It was a sunny, bright, and utterly hot day and the Inu gang were resting by a stream, Inuyasha had went of to scout the area. Kagome and Sango were sitting on the edge of the stream with their feet in the cool water to cool down a bit.

"Hey Kagome?" Sango said in a hushed tone.

"Yeah Sango?" Kagome replied just as quietly.

"You've been writing in that book for the past couple of days... I was just wondering if I may ask... ughhhh what have you been writing?" Sango asked hesitantly.

"Oh! You mean my journal?" Sango nodded her head slowly. "Oh well I write poetry in my journal... Its away for me to express myself... I LOVE writing, it's something I'm good at!" Kagome replied with a slight blush painting the bridge of her nose a light rose pink.

"Poetry, you mean those phrases that rhyme?" Sango asked slightly confused.

"Of course! Poetry it's a form of expression, away for people to express themselves emotionally when they don't know how to show it." Kagome explained.

"Oh so you are a ... poet?" Sangoo asked yet another question.

"No, no I'm not nearly THAT good sango." Kagome said sadly with a sigh.

"Can I read some of your poetry Kagome? I'm sure its excellent!" Sango said with a huge hopeful smile.

"Ugh... Sure I guess it couldn't hurt anything after all that's what sisters are for right!" Kagome said smiling brightly.

Kagome handed Sango her black leather bound journal. Sango accepted the journal and scanned over it before looking at Kagome with a shocked wide eyed look on her face.

"Kagome this is a LONG poem. It will take awhile for me to read and understand." Sango said embarrased that it would take her so long to read and understand the long poem.

"It's okay sango take as long as you need after all InuYasha might not be back tonight if my assumption is correct he is most probably with Kikyo as we speak." Kagome said smiling comfortingly at Sango.

"Alright! Well then I'm going to start reading this now." Sango said as she turned her attention back to the page in front of her.

"Okay, I'm going to go for a swim." Kagome said but Sango wasn't paying attention she was already reading the poem.

Sango started to whisper the poem to herself to help understand it better.

"I'd Say
I Promise Never To Fall In Love Again
But To Say That
Would Be A Total Lie
You Can't Help Who You Love
You Can't Help If They Don't Love You Back
All You Can Promise
Is To Keep Your Heart Open
Your Soul Free
And Just Have Fun
Because In The End
Without Love And Pain
Can You Really Say
You Lived Life To Its Fullest?
After all at some point
You're going to have to realize
You don't have to look for the one that you'll spend forever with
Atleast not now
Eventually you will
But don't pain yourself over broken promises
Broken relationships
And broken hearts
Try your best to keep alive
Keep your heart beating inside
Love when the time is right
Fight for your right to be by his side
Don't hold back
Don't dwell on past pain
If he is the one
And he lets you go
Let him go in return
Give him his freedom
After all
As the saying goes
If you love something
Let it free
If it returns to you
Then it is truly yours
And even if it hurts
And he doesn't come back
Atleast you had love
And a chance at happiness is still there
After all
It is said
It is better to have loved and lost
Then to never have loved at all
So even if you feel broken and small
You should always try
And hold your position
Stand tall
And know that
One loss
Or one mistake
Wont kill you
You're only human
So is he
And from the pain
That he may have caused
Just remember
That only brings you
One step closer
To true happiness
To your destined love
To your mate
Your soul mate
The love of your life
The one that will stand by your side
Protect you till the end
Kiss and hug you
Like he is affraid you'll disappear
Nothing can break you
Not even your past
Just keep fighting
Because in the end
Everything thats come to pass
Happend for a reason
And that reason
Well that may seem like a mystery now
But soon you will realize
That it all happend for a greater reason then the pain
And that reason
That reason is to help you along your path
To finding your destiny
So even though it hurts
You must remember
The pain is showing you
That he wasn't the one ment for you
That your destiny is to come true
And that the true destiny that awaits you
Is in your true loves arms
And it may take years but the pain will guide you
Don't let it hide you
For if you do
You will only stand in your own way
Of your complete happiness
So continue to dream
And continue to fight
It is in your right to find love and happiness
We all have that one person out there
That has the kiss that makes you see fireworks
That says romantic words that will make you blush
That has a way of showing and telling you
You'll be together forever"

Sango finished whispering the poem and her eyes were wide as she looked up from the book to look at Kagome who was swimming on her back enjoying the cool stream water.

"Kagome..." Sango called out to her adopted sister.

Kagome swam towards Sango smiling.

"Yeah?" Kagome asked.

"This is AMAZING... I've never read something so beautiful and true. You have a real talent." Sango said amazed.

"Yeah well I wrote how I felt plus I don't love InuYasha so I used it to help me along that's the main reason I wrote it." Kagome said with a blush. "But thank you Sango I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

Later that night everyone was laying down for the night. They were all unsuspecting of the silver haired full demon that sat in the tree that Kagome slept under. They were also unaware that said demon had heard Sango whisper the poem.

Sesshomaru's P.O.V.

I had listened as the demon slayer read MY miko's poem to herself. It interested me that my little miko had written something so talented and full of emotion.

No one knew that a dog demon, a full blooded dog demon, can tell who their destined mate is just by scent. Other demons were able to tell using one or more of their senses but dog demons could tell through scent.

I had found my mate, my little miko, during our first meeting my beast had recognized her as ours. But due to her connection with the half-breed I denied my instincts to take her as my own.

I had made the mistake of trying to kill her because I was so angered by that fact. After the fight and the half-breed had cut off my left arm (which has now re-grown completely) I went into the forest and the whole time I was resting my beast was growling, whimpering, whining and pawing to get out to go to our mate to make up for my mistake.

Now was my chance before the half-breed returned.

I jumped down and landed beside my intended and kneeled down to wake her. I shook her shoulder carefully. She didn't do anything besides turn to face me. I took my hand from her shoulder and placed it upon her cheek and strocked her soft cheek lovingly. She, to my surprise, nuzzled her face into my hand and whispered my name. I was so happy that I growled outloud in approvel.

My growl must have awoken the slayer because she sat up straight in her coverlet and looked right at me. Her eyes widened before she smiled and whispered something that shocked the hell out of me.

"Sesshomaru, I see you finally came back for Kagome. I was wondering if you were going to come for her soon. I noticed how everytime InuYasha left and you showed up un noticed by the others, I pretended to sleep so that way I wouldn't desturb you. I've noticed for quit a while that you always act differently with Kagome when he is away. I'm glad you're her destiny. I know you'll make her happy." Sango said as she looked at Sesshomaru's hand on Kagome's cheek.

"Slayer..." Sesshomaru said lowly.

"You have to take her away from InuYasha soon... Last night I heared him and Kikyo planing. Kikyo will be joining our group tomorrow and I think they plan to hurt Kagome... I was going to ask you... If you could join our group as well you know to protect Kagome." Sango said cautiously.

"Hn." Was all Sesshomaru said as he stood and walke around to sit against the tree and then picked Kagome up and sat her in his lap.