Star Trek: TNG Alternate Universe

Rating: T (eventually an M)

Pairing: Data/Tasha (or in this universe Daystrom/Tasha)

This is based on the version introduced to us by Elly, entitiled, "Do Androids Dream..." Daystrom Soong was her creation as an alternate human version of the android Data that we all know and love. I am not completely sticking to her timeline. I am basically borrowing the name Daystrom Soong from her because I didn't want the human "Data" to be named, well, Data. I thought that a human version of him would have a much different name; also a much different personality, taking in account the personalities of both his parents, Noonian and Julianna Soong. I will try my best to stay true to whom Data was while also staying true to who I think he would have been if he were human. More will be explained on his background as the story progresses.

Tasha and Data belong to Paramount Pictures, I do not own them. There are also references to Darryl Adin who is a character in the novel, "Survivors" by Jean Lorrah. He does not belong to me either. If anyone has not read "Do Androids Dream," please do so. It is wonderfully written. In fact, the writing was so beautifully done that I was caught up in just how Daystrom Soong and Tasha Yar met and eventually got together. That is where this story begins. Everyone please check out Elly's version of this story. It is an awesome read!

The initial five chapters of this story are being reviewed and revised by bookfan87. And I just want to thank her for all her hard work and help with subsequent chapters. You are awesome bookfan87.

Everyone please be kind: this is my first attempt at an ST:TNG fanfic. But please review if you are enjoying the story...

Chapter 1 ~ "Just Too Soon"


Daystrom Soong was sitting at his desk as he was finishing up his report on the Ardullians' situation. A planet who had been in a civil war for many years was now in the process of peace talks between the two colonies. A truce that was successful thanks to the Captain.

Finally he was finishing up his report and getting it ready to be logged into the ship's computers as he signed his name off on it. He paused for a moment staring at the name on the report: Daystrom Soong. It was an odd name of course: he knew that. But if his father was anything, he was odd. His mother was more "down to earth," as they would say. After Noonian named Lore, she was hell-bent on him not naming Daystrom, since he had an odd sense of humor when it came to their children's names. But he'd convinced her to name him after one of the most famous institutes around, claiming that it made sense to name him after a cybernetics institute considering that he would be the son of two cyberneticists.

So now he was stuck with it, but thank God his friends later shortened it down to "Day". After all, it could have been much worse. His father could have been successful in his quests to create an artificial lifeform, and then he just would have been nothing more than a walking computer full of useless data.

His door chimed and he raised his head in the direction of the noise.


Geordi purposefully strode in front of Day's desk while taking a seat on the edge of it.

"Day, you need to get out of here. You've done nothing for the past two weeks but work and become a hermit. It's time to go out."

He couldn't help but laugh at that.

"I'm not a hermit, I'm merely on a quest of avoidance."

Geordi stood back to his feet and crossed his arms, while shaking his head.

"Day, you see her on the bridge every day. You can't avoid her."

He raised his eyes and pointed his finger at him. "Ahhh...You are wrong 'sir', I can avoid her juuust fiiiiine. Besides, on the bridge my back is turned to her the whole time. So there!"

Geordi motioned his head in a slight upward direction where Day knew if he didn't have that stupid visor on he would most definitely be rolling his eyes at him.

"Look Geordi, I'm fine. Really. Don't worry."

Geordi uncrossed his arms and placed them on the each side of the desk as he leaned in to respond.

"If that's the case Day, then go to Ten Forward with me. Let's get a drink and get you out of your quarters for awhile. Come on, I won't keep you long. Just long enough to take a breather."

Day stood up and began to walk around his desk.

"Fine, but Geordi, I swear if I see her I'm turning around. Fair enough?"

Geordi put his arm around him as they walked out.

"Fair enough."


Geordi La Forge and Daystrom Soong walked into Ten Forward together, which turned out to be a big mistake. Because if avoiding her was his goal, he failed miserably. The object of Day's affection was sitting at one of the tables in the far right corner - and she was not alone. The abrupt stop he made after walking through the doors only caused him to focus more intently on the sight before him.

