This will be from Rin's point of view now, so have fun reading guys~

I Won't Tell

I would never tell him, that's what I always promised myself...well until yesterday. The way he looked at me, the way his blue eyes wandered up and down my naked body. Oh god! What is wrong with me? I was probably seeing more than I thought. Ugh! I was just imagining things. He would never look at me that way, her was Len, the normal twin. I, on the other hand, am the sick and twisted one...

...This was going to be an awkward morning...

I woke up and stretched, not noticing that I had actually rose before the alarm...well before I looked at it away. It was odd to be up a hour and a half earlier than usual, but I found that I wasn't tired. I got out of bed, my feet touching the cool wooden floor as I did so. I felt myself flinch slightly, but I quickly became used to the coolness. I heard the light footfalls as I walked through the hall, the light from the kitchen streaming through and leaving shapes on the polished floor. I adjusted the waist of my pajama pants as I entered the bright kitchen, the morning sunlight bathing the room in a warm yellow.

I smiled slightly, wondering what my purpose was for entering the room. Personally I had no idea why I was in feet just carried me there.


I looked up to see my brother in the kitchen doorway, his blue eyes a mix of confusion and fatigue. He looked at me as he rubbed his eye in a child-like fashion, his mouth set in a small frown. The thoughts about how cute and adorable he was started to flood my mind, the feeling of a smile tugging at my lips. He looked up at me and his cheeks colored slightly, which cause him to stop rubbing his eyes.

"Hey, stop staring at me like that, it's creepy. Sometimes I think you like me or something."

My mouth fell into a flat line, showing feigned disgust. "Why would anyone like you, dork?"

"Ouch," Len winced. "That was harsh Nee-chan!"

I rolled my eyes, though in truth, I wanted to apologized to him right then and there. I turned away, knowing that I couldn't. Len could never know how I felt about him, we were twins after all. Twins could never share the same love as everyone else because we shared blood. If I would tell him how I felt he would hate me. Or even if I was to be so lucky as to have those feelings returned...what would people think of us? Would they think we were abominations...scum?

"Rin, what are you doing up so early?"

I blinked, breaking away from my thoughts at the sound of my brother's sleepy voice. I turned to him and smiled, my eyes closed in an innocent fashion. I always would smile like this when I was about to lie; I could never bring myself to look at such a beautiful person and do such a thing. So to fool myself, I would always close my eyes so that I could act as if I was lying to someone else, though that still didn't help much.

"I was going to make some has been a while."

Len nodded, "Ah, I guess so..that's nice of you."

I waved my hand before I strolled over to the cabinets and started to pull out ingredients. "Ha, It was the least I could do..."

I felt a hand on my should as I set all of the items down on the counter, a feeling of warmth spreading throughout my body. I turned my head slightly, catching a glimpse of my brother's charming smile.

"Could I help you," he asked softly.

A genuine smile graced my lips as I nodded, "Sure, why not?"

"So what are we making," I could hear the happiness in his voice as he asked that.

I put a finger up to my chin and feigned thought, "How about some pancakes, eggs and bacon? Sound good?"

"Yeah, that sounds good."

"Okay, what are you going to cook?"

"The pancakes!"

"Are you sure?"


"Um...okay then...I don't want burnt rounds Len-kun, pancakes..."

Len glared at me, flicking my forehead. I made a face to show my disaproval and then returned to what I was doing, which was a mix between staring out the window and mixing the eggs. Not paying any attention, I reach for something on the counter, my hand brushing across Len's. My eyes shot to our touching hands, my cheeks growing hot. Our eyes locked for the moment, the desire to kiss him tugging at my brain. I shook my head though, ignoring the dark disire that swirled in my heart.

I retracted my hand quickly, my eyes trying to find something else to focus on. Thoughts flooded my mind that were all dirty and perverted. My cheek grew hotter as the images floated through my mind, my body trembling slightly.


I felt my brother's gaze upon me, feeling the silent worry that started to build up within them. I didn't look up though, my eyes on the things in front of me.

"I'm fine, I just felt a chill..."


"Watch thoses Pancakes Len-kun! I mean it when I say I don't want them burned!"

The scuffling of my brother's hastened steps filled the kitchen as he ran over to the stove to save the cooking pancakes. I looked up then, a frown on my face as I looked at his back.

For that moment, I almost slipped...I almost did something that I should have. I almost told him how I felt. In that moment...I could have destroyed everything we had with just one simple action.

I promised myself that I wouldn't tell...but this promise is a difficult one to keep.