoughts clear.

Leigh turned to look up at her husband with a small smile on her face, "Lucian, you haven't done anything wrong. The last week has been amazing…nearly perfect."

Lucian's face flashed with confusion for a second before speaking, "Then what is wrong?"

Leigh propped herself on the plush pillow before staring down upon Lucian. "Remember what day it was when we first shared a bed together since the miscarriage?" she asked.

"Yep, it was a Thursday," He smiled, please to get something right.

Leigh just shook her head, "I meant how long ago it was…"

"Um…it has been a couple weeks," he said, less certain his answer was right this time.

"Yes, it was 17 days…" she finished for him.

"And?" he was still terrible confused and not entirely sure how a calendar could help him.

"And…" she paused before taking a deep breath, "I might be pregnant."

"Might?" he gasped, quickly shooting up so he was sitting up with her.

"I'm pretty sure I am. The home test says so and I think I am but…I can't be sure this early," she stated as she rung her hand with worry.

Yet Lucian was too overcome with joy as he gathered her into his arm then smothering her with love and affection.

"Lucian!" Leigh gasped as he kisses along her collar bone.

"I'm sorry. I know we should be worried but I'm so happy. We might have a child still after everything and I cannot be happier right now," he smiled before kissing her again.

"We're going to be parents," Leigh smiled in return before covering her face in her hands.
"Yes, wonderful parenthood," Lucian smiled before removing her hands, allowing him to kiss her.

"Just one more thing…" she said while he planted light kisses over her face.

"And that is?" he asked cautiously, slowly coming out of his blissful stupor.

"Can we wait to tell everyone this time? Till we are absolutely sure," she stated.

"Of course," he replied, still smiling.

"You're quite pleased with yourself, aren't you?" she asked with a skeptical eyebrow.

"Of course," he laughed, "I'm still a stud."

This caused Leigh to give a short laugh and Lucian to receive a light smack.
The couple then situated themselves into the bed, arms wrapped around each other and surround by their adoration for one another.


A.N.: This one is a little more depressing at first but hope you enjoy all the same. Sadly I realize I cannot be too original because most of you will know what eventually happens – if you read some on the recent books/ visit her site.

Sorry it's kind of short but I wanted to write this. Love those two characters. Sad that in the book series it goes to them together, losing the child and then some mention of Europe and then she's pregnant again. Yet, Lynsay Sands has said once she writes a life mates story, they kind of just become secondary characters is other stories. This makes sense – if each book needs to be mostly separate so new readers get lost. And it leaves room for stories like these!

So hope you all enjoyed this one, thank you for reading.