"Ari this is gorgeous! You have to get it!" Hera said pulling something small and red off the rack.

"Hera never in a hundred years would I wear that." Her sister looked back down at the dress.

"That's true. Maybe I'll get it." she smiled. "Perhaps Arthur will like it" she winked.

Ariadne almost dropped the scarf she was holding.


"Well that got you back into the room." she laughed.

"Sorry I'm just slightly distracted." she sighed.

"Uh do you ever stop thinking about work? How does he even put up with you." she rolled her eyes.

"No it's not that..." she stopped "Never mind." she knew she couldn't tell her sister what's on her mind; she loved her but Hera's still Hera.

"You have to tell me now!" she put all the clothes back.

"I can't." her little sister crossed her arms.

"Addy I know what you think of me but you haven't seen me in two years! You can trust me!"

Ariadne looked at her. Could that be possible?

"What's wrong with you Ariadne?"

"I'm late..." she whispered.


"I mean I have been before with the stress of exams and work but it's never coincided with a time where I could be..."

"Pregnant." Hera finished.

"And I'm..." Ariadne stopped, she couldn't say what else was on her mind. Not when her sister was being so good. "...worried."

Hera dropped everything "Right let's go."


"You know what it mightn't be that bad if you are." Hera said outside the door of the cubicle. "I mean you're qualified, working, you even have your own place! You're pretty set! And that Arthur he'll look after you." This sent Ariadne back into her own head, to the other thing troubling her lately. The suspicion that Arthur was cheating. Or was going to leave her soon. She knew it was awful to suspect her boyfriend of that but she couldn't help it. Eames had told her long ago about Arthur's past love life, or should she say past one life stand life. He'd had so many different glamorous women in and out of his life, it had always made her wonder how he hadn't gotten bored of her. And now here had the perfect woman waltzed in. Glamorous, feminine and tall. The female version of Ari her uncle had always joked. Hera was pretty perfect for Arthur, and it had made Ariadne paranoid. He was cancelling lunch's telling her he was staying over at Eames' she couldn't help but worry.

"Ari! You're killing me here!" she snapped back into focus at the sound of her sisters voice.

She looked down at the stick in her hands. Then slowly wrapped it in tissue and binned it. Her eyes watered slightly. She opened the door and walked out.


"False alarm." She said slowly.

"Then why are you crying!"

"I don't know I think the idea just settled into my head."

"you mean you want a..." she stopped.

"Baby?" she finished. "I don't know I haven't really thought about it"

"well at least now you have time to think about it now."


"Come on Ice-cream!" she took her arm and they left the bathroom.


"It's gorgeous. She will love it." Eames said seriously for once.

"It is gorgeous." Cobb nodded.

"It would want to be I flew to London for it!" Arthur laughed.

"Where did you tell her you were."

"Staying with Eames." He shrugged.

"Well she'll believe that she knows you hate staying with me and the kids."

"They just get up so early." Arthur sighed!

"Kids do that!" Cobb laughed.

"I don't know how you do it!" he shook his head.

"So you're going through with this cheesy idea." Eames interrupted.

"I plan to yes."

"i wouldn't expect anything less tacky from you Artie boy."

"Oh stop that. This will mean something to her."

"Do we want to know."

"When i followed her to Paris last year i brought this exact scarf. I'd bought it in London with out even realising what i was doing considering i hadn't seen her in months. She'll love it."

"Tacky!" Eames whispered


Ari sat on the couch with her legs curled up under her. Hera had left a good hour ago but she hadn't budged from that spot. She was pondering. This little scare had made her think. What was going to happen with her and Arthur. Would they always stay as they were now. Living together and that was it. Or did he want kids, did he want anything more. Was that a bit too much to expect when he'd already changed so much for her. Or had he. She really didn't have anything conclusive to accuse him of doing anything! He'd never given her proper reason, it was just here believing that he couldn't love her. That she didn't deserve him. Just then the door unlocked and he walked in.

"Ari?" he called out.

"I'm right here. " she said quietly.

"Why are you in the dark?"

"Just thinking." She smiled as he sat down beside her. How could she doubt him. He'd been nothing but amazing to her.

"Me to. I have a confession to make." He said opening his jacket. "I wasn't with Eames last night." She froze.


"i was in London."

"London?" she sat up.

"I had to get something."

"In London!"

"Well yes it was very important." He said as he pulled out a black box and handed it to her.

"what's this..." she opened it. "oh... but Arthur this is the scarf you got me when you came to Paris."

"Actually it's a fresh one. Exactly the same but this one comes with something extra." He said his face still deadly serious. She gave him a look and pulled it out only for something to fall back into the box. She looked down to find a silver ring lying on the box.

"Arthur!" she gasped.

"Ari marry me." He said simply.

"In your dreams" she grinned slipping it on her finger.


"Of course."