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Kurt never felt this way before. It was like Magic the way Finn's fingers combed his hair. He always loved Finn and though that the feelings would never get stronger but his heart proved him wrong. He just sat in Finn's lap, letting the fingers continue to touch his head. The touch was just so tender and sweet. Finn took his other arm wrapped it around Kurt's body, holding it in place for he would move. Kurt was so small compared to him.

Finn was doing this and wondering, why? He couldn't help couldn't help the feelings that were raging through his body. His mind was spinning from all this confusion but just stayed calm on the outside because he knew that his new love interest was enjoying the comfort of his arms.

Kurt turned around so they were facing each other. They both showed no expression of love but inside of them was like fireworks exploding.

Kurt started to move in closer.

"Do you feel the same way as I do? Love and Magic?" He asked in a whisper. "Because I don't want to share my first actual kiss with someone who doesn't."

"I don't know." He said simply.

"You don't?" Kurt's expression went to sadness.

"This isn't right, I can't kiss you, you're a dude." He shook his head.

"Finn, forget about gender and focus on love right now. Do you Love me?"

"I don't know." Finn looked down at his lap. Kurt was very hurt from Finn's cluelessness, usually he loved Finn's clueless brain but now it was making him impatient and angry.

'Fine then," Kurt got off the ground and whipped himself off, "Tell me when you have figured them out."

Over the past few days, the two boys have ignored each other. Even in glee. They were both hoping for one of them to have the balls to go up to each other and talk about everything.

Then Finn couldn't stand it because he knew he loved Kurt but couldn't admit, he just couldn't. He couldn't stand hurting Kurt, he had to say something. He knew where he would be, in the choir room on the piano.

"Kurt." He knocked.

"Yes?" He asked while not looking up.

"I love you." He said in a whisper, Kurt stopped playing.

"Prove it." Finn walked over to Kurt, Kurt was facing him. Finn took Kurt's chin and lifted it. He bent his face down and closer to Kurt's, then their soft, warm lips met.

"I love you." Finn said again after their kiss was over.

"I love you too." Kurt replied, then the small talk ended when Kurt kissed Finn.