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I woke up feeling very tired with a serious headache. The first person I picked up from my vision was Jim. He smile and laid his warm hand against my cheek. I weakly leaned my face against Jim's hand while feeling the warm thumb rubbing against my lips.

"Jim," I said weakly.

"How are you feeling?" Jim asked.

"Tired," I replied. "What happened? All I remember was Agent M shooting me."

"He did and boy my dad was furious, but not as much as your cousin. He went berserko on M and beat him to crud. I had to suck him in that thermos thing you and him carry to keep that guy from killing the guy," Jim explained.

"I can hear you, ya know," Danny glared from the doorway.

"I know," Jim grinned.

"Did you really beat that guy?" I asked with a smile.

"I did," Danny admitted with his eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm surprised you didn't, Jim," I said.

"Don't think I didn't want to tare those guys to shreds," Jim smirked before I rolled my eyes. "It's all about self control."

"If those guys get out of jail, I'd like to get my hands on them," I said before Jim and Danny started laughing.

"We love you Dani," Jim grinned before giving me a light kiss.

"Hey!" Jim Preston called from outside the door. "I want to see my sister, now out of the way!"

"Cool it, Jim," I glared with my arms crossed. "I am doing just fine. This isn't the first time I got blasted by an ecto gun."

"Dani, can you at least be one of those people who say 'I'm so glad you came in my time of need'?" Jim Preston complained.

"Ok you two, break it up!" Danny shouted. "Jim P, don't make me stick your head through the wall."

"Don't even get me started, Fenton!" Jim Preston argued.

"I will and you know it, now chill!" Danny glared before my brother stood there with his glaring face.

"Are you okay?" Jim Preston asked calmly.

"I'm okay," I replied before seeing my brother smile and Kenny and Lenny appearing by my bed. "Hey boys."

"Jim, the other Jim, he told us the whole story," Kenny grinned.

"Yeah. You like beat up those agents, and then when M escaped, Danny went POW! POW! POW!" Lenny finished before the twins started laughing. I just rolled my eyes.

"So, how long will I be here?" I asked.

"Probably a while. You'll need to be in this hospital at the Guys in White facilities. They're the only ones that can treat ghosts or halfas," Jim told me.

"Does that include clones?" I asked.

"It does," Jim replied.

"That will come in handy in case I get unstable again," I teased before Danny rolled his eyes and Jim cocked his eyebrows. He looked at Danny.

"Don't ask. You DON'T wanna know. It's probably better if you NEVER knew at all," Danny warned Jim.

Meanwhile, in the Guys in White prison chamber, the three former agents were sitting inside their cells. Agent M was playing the harmonica while the two other agents were laying on their bunk beds.

"This stinks," Agent K said.

"Not for long," Agent O smirked before taking out the keys to the prison cell. He unlocked himself the two other former agents. "I will kill you Jim White. You, your father, and your little girlfriend. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"