Jimmie: I want to try a Cinderella story! I'm guna try wish me luck-um I'll start it off but I promise I'll try to make it exciting. So here I go.

Samantha Manson POV

"Samantha! Get my shoes!" Her stepmother bellow

"I got them." I said. I was carring like 20 boxes that wasn't even mine! We were in the town market and they brought alot of things.

"Samantha! Get my dresses!" Paulina yelled. She was adoted by my stepmother since she couldn't have babies.

"Samantha! Hold this." Star yelled. She was adoted too.

"I got them." I said softly because I'm tried.

"Samantha! Don't it look great on me?" Paulina ask putting on a big pink hat with the most crazist yellow feathers. The blue paint was on top.

"No Samantha! How do it look on me?" Star ask as she grab it off Paulina and put it on herself.

"I don't know much about hat; but I don't think it fit either of you." I said as they look mad

"What do you know? She said it her self 'She knows nothing about hats.' That hat is mine." Star said

"No way! Its mine." They both ran into the store after stepmother yelling 'Mother!'. I walk around the market. I watch a hand pupet show. I walk around after a mintune of the show. I didn't watch where I was going and some royal carriage was about to smack into me. I got out the way but I drop all those boxes and the man ran right over them. He didn't even look back! I got on my knees and pick up the boxes.

"Here let me help you." A male voice said. I didn't look up just pick up the boxes. When we were done I look up at him. 'Oh my he's he's-*drool*' I thought. The man that help me up was sexy! His mid-night hair shine with unseen beauty. His icy blue eyes shine though his long black eyelashes. His body was strong (6 pack). He wore a loose orange shirt with black fitting pants.

"Sorry about him running over your things." He said 'Even his voice is sexy' I thought

"It isn't the first time. Um thank you." I said 'Run! Go away!' I thought as I did so and he follow me

"Hi my name is Daniel." He said smiling 'Your guna faint if he keeps this up.'

"My name is Samantha. I hate my full name so call me Sam." I said smiling too.

"Hmm Sam? I like it." Daniel said smiling

"If you like it. Mind if I call you Danny?" I ask then regret it. My body was speaking not my mind!

"Oh Ok. I like that name too." He said after a few mintunes 'Stupid! Stupid! Stipid!' I thought

"So Sam are you marry?" He ask as I tried to walk away. 'Men.' My mind groan

"No. I don't think anybody is into me." I said then regret it 'I'm so stupid! Why did you say that? You want to die old and alone?' My mind yelled

"What if the was somebody who is. He even want to ask you out?" Danny ask

"Well this person seem very sure of himself." I said 'Please be talking about yourself' I beg him in my mind

"Oh he is. He thinks your very beautiful." I blush at that. Why would someone like me? I'm a 18 year-old woman who wears ragges for clothing. My hair stay in a pony tail. What do he want?

"No he wouldn't, look at me. Clothes make the man." I said look for my stepmother.

"He believes beauty is in the inside and not the outside." He said as I turn to him and smile.

"That's very sweet." I said until my stepmother found me.

"SAMANTHA!" She bellow.

"I have to go." I said finally walking away and felt sad.

"I hope I see you again. Sam." He said stepping into a carriage

"Samantha, what did I told you about talking to strangers?" Her Stepmother ask with hands on her hips.

Daniel POV

"To the castle." I said. Once we were there I walk out. I walk into the castle and fell on the floor. I change back from blue eyed, and black hair boy to green eyed white hair boy.

"Daniel, dude you cannot keep this up!" Tucker said fixing Daniel clothing.

"Why not I like going out to the village." I said think of the most beautiful girl in the world. Sam.

"Daniel you are a prince. I cannot keep lying to your mother!" Tucker said

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