Author's Note: Just some Inception drabbles using the 100 themes list (In no particular order I might add). Mostly involving Eames, Arthur and Ariadne, the three best characters in my opinion C: Disclaimer = I'm not Chris Nolan, which also means some of these may not make sense :/


The world around Arthur sprung up from the ground in dramatic spurts of twisting tree trunks and tropical flowers. He marveled at his ability to create. He had always longed for a place like this: a deep, dark and secluded place to call his own. He had always treasured his alone time. But he was not alone. Standing behind him, watching his handiwork appraisingly were two men, both about ten years his senior. The shorter one was Dominic Cobb, the so-called leader of the ragtag operation, and the one who had whisked Arthur away from his small school in Connecticut to the quickly growing jungle they were standing in now. To Cobb's right was Eames, whom Arthur had only met about ten minutes previously. Arthur was trying to ignore the men as he built his world; he was trying to ignore just about everything. He didn't see that Eames was smirking a little, and Cobb looked mildly concerned.

"We ought to tell him to stop changing things," Cobb said without much conviction. "They're starting to circle." He gestured to the dozens of eyes glowing through the thick underbrush. Flashes of spotted fur could be seen occasionally as the leopards of Eames' subconscious zoned in on the invader.

"Best way to learn is the hard way," Eames said cheerily. "I do rather like what he's done with the place though. I always imagined my inner self being rather catlike," He made a clawing motion with his hand as one of his projections let out a menacing growl.

Arthur still hadn't noticed the immediate danger, as he was concentrating very hard on one particular tree, the biggest one in the forest. He was making it oddly symmetrical and orderly, although he couldn't figure out why it looked strange. Squinting at it as it rose into the disappearing sky, he didn't even notice as a large spotted beast lunged at him from behind.

Arthur woke up with a start, his heart racing. The last thing he remembered was a severe pain, and he ran his hands over his shoulders to make sure there weren't really huge gashes on them. In the chaise beside him, Eames was laughing uproariously. Arthur glared at him. He could already tell he wasn't going to like the Brit.

"What the hell was that?" He asked sulkily, ripping the wires from his wrist.

"That, my friend," Eames said with a grin, "Was a rookie mistake."