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Two weeks after his brush with death, Merlin was back to working for Arthur, although the prince didn't order him around like he used to, seeing that Merlin favored his injured side. The stab wound had healed up, but Gaius had instructed Merlin to take care.

Arthur hadn't mentioned what he had confessed to Merlin by his bedside, nor had he mentioned anything about the attack. Merlin knew it was better not to pry.

Then one evening when Merlin was retiring to his room, Arthur appeared in front of him.

"Come with me," he ordered.

When Merlin hesitated, Arthur grabbed his arm gently. "Unless you want to spend the rest of the week in the stocks, come with me."

Merlin gave a defeated sigh and Arthur let go of his arm. Merlin followed him out to the stables, where two horses were waiting.

"Arthur-?" Merlin began to ask where they were going, but the look on Arthur's face told him to shut up. They mounted their horses and Arthur led Merlin into the woods, eventually leading him to a small clearing. Arthur dismounted, and Merlin followed suit, though a bit slowly since his side was beginning to ache. When he turned to face Arthur, he saw the sympathetic look on the prince's face.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Sometimes," Merlin said, walking over to Arthur. "Why are we here?" He looked around the small, grassy clearing. There was something familiar about this place…

"Because we have something important to discuss, and if we're here then no one will over hear us."

"What do we need to talk about?" Merlin asked hesitantly, fear beginning to flood through him.

"Since when have you been a sorcerer, Merlin?" Arthur asked.

Merlin's brain shut down. He stood in front of the prince, speechless.

"I heard you incant something when we were cornered. I saw that man fly backward. I'm not an idiot, Merlin. How long did you think you could hide this from me?" Arthur was angry.

Merlin looked at the ground. "I was born like this, Arthur. I didn't study magic; it wasn't taught to me."

Arthur scoffed. "That's impossible."

"It's true!" Now Merlin was upset. "I've been moving things with my mind since before I could talk!"

Arthur studied Merlin closely. "You told me once that I could always trust your word."

"I'm giving you my word, Arthur. I was born like this."

"Okay. I believe you." Arthur's eyes met his. "Now why didn't you tell me before?"

"How could I?" Merlin asked. "Your father has made damn sure that people like me are killed."

"That's true, but I'm not my father, Merlin."

Merlin looked at him questioningly.

"I won't tell anyone," Arthur said quietly, resting his hand on Merlin's shoulder. "You're the most loyal friend I've ever had, and if you're a sorcerer…Well, I almost lost you once. I couldn't bear losing you for good, especially if I could prevent it."

"Thank you, Arthur," Merlin said, and in his emotional whirlwind he got the urge to throw his arms around Arthur's neck and kiss him. A light breeze blew around them, tousling Arthur's hair, and that's when Merlin realized that this was the place from his dream. He couldn't believe that it was real. And if there was one thing he learned from his dreams, it was to always take every chance you got.

So Merlin leaned in and kissed Arthur's lips.

Merlin could feel Arthur's surprise, and he was about to pull away when he felt two hands on either side of his face, holding him to the prince's lips. Arthur kissed him back eagerly, and Merlin wanted to cry with happiness. Arthur was fine with Merlin having magic (and was going to protect him from Uther) and he was kissing Merlin back!

When the two broke the kiss, breathing heavily, foreheads touching, Arthur dropped his hands down and held Merlin's hands in his. "I love you, Merlin," he breathed, and if the clearing hadn't been completely silent, Merlin might not have heard those words.

"I love you, Arthur," Merlin replied, and he still couldn't believe that his dream had actually come true.

Arthur gave him a small smile and suggested they get back to Camelot. Before Merlin rode away from the clearing, he chanced a glance at the sky, and he saw the bright stars winking down at him, as if telling him, Any dream can become a reality.

The End

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