"Day, just let it go."

Geordi's words startled him out of his thoughts as he looked over to his best friend.


His friend chuckled at the realization that Day thought he was so completely oblivious to the situation at hand.

"Look Day, you're staring daggers at Tasha and Rich. Hell, you're so obvious that everyone in Ten Forward knows what you're thinking!"

He slowly resumed walking again. As he caught up to Geordi he whispered his next words as if he thought all of the patrons around were listening in -which probably wasn't far off considering that the gossip of the crew here lately consisted of whether or not his relationship with Tasha Yar was still professional, or something much more.

"What in the hell is the matter with her? I mean she moves pretty quick, doesn't she?"

Geordi leaned against the bar placing a quick order for him and Day while gathering his words carefully before speaking.

"Well, Day, you did tell her that moving on was a good idea. Did you expect her to lie down and wait for you to come around, or take your advice and move on?"

Day turned his back to Tasha and (who he now learned was) Lieutenant Rich Dowis, one of Tasha's own junior officers. What was it with her and the men who worked in security anyway? First Dare, then Travis (before their little reunification due to that virus); now this guy. Did she not realize how stupid it was to date someone under your own command? Although he was one to be talking, considering he was sleeping with one under his! And not with just anyone - with her.

Jealousy was running rampant through his veins and he knew it. As a matter of fact, right then at that very moment he thought the situation quite ironic considering it was normally she who was becoming jealous over him and some young ensign throwing themselves at him. Now the roles were reversed and he was at a loss as to how to handle the situation, or the emotion for that matter. No other woman ever provoked that in him. He never really cared to invest that much emotion into a relationship. That

Whoa, he thought, did I just use that word? He'd always prided himself on being a loner. Of course he was known as having a chivalrous nature but a loner nonetheless. He supposed he got that from his father, since he was so withdrawn and so non-sociable with those around him, even to his own wife and sons. He was always driven by his dream of achieving an artificial lifeform. And it was quite ironic indeed, that the woman now seated only a few feet away from him prided herself on being the same exact way: a loner.

How odd it was that God would choose that trait to be engrained in Tasha (of all people) as well. Day briefly toyed with the possibility that maybe Q was behind the whole situation, considering how he liked to play with the lives of the crew as if they were pawns in a game of chess. The sound of their drinks being placed upon the bar brought him out of his reverie.

"But does she have to do it so...soon? It's only been a week since we decided that-"

Geordi interrupted him,"You mean since you decided to go your separate ways ...Right?"

Day noticed how Geordi placed vocal emphasis on the "you" part. He was really starting to get annoyed with his friend's defensive attitude toward Tasha. Whose best friend was he anyway - his or Tasha's?

"Yes, since I made that decision," he reluctantly conceded, "but with good reason."

His defensiveness regarding his actions suddenly came spilling out:

"Did you not know that when we were observing Praxa a few years back, when Tasha and I got together that she was still with Dare?"

Geordi was taking a sip of his drink as he raised his eyebrows at Day's response. There - now everything is out on the table, he thought. His defenses were all exposed now - his reasoning laid out for his best friend to see.

"Day, that was six years ago - long before you were both assigned to the Enterprise! Besides, Dare had already been accused of conspiring with the Orions and was in confinement during that time awaiting trial..."

Day just stared down at the countertop of the bar, cupping his drink between both hands, listening as Geordi continued on:

"Look...Maybe she knew deep down that it was over between the two of them, and that's why she hooked up with you. Then again, maybe she just decided she found someone better. You know, you and Tasha have always had some kind of connection. I have never seen two people drawn to each other like that before! How many people do you know of that, after three years of being apart - suddenly finding themselves assigned to the same ship - attract like two magnets once again? Who knows what she was really thinking? Maybe, just maybe you should ask her."

Day looked up from his drink and stared him in the eye as he could feel his blood begin to boil. He mocked back his friend's advice.

"Ask her? And just what exactly do you think I need to ask her, Geordi?"

