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Merlin could feel the soft breeze rustling the grass around him, and as he opened his eyes to the star-strewn sky, a familiar voice called his name.

"Yes, sire?" he replied, turning his head to the figure on his right.

Arthur made an irritated noise. "How many times have I told you that you can ignore the formalities when we're alone?"

"I'm sorry, Arthur," Merlin said, and sat up. "What were you going to tell me?"

"I was about to say-"

But Merlin never got to hear what Arthur was about to tell him. A sudden pounding on his bedroom door woke him, and Gaius's warnings of the stocks if he was late to Arthur's chambers (again) brought Merlin back into the real world. He gave a groan of annoyance before getting out of bed.

For the past few months Merlin's been having the same dream every night- he and Arthur laying under the stars, Arthur about to tell him something of importance, and then Merlin would always be woken up by Gaius, or the sounds of the people bustling about in the city, or, God forbid, Arthur himself. He had been caught several times by the prince when he was trying to grab a quick nap between chores, and Arthur hadn't been very forgiving…

Merlin knew he had feelings for the future king of Camelot, feelings a servant shouldn't be having for his master. But those feelings were there, and they were driving him insane.

Arthur was an arrogant, pompous clot pole, and Merlin loved him more than anyone or anything in the entire world.

And these dreams were making it even more difficult to disguise his love for Arthur. If only the dream would progress, maybe that would give him some closure.

If only…

"Late again, Merlin?" Arthur asked before Merlin even had the chance to close the door.

"I'm sorry, sire," he replied.

Arthur sighed. "No matter. Just help me get dressed."

Merlin quickly scampered over to Arthur's wardrobe, knowing exactly which clothes the prince would wear. Rumors were that there would be negotiations between Camelot and one of the surrounding kingdoms, details of which Merlin knew nothing about.

Merlin tried to keep his face passive as he dressed Arthur, not wanting to show how he marveled at the prince's body. How he wished to run his hands over the hard planes of Arthur's chest, how he wanted those muscular arms to be wrapped around him, how he wanted those lips-

"Merlin!" Arthur growled, pulling his servant back from his thoughts. "Are you even listening to me?"

Merlin gulped. "Um…"

"I take that as a 'no.'" Arthur ran his hands over his face. "I just said to have my horse re-shoed for the hunting trip."

"Hunting trip?" Merlin asked before he could even stop himself.

Arthur looked blankly at him. "You really don't pay any attention to me at all, do you?" Arthur asked angrily.

If you only knew, Merlin thought.

"In a few days some of the knights and I are going to travel to some of the further woodland areas of the kingdom. There've been several reports that the deer population is up and that it's destroying crops."

Merlin vaguely remembered Arthur telling him this the other week, while Arthur was taking a bath. Oh, that's why he didn't remember…

"So can you do that, or will I have to get a new manservant who is actually competent?"

"I'll do it, sire," Merlin answered, his face a little red.

Arthur nodded and left his chambers, unknowingly leaving a heartsick Merlin.

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