The now extended group traveled to a near by village for Kagome to rest and get cleaned up. When Kagome woke she remembered what happend earlier that morning and couldn't stop blushing. Sango walked over to Kagome who was still seated in Lord Sesshomaru's lap.

"Hey, Kagome... Maybe you would like to go to the springs and talk we can finally finish that discussion?" Sango said/asked hesitantly looking at Sesshomaru, who was the alpha male of the pack now, for approval.

"Ugh... Yeah that would be great Sango... Good idea." Kagome said as she tried getting up without having to look at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru growled, he was very displeased, his bitch wouldn't even look at him.

"Bitch, you will look at me." Sesshomaru growled out.

Kagome was shocked. She looked up at Sesshomaru with a slightly fearful look in her eyes, affraid that he was going to punish her for something.

Sesshomaru saw the slightly fearful look in Kagome's eyes and realized the discussion that Sango was talking about was the one he over heard about courting and mating rituals. It would explain alot his little mate didn't know how she was suppose to act around her alpha and mate.

He sighed, 'Great now I've made her fear being punished for something and she hasn't done anything wrong atleast not intentionally... The slayer will talk to her and clear things up.' Sesshomaru thought as he released his grip from around Kagome's waste. Kagome stayed as still as possible. She did NOT want to upset Sesshomaru more than he obviously already was.

Sesshomaru realized that Kagome was not getting up because she was affraid he would get angrier with her. Guilt stung his heart and he bent his neck to nuzzle Kagome's cheek to let her know she was in no trouble.

"You may go with the slayer Little One. She will help you understand. And I understand you are not accustom to the ways of dog demon matings so you will not be punished." Sesshomaru whispered softly in Kagome's ear.

"Ugh... Thank you Lord Sesshomaru..." Kagome said softly as she got up and gathered her bathing supplies.

Sango and Kagome headed out of the hut that they had been resting in and went to the hot spring not to far away.

^With Sesshomaru and the group^

"Hey, asshole? Why the fuck are you laying claims on Kagome? You don't like humans nor hanyous so why the fuck bother with that stupid bitch? All she'll do is produce hanyou... Unless of course you're just using her to warm your bed... Haha she is stupid enough she probably thinks you love her or something." InuYasha said and continued to laugh.

"I lay claims on MY miko because she is MINE to claim. I may not like MOST humans but Kagome and Rin are exceptions to that. I never said I hated hanyous. I just hate you and that viel halfling Naraku. And my mate is intellegent and you have no right to call her a bitch. She is MY bitch, MY alpha female, MY mate, and the soon to be mother of MY pups." Sesshomaru said icily.

"Whatever, you're wasting your time. Kagome is such a prude she wont put out for any one trust me Koga has tried." Inuyasha said.

"The wolf is of no importance to me." Sesshomaru said in a dead pan tone.

^With Kagome and Sango^

"Okay, Kagome first off we gotta finish talking about courting rituals!" Sango said excitedly.

"Okay well you're the sensai so teach me Sango-sensai!" Kagome said with a playful laugh.

"Hmmmm. Well you already know about the male taking care emotionally and physically so I guess its on to the female's role in the courting! Right well a female being courted by a dog demon is usually his bitch or alpha female or whatever pet name he gives his female." Sango paused to see if Kagome had any new questions.

"Well do dog demons use any kawaii kind of lovey dovey nicknames? I mean dogs are one of the most affectionate creatures right so wouldn't dog demons want to show their mates affection with an affectionate name?" Kagome asked.

"Yes some dog demons do use sweet affectionate pet names but I don't know for sure." Sango said looking slightly uncertain. Kagome and Sango sat in silence for a while so they could finish washing their hair.

After rinsing the shampoo from her hair Sango continued with what she was saying, "A female being courted by a dog demon must remember at all times the male is her ALPHA and as such she must look to him before accepting any requests, offering any help, leaving to do anything, even in battle she must ask her alpha if she may fight because a male especially an alpha male has a strong instinct to protect their female so they may not like it if their female fights. Do you have any questions about that?" Again Sango paused to see if Kagome had questions.

Kagome looked thoughtful then answered, "No, I don't have any questions yet. Please go on..." Kagome said with a smile.

Sango smiled back and then began again, "A female should NEVER ever be alone with any other males other than her alpha unless she is with her alpha. Do you understand so far?" Sango asked.

"Yes, I think so... Basically the reason Sesshomaru growled at me earlier was because I didn't ask his permission before I accepted your offer to bathe?" Kagome asked.

"Basically, yes. But also..." Sango paused and thought about how she was going to word what she was about to say without freaking Kagome out too much.

"But... But what Sango?" Kagome asked curiously wondering why her sister figure stopped mid sentence.

After a few minutes Sango finally said, "Sorry I was thinking of a way to say this without freaking you out." She paused again to take in a deep breath of air.

"Sango you don't have to worry! I'm not going to freak out and run away screaming or any thing... It would be nice if you would just TELL me why else he growled so that way I know what to do or NOT do next time." Kagome said as calmly as possible even though on the inside she was a little worried about why Sango was so worried about her reaction.

