Okay guys, I'm trying something new with this story that I usually don't do with others. I hope that the new way that I'm writing this story won't through you guys off. Well I hope you guys like and don't forget to leave me some feedback~!


Such an insanity inducing smell!

It's so sweet and desirable; yet intoxicating.

I only smell that scent when I'm with her.

The sweet aroma reminds me of pineapples, which strikes me as odd.

It seems that not a hint of sourness taints her smell, which makes it all the more inviting.

No, her scent is pure and alluring…

But these thoughts of mine are quite wrong.

I shouldn't think this way about someone like her and I'm sure if she knew what went through my mind she would be horrified.

Damn it!

How do you expect me to not be tempted by such an addicting scent?

God, the smell makes me so weak and dazed!

I have to find some control because these thoughts are wrong…sick even!

Though as much as I want to lock these thoughts away, it seems one question stays on my mind.

When that question enters my mind I can only wonder…

"Does she tastes as good as she smells?"