Hey, I know this is pure fluff and really not in keeping with the most amazing movie since the proposal :P but I really really love A/A and really think they deserve a bit of fluff ;)


He looked over his shoulder and put back on his sunglasses, now confident no one was following him he continued into the shop. It had been a month he shouldn't still be so paranoid. And yet he was still half expecting to see someone behind him. London was buzzing, and the last place he wanted to be in was a busy shopping mall, but his suits were in short supply. He was focused on his goal, as he always was, even if it was just a shopping trip. But just as he passed this particular shop something caught his eye. He didn't know how it managed to stop him, normally it took a lot more. But this had somehow stopped him. Made him drop his focus. That little scrap of green and orange material had made him drop his goal. He smiled and went into the shop before he even realised what he was doing. It was perfect, she would love it, it was just the kind she'd like. He picked it up and took it over to the counter handing over his card he didn't take his eyes off the tassled scarf. The sales assistant folded it carefully and boxed it for him. He was outside the shop before it even hit him what he'd done. He'd just bought the scarf without even thinking about it. He hadn't seen her since the job. He hadn't even spoken to her, and yet hed automatically just bought her a present. He sighed and left the mall, completely forgetting his suits.


He was sitting in his new apartment staring at the box that was still sitting on his table three weeks on when his phone rang.

"Hello." He said slowly.

"Arthur it's good to hear your voice." Cobb said down the phone.

"If it isnt the number one father of the year. How are you keeping."

"fantasic. I didn't even realise just how much I missed them." He smiled, he could even hear the weight that had lifted from his boss and friend by his voice.

"So you are still at home?"

"Yes. You still looking over youre shoulder every where you go."

"You can never be too careful."

"And what country are you being to careful in?"

"London. I just moved into a new place. I'm settling a bit."

"By youreself?"

"Of course, why would you ask that."

"Well I just though you and Ariadne might have met up by now."

"By now? I wasn't under the impression we were meeting up at all."

"Don't lie to me Authur. I saw what happened when you met her. You changed around her. I think you actually smiled more then once a month. And Eames saw the kiss in your dream."

"That was nothing. Just a tactic to make us less obvious to the projections."

"You know just as well as I do that that would never have worked."

"It was… worth a shot." He smiled at the familiar words.

"Ok, ok what ever you say. James and Philippa would love to see you, you have to come over some time. Eames is in Washington so you could make a trip of it."

"Maybe. I'll give it another few weeks."

"I'll let you go. Stay safe. Try to stop looking over your shoulder."

"Being a dad has made you soft." He laughed.

"it's a change im happy to have made."

"Talk to you soon Cobb."

"Oh and Ariadne is gone back to school. Just thought I'd tell you."

"Bye." He said hanging up the phone. He shook his head. Dom was wrong. There had been nothing between him and her. He hadnt changed. And he certainly hadnt become some smiling lunatic.


He sat in the back of the large room looking down as the crowd dwindled. He had got off a plane less then two hours ago, on his way back from visiting Cobb. He hated when Dom was right. He saw her stand up and pack her bag. Her hair slightly longer after the five months. She was wearing her lilac scarf. He loved that one. The majority of the class had left so he stood up and walked down the steps to her.

"That was a very interesting class. A bit went over my head I'll admit but the bits I got were interesting." He said. She turned slowly, completely shocked at the sound of his voice.

"Arthur." She whispered then cleared her throat. "Why are you here? Have we another job? I thought we all said six months." She said not able to look him in the eye.

"No no job. I just…" he stopped, then she looked up. "You know I've never been nervous before. Not like this. Never! Cobb told me I've changed. I smile more. And you know what he's right I do." He stopped again. She didn't know what to say to that. So she just said

"Why are you here Arthur." She said, once again looking down.

"I wanted to give you this." He siad holding out a black box. She took it silently and took off the lid. She gasped slightly.

"It's gorgeous Arthur. Thank you." She smiled.

"Ok heres the thing. I'm probably too old for you to begin with. Then theres our line of work. You saw how things went for Dom and Mal. I don't want to do anything stupid. And I've thought so hard about when we go back to work that we keep it strictly professional but I don't think I can. So I came here today almost hoping that you'd tell me you didn't feel like I do. That you havent been thinking about me every single day like I have about you." He stopped and took a breath.

"I don't think I've ever heard you say so much at the one time." She smiled.

"I don't think I ever have." He laughed. She took the scarf out of the box and taking off the other one wrapped it around her neck.

"You're right." She said simply.

"You've been thinking about me to?" he asked quietly,

"No, you are too old for me." She grinned "six year is a pretty huge gap…" he grinned then and in one swift movement pulled her towards him and kissed her. This one was completely different to the last. And after a few mindblowing minutes Ariadne managed to say

"Was it?"

"What?" he asked.

"Worth a shot." He kissed her again.