If Only Chapter 14 ~ "The Fate of Kings"


Instead of meeting her in her quarters, Day sent a private message for her to meet him in holodeck four, which is where she now stood, waiting to had no idea what he had planned but she was anxious to see. She took in a deep breath and then exhaled as she entered the holodeck that was already occupied by one member. She immediately walked in as the doors opened to allow entrance.

Her eyes were greeted by the sight of lush green palm trees everywhere. With a trail of white sand that followed down to some unknown area. She could hear in the distance the faint sound of waves collapsing on top of one another. It was still daylight but the sun appeared to be setting soon as she could see it slowly descending in the sky.

She smiled to herself from the eagerness that welled within her. She followed the trail down a little ways as the sound of the roaring waves became louder and louder, mixed in with the sound of sea gulls chattering about. She noticed how the palm trees became less and less dense and she could make out what seemed to be smoke billowing up into the sky. From where or what she wasn't quite sure but she expected to find out soon enough.

She reached the end of the trail and smiled approvingly as her eyes beheld white sand everywhere. And she couldn't resist the temptation to remove her shoes so that she could feel that sand between her toes. The smell of salt filled the air as she followed the smoke up over the sand dunes that were before her.

She gazed out into the beauty of a Caribbean blue ocean with a white beach house about fifty feet from the water. She watched for a moment as the smoke billowed out from its chimney. It had a huge wrap around porch and she could make out two distinct lights twinkling in the dusk. The closer she got the clearer the lights became. They were two lit candles that sat perfectly on a dining table. Everything was already set, just as she had done for them the night before.

She slowly approached only to see Day leaning against the far railing of the porch, his glass in hand. He wore a button down white shirt with black pants. And she couldn't help but notice how the first two buttons remained undone, revealing his chest all the more. She found that the unconscious act was tantalizing. Especially as the wind coming in from the waves would slightly blow it open to reveal the skin hidden beneath.

She finally withdrew her eyes from his chest to take the rest of him in. He was quite a handsome man and she couldn't resist any opportunity to secretly behold him. His eyes were averted toward the sunset as she continued to drink him in. She looked at his long lean legs. And she slightly shuddered from the thought of how many times those legs have been entwined with hers. She slowly began making her way back up toward his chest as she lingered there for only a moment. And then she took in his arms. How despite his slim physique he seemed to keep quite in shape. She marveled at how his sleeves were slightly rolled up to his elbows.

And once again, her mind drifted off in wonder. At just how many times those arms had been wrapped around her, holding her body to his as he made love to her. Her eyes drifted further up this time to his lips. And at last, she thought to herself. Just how many times had those lips crushed against hers as their lovemaking reached its peak, muffling the cries that came from within her. Her eyes left his lips only to gravitate toward his eyes.

But she immediately ceased her secret assault upon his body. Her eyes were met with his, the blue orbs staring back with a slight smirk upon his face. She was busted! He knew just exactly what she had been doing.

She refused to break the gaze as he continued to stare into her eyes, slowly lifting his glass to his lips as he drank the last remnants of his drink. Only to bring the glass back down and set it on top of the porch's railing. He slowly, seductively began walking toward her. His eye's refusing to break the contact that they had made. Her breath caught in her chest as she suddenly realized that this man was the only man who had ever literally taken her breath away.

He stopped just mere inches from her as she watched him make his way to the bottom step of the porch. The faint cries of the seagulls still in the distance. He reached his hand out to help her up the stairs and she couldn't help but to smile at the gesture.

"Chivalrous till the end, aren't we Day?" she quipped trying to break the tension that had just swallowed up the atmosphere.

"Welcome back to your castle my lady." He announced ignoring her perception of his chivalrous nature.

She chuckled a little. "Day, I don't know if you've noticed but this is only a two story beach house." She paused a moment as she looked around. "Hardly a castle... But I must admit I do like it."

"Good, because I designed the program for you a while back." He revealed. "It's nice to hear that you still approve."

She placed her hand in his as he helped her up the stairs as he jokingly stated.

