Here is the next story to Dani's Story. Hopefully this should bring more people in since I have a greater population of readers reading this story than the last saga. Just be aware, this is two years later after the last story, so there are going to be a few changes to Dani's personality. Review please!

This is the first time I've entered High School. Technically, I should've been here two years ago, but that was when I was very young. I wanted to be with kids my age. I have got that and now I have two best friends Jody and Harold. We have grown up together and we have so much in common. The only problem with going to High School is my identity. I know the first thing that people will notice is that I look like Danny's twin. Caper High is going to be a very long school year for me. At least things can't get any worse than that.

I looked up at the school building while my two friends came beside me.

"Ya nervous?" Jody asked.

"A little. What if people know about me?" I asked. Jody and Harold are the only friends I trust with my secret that I am Dani Phantom, except for Jim White.

"They're not going to know. I mean seriously. The guy has a goat tee, he's taller than the empire state building, and he's buff. There is no way that people will think that you and Danny Phantom look alike. Not even I knew at first," Harold reassured me.

"That was because you never saw him in human form until I took you to visit him," I reminded Harold.

"Calm down hon, you'll be just fine and dandy," Jody grinned.

"You're right. First day of High School. The least I need is drama," I agreed before noticing a guy sitting on the bench. He had black hair, green eyes, a white buttoned-up T-Shirt with rolled up sleeves, and jeans. He was talking to somebody on his cell phone that looked so familiar. It took a while for this guy to recognized me and show a wide grin. I suppose I should've seen this coming. "Hellooooooooooooo drama."

"What?" Harold asked confused. What my friends didn't get a clue about was the fact that my first best friend was Jim White. We were childhood friends and he was the first person, besides my cousin, who knew, or discovered, my secret. What made drama was the fact he was a Guys in White agent. That was only thing I never told my friends or anybody.

"First day of school and you're already checkin' dat cutie over there?" Jody asked. Not exactly what I expected for my friends to first think when I said 'drama'.

"Not really why I said that, although he is cute," I agreed while biting half of my bottom lip. Jim had changed a lot since the last I saw him. He was a hottie. "What the heck? Might as well say hi to my old friend."

I think that's when Jody and Harold started getting the idea, a little. I heard Harold mentioned something about Jim White. Speaking of the devil, Jim hung up the phone and have me a friendly hug. My guess was that he missed me as much as I missed him.

"Hey!" I greeted Jim.

"Crud. Time flies and I'm back in Amity Park. Next time you start training, I'd like to see if I can kick your behind," Jim challenged.

"HA! I'd like to see you try. Let's just hope you don't end up in cow manure," I teased while Jim rolled his eyes.

"You're never gonna let that go, are you?"

"Not really. We have so much to talk about. I want you to tell me what's been going on at your Guys in White training school."

"I will as soon as you introduce me to your new friends. I didn't even think you'd talk to Harold."

Jim followed me to my two best friends whom I grew up with. They both smiled greetingly.

"This is Jody. She moved here from Arkansas after you left and you know Harold from Science," I introduced.

"Howdy Jimmy. Nice to meet ya finally. How was Military School?" Jody asked. I did lie to my friends about where Jim had gone. He was training at a Guys in White school since he was an officer.

"It was fun," Jim replied. "It's nice to be back in Amity Park again."

The four of us, then entered into our new High School building. This was just the beginning.