Sango began again, "It wasn't just because you didn't ask for his permission before accepting my offer. He also growled because you accepted an offer to bathe with some one that was NOT your alpha..." Kagome gasped and stopped Sango from continuing her sentence.

"Sango! Are you saying that... You and I are not allowed to bathe together any more?" Kagome asked with a sad voice and tears in her eyes.

Sango sighed... "Let me finish what I'm saying first okay. No, I'm not saying we CAN'T bathe together anymore. Next time we want to take a bath together or go on a walk or something like that just you and me... Well we would have to ask Sesshomaru because he is alpha male. Because you and I are lower ranking in the pack order..." Kagome cut Sango off mid sentence again.

"Sango what do you mean by pack order? What does that have to do with any thing?" Kagome asked with a curious glint in her eyes.

Sango sighed and then said, "Pack order... You know how wolves travel in packs?" Kagome stayed silent but nodded her head yes. "Well, most canines travel in packs, its pack family. It is extremely important for canine demons to have a pack, especially dog demons because they are very affectionate and fiercely loyal and social creatures they need a pack to stay happy, healthy, and sane. Without a pack a dog demon will go insane and will lose himself to his inner beast and it will go on a killing spree." Sango paused to dunk under water to rinse the conditioner out of her hair.

"Okay so what about pack order? What is that? I understand their NEED for a pack but what is pack order mean?" Kagome asked when Sango resurfaced.

"Pack order is how you rank everyone in the pack. For example in our pack Lord Sesshomaru is Alpha Male, you are the Alpha Female, Miroku is the Beta Male, I am the Beta Female. Any young that the alpha male and alpha female have are ranked as pups like Shippou and Rin because they are just children they are considered yours and Lord Sesshomaru's pups along with any other young you two may have." Sango stopped again to relax a bit and give Kagome time to understand the information she just gave her.

"Okay, I understand the pack thing and the ranks and what they mean. But why would we have to ask Sesshomaru if we can do stuff together just me and you? Just because we are ranked lower than him? That is messed up, we are grown women fully capable of doing whatever we want!" Kagome said furiously before she ducked under the water to rinse the conditioner from her hair.

Sango sighed... "Well it is the alpha MALE'S job to protect his pack. So if Lord Sesshomaru, our ALPHA MALE, decides it is not safe to take a walk in private then he will insist on coming along with us and assign Miroku and Jaken to protect the pups. Or he may not let us go at all because it is Sesshomaru's instinct to protect you, Kagome, because you are his chosen female his instincts will tell him to stay as close to you as possible to insure your safety. Unless the alpha male is away from the pack, then it is the alpha females job to protect the pack and make pack decisions. If the alpha male is away from the pack and the alpha female is unable to battle for example if she is injured or with child, then protection of the pack falls to the beta male and beta female. It is then their duty to protect all young and the alpha female until the alpha male returns." Sango paused to rinse her body of the Jasmine scented soap.

Sango continued her explanation after she resurfaced again, "Also we need to ask permission to bathe together because it is an alpha males job to bathe his female, especially during the courting rituals it is VERY important to help them bond. It is part of the protective/posessive instinct thing. Also it helps them bond its a private moment where the alpha male can let down his guard with his female and let her get to know him... It also helps the female learn to trust the male completely and helps the male show his self control when nude and in close proximity to the chosen female. It helps the female know that her alpha wont do anything she doesn't want him to do. It is also a time where the alpha male learns what his female is comfortable with." Sango explained.

"So pretty much... I have to ask Sesshomaru's permission to do ANY thing, I have to BATHE with Sesshomaru, I have to let Sesshomaru bathe ME... And during those baths he will do things to see how comfortable I am with them and to see how far I'm willing to go. I only got one question. Do I have to bathe him in return?" Kagome asked.

"No, no of course not it is the males place to bathe and dress the female. The females only job in the bathing process is to accept the males assistance and wear what he chooses." Sango said. Kagome looked thoughtful for a minute and then came to a realization.

"Okay so what if Sesshomaru decides I can't wear my modern clothes any more? I have no kimonos or miko garbs in my back pack." Kagome asked.

"Sesshomaru most likely already thought of that earlier... He did go out of the hut while you were resting and brought something back its in your back pack I think." Sango said as they got out of the spring.

Kagome wrapped a towel around her body and shuffled through her bag. There was a package and a pair of soft black slippers in her bag that she knew had to be from Sesshomaru. Kagome pulled the slippers out of her bag and placed them off to the side. Next she pulled out the package.

"I really don't know if I should open it Sango." Kagome said softly.

"You should, he probably put it in there so that way you would wear it." Sango said as she finished fastening her obi.

Kagome slowly unwrapped the package and gasped at what was inside. There laying in the plan brown paper wrapping was a gorgeous black silk kimono and a blood red obi. Kagome lifted the kimono out of the wrappings and took a closer look at it.