"You know Day; I'm perfectly capable of walking up stairs by myself."

"I know and I'm perfectly capable of allowing you to be the independent woman that you are - just not when I'm around." He jested as he quickly held up a hand in defense from her narrowing eyes.

"I'm joking." He quickly corrected himself. "I love the woman that you are and I would never change anything about you."

"And..." she insisted.

He paused at the top of the stairs as he took her into his arms. She welcomed the embrace and nuzzled her face into his neck as he lightly kissed her hair.

"And...We can do whatever you wish." He offered emphasizing his next words as he leaned back to look at her once again. "I - will do whatever you wish."

"Well, that's nice to know silly but I was mainly referring to how the program came about." She volunteered breaking the tension slightly.

Despite where her thoughts were going earlier while taking in his body. She still wasn't sure if she was ready to go there just yet. And considering the way he just whispered those words to her, the situation could quickly gravitate in that direction. And she would be helpless to stop it. She found that she wanted to learn more about him. More about their relationship and he seemed more than happy to oblige her.

"Well, when we first met you always used to talk about the beaches on Earth and how much you enjoyed visiting them while in the Academy." He paused a moment. "You later revealed that your greatest desire was to one day have a house on the beach after you retired from Starfleet."

"I do love the beach." She stated.

"I know." He whispered.

"While at the academy?" She ceased a moment and then corrected herself, mentally realizing that she was no longer enrolled at the academy despite her insistent memories of still being there. "When - I was at the academy I used to always sneak away to the beach and sit upon the shore. It was my refuge from all the stress that academy induced."

Day smiled from the memory she had just shared and nodded out toward the beach.

"This beach here is Saint Barth's of the Caribbean Islands. It is located near the Leeward Islands and its land mass is approximately 21.0 kilometers which is exactly 8.1 square miles. It is universally known for its beautiful beaches, which are..."

The soft rhythm of her hands caressing his back immediately halted him from volunteering the rest of the information. Tasha chuckled a little to herself pulling back from the embrace to look into his eyes.

"Just stick to the specific's Day." She jokingly added.

"My apologies...a bad habit I suppose, forgive me." He confessed shrugging his shoulders.

"It's okay, please continue."

"I created this program for you as a birthday gift." He paused for a moment as he decided to reveal the other reason that drove him to the program's creation. "And as an apology shortly after the Tsiolkovsky virus." He softly added.

"Why did you apologize for that? It was me who seduced you!" She admitted.

He smiled a little from the memory that her words invoked. "I believe you were embarrassed from the rendezvous that we had and... I displayed a deplorable lack of resistance I'm afraid."

She looked almost confused. "Why would I be embarrassed over you?" She asked.

He slightly shook his head no. "I believe it was from you allowing a man so close to you again." He solemnly answered.

"Oh, I see...Did I forgive you?" She asked out of curiosity.

"You did but I had a hell of a time getting you out of your quarters just so I could show you what I had done." He smiled lightly to himself.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

"Well, it's nothing romantic I'm afraid." He maintained.

She nodded her head in the direction of the waves that were crashing upon the shore. No words were needed as he heeded to her silent request, releasing her from the embrace she gently reached to take his hand in hers as they headed toward the waves to walk alongside them.

"Nevertheless, I would still like to hear It." she requested.

"I finally got you out of your quarters despite how unwilling you were to go. And then after I walked you through the program you started crying when I told you why I created it."

"From being overwhelmed by the gesture?" She softly asked.

"I would like to think so." He paused a moment and then continued. "Eventually this became our spot, at first as friends and then later on as love-." He stopped before allowing the word to completely leave his lips. He shyly looked away from her, off into the distance toward the sunset.

She could tell he stopped the slip up from proceeding forth but she still knew exactly what he was about to say. They shared this program as lovers. This was their escape as a couple away from all the prying eyes, the away missions, and their duty on board the Enterprise. It was their solace, a paradise that only the two shared together. And it was created for the sole purpose of one person in mind, her! It was created to please her.

