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Summary: You would never know it, but Draco Malfoy is extremely ticklish. As you can guess, he doesn't often enjoy being ambushed - except when he can turn the game around.

Tickling Seduction

Hermione crept silently behind him as he read the noticeboard, looking through the glass at the posters for upcoming parties and play rehearsals. She held back a snicker as she moved in for the kill, hands poised to tickle as she took another step, and another.

Her squeal echoed in the empty corridor as Draco caught her, spinning them so that she was pressed up against the board. Trapped by his body, she could feel the wooden frame digging into her back. It took her a second to wipe the wide-eyed shock and surprise from her face, before she finally caught his seductive smirk.

"Glass reflects things, you know." He informed her snidely, nodding at the display behind her. She breathed out a choked laugh, the feeling of his hard body pressed so fully against her own sending buzzing bolts of lightening shooting through her nerves. She shuddered in pleasure as his cool, peppermint breath washed over her face.

"Of course - how silly of me to forget." She whispered, enraptured by his amnazing, hypnotizing saphire eyes. His smirk grew as he lifted one hand to brush a stray strand of hair from her face and she leaned into his touch, her eyelids fluttering closed.

"So - still trying to tickle me when I strictly told you not to?" He murmered, dipping his head to nibble gently on her earlobe. Despite her sharp intake of breath at the sudden pleasure, he knew his comment had brought on her defiant side - the side that didn't care what anybody told her and was determined to win every argument.

"Of course," he could hear the smirk in her voice, "since when have I obeyed any of your instructions?" He chuckled quietly, his lips making their way to her neck as he pushed her shirt collar away from her shoulder - she wasn't lying. She much preferred to do things her own way, and he definately not complaining. Although he knew there was also a part of her that loved to be dominated, told what to do - to be trapped, like he had her now. He knew the coil in her stomach tightened every time he pushed himself further against her, ploughing her further into the board.

"Ah, but I did warn you. I told you you would be punished."

He pulled back from her neck to see her smirking up him, her eyes sparking mischeivously. She squeezed her arms out from between them, wrapping them around his neck before twisting them back around so that she was in control, pushing him against the board instead. She lifted her face to kiss him lightly on the lips, teasing, pulling away as he tried to deepen it.

"I'm afraid you'll have to catch me first." She challenged in a seductive whisper. Before Draco had even had a chance to comprehend what he had said, she had sprinted off down the corriodor. It took him a second to register everything before a predatory grin spread accross his face and he gave chase, leaping eagerly after her.