Notes: Well, here's my first Glee fic. I never planned on writing anything about Glee (and if I had, it would have been some Quinn/Puck fluff or something) But I found a challenge at some livejournal about something like "Getting to know Sam" and so I though I would give it a try. Each chapter will be conformed by five diferent drabbles centering on some aspect of Sam's character, his life, past and relationship with Kurt. Right now Sam's a very fun character to write about because you can basically start from zero, and I really hope you like my take on him. I would love to read more takes on Sam, so if anyone knows a good story, tell me!
I know than the actor for Sam has already been cast but...The Sam in my head is more like Sam Tsui (from youtube) The title of the story is taken of one of Sam's covers (You and I both, by Jason Mraz) I STRONGLY recomend everyone to listen to some of his covers (specially Firefies) he is simply AWESOME!

So...on with the story. Critics and coments are wellcome!

Dissclaimer: Own nothing. :(

You and I both

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me?
Oh, things are gonna happen naturally

1. He's that kind of guy, you know...

Sam has always been straightforward, and kind of honest (maybe a little too much) so when Finn points out which girls are free and which are not, he simply shrugs and says "I don't really swing that way."

Finn doesn't ask, and there are no notable changes as he keeps giving him a tour around the school, but Sam knows that he's been just a little too honest for a first meeting.

He considers explaining, but he's never been the one to explain himself to others, so he just let's it be.

He was going to find out sooner or later, anyway.

2. Looks like a picture on a magazine

His blond hair is not really that long, but it falls over his eyes and it's kind of annoying. His eyes are like a mix of blue and green, and they are so bright, they kind of sparkle. His skin is tanned and it makes him look like some kind of surfer. His lips are thin and always seem to be turned up on an almost-smile (because he smiles a lot)

As he sees him walk down the hall, chatting animatedly with Puck and Finn, Kurt can't help but think that, if it wasn't because he's actually there, that boy could have perfectly been photoshoped to look that way.

He's kind of gorgeous, actually. Not that Kurt's gonna say it out loud.

The only think Kurt doesn't like (hates, actually) is his clothing. He's wearing ragged jeans and a very old pair of converse (and Kurt thinks he should throw the whole outfit to the garbage and go shopping immediately) But the thing he hates the most is the fact that he's wearing a McKinley Football jacket.

He might me gorgeous, but Kurt decides that he hates him. (He's done being stepped on my jocks, anyway.)

3. And they said he'd never survive

When he came out of the closet, back at his old town, it hadn't been that big of a deal (except for that one thing that changed it all). His father had told him that he'd never survive highschool if he confessed he was gay.

But he did, it was inevitable.

He had to work harder (because no one takes a gay football player seriously if he's only good) So he spent hours practicing, running, training...He did everything that was necessary (including stuff he's not proud of at all) to be more than good. And then, more than better.

At the end, he became the best.

All of a sudden, it didn't matter that he was gay anymore. He was the football star, he was popular, and everything was fucking perfect.

When his father realized that thing was not going away, he kicked him out of his house and sent him to Lima to live with his mother.

So now, as the bleachers roar in excitement at McKinley's first victory of the season ( first one in decades, too) and he's praised and congratulated and adored, a satisfied smile grows on his lips.

His father was wrong. He survived.

4. Incredible but true

"'re a dude" Puck says, staring at him with a shocked expression plastered on his face.

Finn takes a long drink from his coke and nods, staring at Sam like he's just realized something really incredible "You don't know, gay, like, at all"

Sam laughs and takes a bite of his hamburger (the food at the school cafeteria is not that good, but he doesn't really care)

"I might be gay, but I'm still a fucking guy"

He's very much a guy, actually; he likes sports, he likes to hit people, he sleeps around, he's bad-mouthed, his idea of fashion is limited to jeans, t-shirt and converses, he likes video games and action movies, he's uncomplicated and pretty simple and...well, he's a dude (as Puck would say)

Finn and Puck nod in understanding, but they're still staring at Sam like he's park of a newly discovered species.

5. But it's not really a secret

The first time they talk, Kurt is being almost thrown into a container by Karofsky and Azimio, and Sam is simply having a bad day, so he starts a fight (with both) that ends with the two bullies in the infirmary and Kurt tending to Sam's black eye and broken lip in the boy's bathroom.

It's a little awkward and Kurt can't help but feel shivers up his spine every time his hands brush Sam's cheek as he cleans the blood of his lip.

"It's my first black eye at this school" Sam says, smiling at him (he looks all proud and manly) and it almost makes Kurt swoon.

He doesn't hate Sam anymore, because now he knows he has a chance.

Sam doesn't tell him, but Finn's not really good at keeping secrets and Kurt already knows.

It wasn't a secret, but after seeing what those guys (from the football team, what's really fucked up) were about to do to the (apparently) only other gay kid of the school, Sam decides that now it is.