The gesture seemed to touch her all over again. He seemed to stop walking as she joined him in silence, both watching as the sun descended lower and lower from the sky. She marveled at the pinks and oranges that intermingled together above the Caribbean water.

She held tightly to his hand as she lowered herself to sit down upon the beach. He followed her suit and sat down beside her. She nuzzled in a little closer to him and smiled as he placed his arm around her waist, holding her to him. Both watched in silence.

This was nice she thought. It was peaceful here. And it was all the more special because of the man beside her. She couldn't resist looking at him as she shot him a quick sideways glance. He seemed content, just as she was. And she thought vaguely back to her childhood dreams.

"You know when I was a little girl, I hardly ever had time to just sit and dream about what I would like to become, how I wanted my life to be, who I wanted to be." He turned slightly to look at her as a small smile formed upon her lips as she continued. "I was always too busy trying to avoid the rape gangs. But I had the fortune of coming across this old lady when I was about twelve. She was almost a grandmother figure to me. She took care of me and loved me and for a few years I was able to see what it would have been like if I had been given a normal childhood."

She paused as Day leaned in and gently kissed the top of her forehead.

Tasha embraced the comfort that he had just placed upon her and continued on. "She later died and I took her last name when I was rescued by Starfleet."

Day raised his eyebrows at the information that she had just revealed. She had never mentioned the grandmother figure before. Nor had she ever revealed that Yar was not truly her last name. She was probably too young to even remember her real last name, considering her parents died at the age of five. He sat ever still as her voice gently finished.

"But when I was in her care, I would often dream of how nice it would have been to just be a normal child, to not be afraid to go to sleep at night." She chuckled a little to herself as she added. "I would fantasize that I was the granddaughter of some Grand Duchess, hence the old lady that took care of me. And we would be admired by the world. We would no longer have to scavenge for food nor fight to avoid being harmed by men. But instead we would be cherished and honored by them, like in the fairytales."

Day held her gaze as she shyly looked away and solemnly admitted. "It was a foolish dream I suppose."

Day reached out to caress her cheek, gently turning her eyes back to his to as he declared.

"I don't think it's foolish at all...When I was a boy I wished for the same thing." He paused a moment. "But unlike you, I wished to be out of the limelight. It seems I will now and forever be known as Soong's Son." He said the words with distaste.

She knew exactly what he meant. Of course he was Dr. Soong's son but he wished it could have been more manageable than that. He desired the privacy that others had, instead of it always being in the public's eye due to his father's accomplishments and failures. He never asked to be brought into that and wished as a child he was immune to the emotions that were thrown upon him because of it.

She found herself quickly missing his touch as he pulled his hand from her cheek. He pulled his knees up and propped his arms upon them. She watched in amazement as his toes kneaded into the sand that surrounded them. She couldn't resist doing the same as his voice broke the silence that had fallen between them.

"When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone be weep my outcast state and trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries. And look upon myself and curse my fate. Wishing me like to one more rich in hope, featured like him, like him with friends possess'd, desiring this man's art and that man's scope. With what I most enjoy contented least. Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising." He paused a moment but only a moment as he turned, peering desperately into her eyes as he finished. "Haply I think on thee, and then my state. Like to the lark at break of day arising. From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate; for thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings. That then I scorn to change my state with kings."

Her breath caught in her throat from his words. And for a second time that night, this man had wrought her breathless. His eyes were a deadly shade of blue as they pierced into the very heart of her. She wasn't sure who moved first, whether it was him or her. She really didn't care at this point. All she really cared about right now. At this particular moment was the need that seemed to be welling up inside her, the desire to have his lips upon hers.

Time seemed to stand still. She had never anxiously awaited a kiss with such anticipation. With so much want and desire beckoning to be set free by just one sweet tender kiss upon her lover's part.

Finally, his lips slowly but sensually fell upon hers. And the anticipation of it did not disappoint as his tongue gently parted her lips, desperately seeking permission to enter. She willingly obliged as she opened herself to him.

The kiss quickly began to intensify, the air becoming electric between the two. Day slowly moved his hand behind her neck as he pulled her further into the kiss, purely from the need to feel more of her, to have her closer. The ache was becoming too overwhelming.

