A.I. Love You

~Only Half of a Love Story~


Program 1: ~Don't Wake Me~

"Hitoshi? Can I speak with you for a moment, please?"

From the other side of his bedroom door, Hitoshi heard the voice of his girlfriend, Saati. And for a brief moment, he thought that he heard a note of desperation in her voice. But he decided to cast that thought away, and stood up from his state-of-the-art mini-laptop and went to the door.

Before he had even touched the knob, he had already began to speak, "Sure, you know that I'm always okay with talking to you, Saati. Anything particular on your mind?"

With the door open, Saati hurtled herself at Hitoshi. Her lovely white arms wrapping gently around his neck, the force from the impact knocking him to the floor. Saati's soft blond hair brushed against the sides of Hitoshi's face, her entire body pressed against his.

All of the blood in his face drained away as he felt the softness of her breast press up against his own chest, "Sa-Saati, what are you...?"

At that moment, Saati sprung up and gave a small shriek, "Hitoshi, something just poked me!"

Hitoshi looked up to see Saati's face, it seemed that she'd had the opposite reaction than that of what he'd experienced. Her face was stained scarlet, and fresh tears welled up in her eyes.

Hitoshi felt as if he could hit himself.

But pushing himself up off the floor he extended one of his hands towards Saati. "Look, I'm sorry, Saati. Go ahead and say it, I'm the biggest pervert that ever lived."

"Why would I say that? Hitoshi, I, -" She looked away from him and used the back of her hand to dry her tears. "Hitoshi, I, -" She shook her head and fresh tears slid down her cheeks.

"Saati, say it! Tell me what's on your mind!" He took a small step towards her, his arms ready to embrace her, to help ease her mind from worry.

"Hitoshi, I want to show my love to you!" The words blurted out before she coud stop them.

A small helpless gasp escaped her lips, and her hands quickly covered her mouth. And in a weak voice, she whispered, "Hitoshi, I'm sorry..."

"Saati, it's all right. You've done nothing wrong."

"I haven't?"

"No!" He gently placed his hand on the back of her head, and smoothing out her hair he whispered, "Saati, you know you can always be honest with me. You might be an A.I. program, but each day you grow to be more and more human."

She sniffled, as she dried the tears away. "You...you really think so?"

"Of course I do!"

"Oh, Hitoshi!" She once again threw her arms around his neck, and kissed his cheek. "You really are the best! How can I repay you for all that you've done for me?"

A small amount of color returned to his face, as his cheeks and nose burned a faint pink, "What was that about you wanting to show your love to me?"

Saati took a step back from Hitoshi, and her hands went immediately to the top button of her white button up shirt. Slowly she undid all of the buttons and cast her shirt to the way side.

"Hitoshi, I want you to have me."

He gulped as his pants became tighter. "Saati, are you sure? I mean this is a huge step."

"Of course I'm sure, I trust you completely!"

He looked at her small, white beautiful breast and thought greedily to himself, "This proves it! There is a God out there who loves me! Oh how I've waited for this day to arrive!"

Taking a cautious step forwards, he extended his hand towards Saati's exposed flesh. "Almost there!"

And before he knew it, his hands were touching her warm, fragile skin. "Oh, Saati, you don't know how long I've wanted to do this!"

Within a blink of his eye, Saati's breast seemed to have grown twice in size!


He looked at her face and saw that she seemed to be enjoying his touch, but within a second, her facial expression changed and she was no longer blushing.


"Aw come on, Saati, just five more minutes?"

"Hitoshi, wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

"School? How can you think of school? I thought that you wanted to show your love to me?"

Saati groaned, "Are you still sleeping, Hitoshi? Wake up!"


Finally the scene around him faded, and Hitoshi opened his eyes.

It was true, he had fallen asleep sitting in front of his opened laptop. "It...it was all a dream?"

"Are you awake, Hitoshi?"

"Yeah!" He stood up and stretched his stiff arms and legs. "But that dream definitely seemed real!"

~End Program~