Heeeeeyyyyyyyy it me Jimmie130 change to Jaded Jimmie. I started a new story called Aladdin. Here's a little preview

Aladdin:He found a friend named Frostbite and they stay together. Frostbite could turn into anything he pleased. He usily change himself to look like Princess Samantha. Samantha had butt lenght hair, a small hourglass form and was the most beautiful Woman throughout the entire world. The most beautiful periwinkle eyes and the sweetest voice ever. Danny have the same dreams of her. She runs into his arm and kiss her. Call him hers and never letting him go until he wakes up. He talks in his sleep making Frostbite tease him in the morning.

Danny look down and he saw women pulling their children inside their little huts. He took a deep breath and look back as Dash and his army climb up. Growling angrily like wild animals, a dog whom dislike its owner. Dash raise his sword high into the air, making stabbing motion the air divide and Danny shake unwillingly. Danny took another deep breathe and jump.

That's a small taste this is my story called Love's never easy. This story will be post before Christmas. Here's a taste.: Mean while Sam was tied up on a bed crying her beautiful eyes out. Renz frown and stroke her long silk hair.

"Why you're so glum? I don't want my wife sad." He ask smiling at the thought Sam would be his.

"I'm not marring to you. I love him. If you love me let me go. Like that saying'If you love something, you have to set it free.'" Sam asked.

"But I love you first and you love me back he must have a spell over you. Well when I make you one of us, we won't have to worry about you leaving."

"Renz, please. I can't be a Vim-mper." Sam shook scared.

"I love you more. I love you more then Canny, Manny or whatever his name was." Renz said.

"But I love him. My Danny." Sam let more tears fall.

"I want you to be mine. Ever since that brat came you fall in love with him at first sight. But..." He trailed off.

"'But' what?"

"I wouldn't have the courage to take you back." He smiled evilly.

Well that were previews it's going to be cool. With love Jade Jimmie.

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