She longed to feel not only his lips upon her but his body as well. She slowly began lowering herself down to rest upon the sand, pulling him with her. Their tongues dancing against one another as the kiss began demanding more. Her hands began roaming all over his body, pulling him over to completely rest on top of her.

And she silently cursed herself for the inability to withhold the moan that escaped her lips, emitting her disapproval of him breaking the kiss. But she was quickly satisfied with the replacement of his lips upon her neck, as they traveled further down, reaching the sensitive spot between her neck and collar bone.

His kisses softly nipping away as he licked his way back up the valley he had just lavished with kisses, only to take her earlobe within his mouth. Gently and ever so softly sucking on it, sending shivers down the length of Tasha's body. He couldn't resist the smile of triumph that came across his face as her moans only furthered his belief that he was most definitely doing something right.

Tasha's body began to writhe beneath him desperately seeking some type of relief. She was driving him mad as she would brush herself against his evident desire, moans escaping both of their lips as she would do so.

Her hands began to nervously pull up the hem of his shirt only to reveal what little skin it could in that position. His hands glided down her sides and back up as one found her breast. He began gently kneading it as his lips released her earlobe and slowly descended back down, stopping only to taste her lips once more before proceeding further down her neck. His hand slowly pulling the collar of her shirt down as he assaulted each spot revealed with his lips.

"Oh God, Day...Don't Stop..." Tasha pleaded.

And then…the ultimate joy-kill.

"Lieutenant Yar, please report to my ready room." The Captains voice filled the air causing the electricity that surged between them to quickly dissipate.

Day immediately ceased his onset of kisses upon her, only to rest his head in the apex of her shoulder and neck, both panting from the forbidden passion that seemed to overtake them. Finally Tasha was able to answer in return to the Captain's request.

"I'm on my way, Sir!" She panted.

And then once again the Captain's voice came through, questioningly.

"Lieutenant, is Commander Soong with you by chance?" The curiosity was evident in his voice.

Day quickly raised his head up in alarm as Tasha met his eyes desperately searching for the answer within them. Day silently nodded his head yes as she responded to the Captain.

"Yes Sir, He is." She replied hesitantly.

Picard spoke up once again with discernment. "Bring him as well, this involves him too."

"Yes Sir." They both quipped out.

And Tasha couldn't help but to visualize the Captain outwardly wincing from their folly.

"Picard out."

Tasha began to giggle from the fact that they had just been busted. As if they were two teenagers seeking a moment of refuge from an overbearing father. Well, it was too late to try and hide it now. The Captain was by no means stupid. He had to know now. She looked down to see Day blankly staring at her in return as her giggles ceased, only to hear him inquire straight-faced.

"Do you think he knows?"

Tasha busted out laughing once again, choking out between giggles. "I-believe-so."

She answered honestly as Day began rising to his feet, offering her a hand to help her do the same.

"Well, I guess it's time to go face the music then." Day admitted.

They both headed toward the exit of the holodeck as Tasha inquired.

"So Day, tell me, where did you learn that little poem?" She asked out of curiosity.

"It's Shakespeare's 29th sonnet."

Tasha's eyes widened as she jokingly added.

"Wow, you are quite romantic aren't you?"

"Only with you…." Day repeated in honesty.


Author's Notes: Here is a long overdue chapter to this story. Sorry guys, I've just been a bit pre-occupied with all the other stories that are stirring around in my head. I promise I haven't abandoned this one. But in all honesty, I've been seriously thinking about taking the "complete" status off of "Within the Confines of Time" and taking the story a little further. It just seems so unfinished to me and I think I'm cheating you guys out of seeing the outcome of Data/Tasha. I've realized that I could follow the couple a lot further throughout the wedding and the pregnancy. The Epilogue could take place possibly five years into the marriage to give everyone an insight as to how they are doing as a couple. Not sure if the story is getting a bit too long or if you guys want more of it, either way, I think this is my decision. So I hope you guys will still enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.