There were blue crescent moons on the obi and one on the right shoulder of the kimono. There were blood red paw prints along the bottom of the kimono and the sleeves. It was gorgeous and Kagome was unsure about wearing it.

"Its gorgeous Sango... I don't think I should wear it... I would hardly do it justice." Kagome said with a sad look in her eyes. There was a growl from the direction of the hut and Sango just KNEW Sesshomaru had heard Kagome.

"Kagome I suggest that you wear it. It would please your alpha greatly and thats what a female in the courting ritual is suppose to do... Please her alpha and be submissive to him to show her respect and appritiation to him." Sango said in a slightly urgent tone of voice.

"Okay, but only because... I..." Kagome stopped herself mid sentence blushing like crazy.

"I know Kagome you want to please your alpha as much as possible... Don't be embarrassed it is natural for the female to feel that way." Sango said with a gentle smile to reassure her friend.

"Thanks Sango." Kagome said as she looked through her bag for a bra and panty set. She couldn't find any of her undergarments not even the ones that she was wearing earlier, though she wouldn't have put them back on because of what happend earlier.

"Sango I can't find any of my bras or panties do you know what happend to them?" Kagome asked looking at Sango over her shoulder.

"I don't know. You should ask Lord Sesshomaru when you have a private moment with him." Sango said,

"Lets get you into that kimono shall we, My Lady?" Sango asked playfully.

"Of course! We should not have made My Lord wait for such a long period of time how disrespectful of me." Kagome replied back just as playfully.

"Hahaha good one Kags." Sango said as she helped tie Kagome's obi.

"Alright all dressed. Though I feel weird not wearing anything under this... I feel kinda exposed." Kagome said.

"Well for now it can't be helped lets head back to camp shall we?" Sango asked.

"We shall." Kagome replied in a playful manner.

Sango and Kagome started back toward camp in silence.

^With Sesshomaru and the group^

"God what the fuck is taking those wenches so fucking long?" InuYasha said impatiently.

"They are bathing, which takes time, something you InuYasha should do more often." Sesshomaru said with disgust in his voice.

"What the fu..." InuYasha stopped mid sentence. He was speechless. Kagome and Sango had just entered the hut, Kagome was laughing at something Sango had said and she looked like a true princess. "Wow..." InuYasha whispered outloud unintentionally.

Sango nudged Kagome and looked pointedly in Sesshomaru's direction. Kagome nodded and walked gracefully over to her alpha.

"My Lord." Kagome greated Sesshomaru with a curtsy.

"Little One, come and sit we are staying here for the evening and we shall head out to my castle in the morn to retrieve Rin and Jaken." Sesshomaru spoke softly. He had heared everything the slayer had told her and he was pleased though he knew that every so often the slayer and his mate would have to bathe together so they could bound and so the slayer could tell Kagome about the MATING rituals. Though he was not pleased with Kagome's thoughts on not doing the kimono justice, he would just have to talk to her about that later.

"Of course, if it pleases My Lord." Kagome said as respectfully as possible.

"Hey wench? Why don't you get dinner started already I'm starving." InuYasha asked rudely from his seat across the room leaning against the wall with Kikyo in his arms.

"That job does not pretain to her hanyou. Have your dead bitch prepare your meal." Sesshomaru said in a deadly tone.

"My Lord, if I may ask, may I be allowed to prepare the meal for Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Kilala and myself? And you of course My Lord if you wish to eat or just have some tea." Kagome asked softly from her place beside Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru nodded his head.

"You may prepare our pack a meal as is the alpha female's place to take care of her pack. However I will not be dinning tonight." Sesshomaru said and leaned down and nuzzled Kagome's cheek. Before pulling away he whispered, "You look beautiful in that kimono. I am pleased that you are acting accordingly. This Sesshomaru thanks you." Kagome blushed at the compliment and at the thanks Sesshomaru had given her.

"You're welcome My Lord." Kagome said softly.

"Kagome would you like some help preparing the meal?" Sango asked.

"If that pleases My Lord, I would be ever so greatful." Kagome said glancing at Sesshomaru for approval. Sesshomaru smirked and nodded his consent.

After dinner was served and everyone, except InuYasha, Kikyo, and Sesshomaru, had eaten everyone prepared for bed. Kagome went to lay down on her sleeping bag but was stopped by a warning look from Sango.

'Oh! Right have to ask permission duh! Stupid brain going to shut down mode already!' Kagome thought to herself as she went and kneeled down in front of Sesshomaru.

"My Lord, may I lay to rest for the evening?" Kagome asked in a soft tone Sesshomaru could hear the exhaustion in her voice.

"Yes, Little One, you may however you will be sleeping with me from now on." Sesshomaru said back sternly.

"Sleeping with you My Lord?" Kagome asked unsure of herself. Sesshomaru nodded then motioned for her to come to him.

"Yes sleeping with me." Sesshomaru said as he wrapped his tail around Kagome and set her in his lap. "Now sleep Little One." Kagome yawned and nodded her head softly.


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