He waved his hands up in the air as his irritation grew.

"You want me to ask her why she never told me about Dare while on Praxa? Or maybe I should ask her if I was just a rebound since her lovely fiancé was locked up!"

His voice was growing louder with a hint of agitation in it. He pointed over to the corner where the objects of his conversation sat and continued on.

"Or hell, let's go one step further... Maybe I should ask her if she ever even cared at all considering she's sitting over there with that prick!"

Geordi held his hands up in a gesture to let Day know that he didn't mean to push his buttons, while saying just one word in defense.


Day lowered his hand as the agitation that was upon his face was replaced with confusion. Geordi pointed over to the corner of the lounge where Tasha and Rich were sitting.

"Was sitting with a prick. They left, and I'm just guessing here, but probably when they heard you ranting."

Day lowered his head into his hands on the bar, defeat obvious in the slump of his shoulders, as he began speaking his thoughts out loud. He let out a deep breath.

"I need a drink!"

Geordi began laughing and pointed to the drink in front of him.

"You have a drink, Day."

Slowly he raised his head up, turning to focus on his friend.

"No, I need something...stronger," holding up his drink to emphasize his meaning, "Something stronger than this. Care to join me?"

Shaking his head "no," Geordi leaned in to whisper his words to his friend.

"Day, you know as well as I do that...well, that is not a very wise decision considering the reason behind it."

With his agitation growing once again, Day slammed his drink down on the counter spilling some of it's contents from the force of it as he answered Geordi's candid observation.

"If you won't join me, then I'll just drink away my regrets alone! Besides, some Romulan ale sounds pretty good to me right now."

As he turned to walk away, Geordi grabbed his shoulder, stopping him.

"Day, if you do this you'll just be adding to those regrets. Just go home and cool down. Give yourself some time, then go and talk to her."

He wished he was much better at taking advice; but unfortunately he seemed to inherit his father's rebellious streak as well as his social reclusivity. Now here he sat in his quarters two hours later, with his Romulan ale in hand and the thoughts of Tasha and Rich in his head. Not a good combination. As drunk as he was, even he realized that.

Besides, why should he really care what (or who!) she was doing?, he reasoned. During Darryl Adin's visit to the Enterprise, Darryl had smugly revealed their relationship was still intact while she was on Praxa with him - a little piece of information that she'd conveniently left out for the past few years, of course. How dare her play him for a fool for so long! How could he trust her now? She was most definitely living up to her reputation as a woman whose bad luck tended to follow each relationship she involved herself in.

Hell, she couldn't even divulge that little piece of information to him! So what made him think that he could ever trust her about anything else? Instead of sitting here and drinking this crap that the Romulans call their best kind of liquor, he should be on his way to confront her - give her a piece of his mind. Tell her just exactly what he thought about her little secret!

But then again, a drunk senior officer roaming the halls of the Enterprise looking for the lover who spurned him wasn't such a good idea. Was it? He sat up and flatly queried, "Computer, give me the location of Lieutenant Tasha Yar."

Immediately the computer's voice responded, "Lieutenant Yar is located in Holodeck Four."

Hesitantly he asked another question, all the while damning his inquiring nature, not sure if he truly wanted to know the answer to it:

"Computer, give me the location of Lieutenant Rich Dowis."

Scarcely aware he'd been holding his breath, he strained his ears as the computer's voice filled his quarters,"Lieutenant Dowis is located in Holodeck Four."

Oh hell no! Rage filled his entire being. No doubt they're having some romantic dinner oceanside on a replication of Targus One...or worse, kissing, or...

Damn this Romulan ale!, he thought, and damn his rebellious nature! Drunk or not, he decided to take Geordi's advice after all. He did return to his quarters and think it over; and now he was going to talk to her. Never mind the effects that the ale was having upon his staggering frame, let alone his thoughts. He was certain that with the amount of adrenaline that was rising up within his body - after learning that after two hours, his Tasha was still with that prick - he could most definitely make it to the holodeck with no problem considering how pissed he was.