I'm a fighter not a lover

Chapter 1

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Note: This story is no longer set in 1921.

As I skipped into the foyer I saw my parents exchange a worried glance. I could instantly tell that there was something going on, a secret that they had been keeping from me. I had been at school most of the day taking down the decorations from Graduation. I had finally finished school, but typically, still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life. The only thing I was sure of was that I needed to get out of the little town of Forks. I've lived here my whole life, but still don't feel like I fit in.

My happy mood deflated as I realised that something strange was going on with my parents. They seemed nervous and scared. My eyes skimmed across the room, trying to find what my parents were acting so strange about.

Then I saw him, a boy not much older than myself stood next to them. He was tall, with bronze hair, pale skin and a chiselled face. I couldn't help but wonder what such a handsome boy was doing in my house. Then he looked up and I was frozen by a pair of startling emerald green eyes. I couldn't will my eyes to move from his as we stared deep into each other's eyes.

"Isabella," my mother, Renee, said. The sound of her voice made me break contact with the boy's eyes. "This is Edward Cullen."

Then it all came back to me, the situation I had been put in that I had tried so hard to forget about. I had pushed it to the recesses of my mind. Even though I had tried so hard to forget, I should have remembered he would be here today.

I felt the tears start to defiantly run down my face. I saw looks of confusion and worry cross everyone's faces right before I sprinted up to my room. Behind me I could hear my parents yelling my name after me, but I didn't see the point in listening to them when they were sending me away like this. It's not like they had even given me a choice, and sure I could back out if I really had to, but...what if this is a good thing? I mean I would live with a wealthy family and be taken care of for the rest of my life.

I leapt onto my bed, landing facedown and just lay there, trying to plan my next move in this complicated game my parents seemed to be playing. I only had a few options; protest and be taken out kicking and screaming, probably not the best idea. I could try talking them out of it which will probably not work. Then there's the option of running away, but they would find me eventually or I would run out of places to hide. Or I could just go.

I could go with Edward to his lavish lifestyle and just spend the rest of my life as a duchess, married to Edward Cullen, duke of Volterra. No romance, just marriage and a life of being controlled. I guess it is my only option anyway and it will happen eventually no matter what I do. Then an idea hit me, what if I had fun with this arranged marriage thing? What if I made Edward hate me, loathe me even? To the point where he will call off the plans and I will be free of the life my parents have planned for me without my say.

I could still feel the warm tears dripping down my face as I heard a soft knock on the door. Assuming it was my mother I yelled rudely for her to come in. I soon realised my mistake when Edward walked into the room chuckling softly at my blatant rudeness. I glared at him and watched smugly as his laughter came to an abrupt stop.

"Bella, listen, I know how you feel I-"he started to say, but I was quick to interrupt his attempt at a heart-to-heart.

"Don't even try that, Edward. We both know that you have no idea what I'm going through. You may think that you can relate your life to mine, but the truth is your life is the polar opposite of mine and the only way you can make me feel any better is by calling off this stupid marria-"

This time he was the one interrupting me, "You know you're not the only one that's being forced into this. I'd give just about anything to not have to get married, especially to someone like you, and I'm doing you a favour by letting you marry me. You're going to instantly have a title and be able to do whatever the hell you want while I have to attend all of the meetings and keep everything how the King wants it."

I knew this was true, but he also knew that I had never wanted this life I was being given. I had always been independent, even as a child. I didn't want to have to conform to the rules and specific ways they set, I want freedom. To be able to be my own person and do as I please, not sit around only doing activities and hobbies that are deemed appropriate by somebody else.

"While that may be true, we both know that this is not what I want for my life. I don't want to sit around doing nothing when I could be making a life for myself. Let alone marry a man whom I barely know just because our parents think it is a good idea. I want to finally be free of them, not living a life that they have chosen for me."

He attempted to interrupt me, but I kept on going. "At least you don't have to move away from everyone and everything you've ever known. I have to leave all of my friends, my family and the town I've grown up in. So don't start trying to tell me how hard you have it, because you're at least used to living this kind of life and you get to just keep living the same way you always have with a few tiny changes."

"You think getting married is a tiny change? Call me old fashioned, but I've always seen marriage as a very big thing to happen in life. I've always wanted to marry someone that I love or not get married at all, apparently my family don't feel the same way and neither do you. You see Bella, I don't want to marry you; I have to."

"What do you mean you have to? They can't force you. I mean you could easily just leave or refuse or just do something to stop this," I replied, now infuriated.

"You're wrong Bella, I do have to. If I don't then – never mind, just please try to understand that I don't have a choice here either. At least they chose you and not some blonde bimbo only after my family's money," a small smile was now spreading across his face. Soon I was smiling back at him, though I still didn't quite understand why he refused to tell me why this had to happen.

Maybe this could work...who am I kidding I barely know him and he's just a poncy ass rich kid who has all the money he could possibly want and has always lived that way. He probably has his own mansion or maybe even an island. He's probably only marrying me so that he can have access to his trust fund and inheritance. Ideas of why he had to go along with marrying me flew through my mind as I begun to pack my bag.

Edward stood by the door, watching, waiting, and observing every move I made. I felt my cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment at the feel of his watchful eyes. Then I realised I had no idea what I was supposed to pack. "Edward, what am I supposed to bring?" I asked curiously.

"Whatever you would like, though I know for a fact that Alice is going to take measurements and ask a lot of questions as soon as you get to the house. Then of course she'll go to every store possible to order in clothes until Jasper is able to convince her to stop. She's got a wee bit of a shopping addiction. So I'd suggest that you hide any clothes that you'd like to keep and comply with whatever Alice says."

I stared at him in shock. When I was finally able to speak I asked," Who's Alice? Who's Jasper? And why must I be put through torture like that?"

He smiled crookedly at me and I could feel my heart melt as I stared at him. No! I am not falling for his good looks and charm. "Alice is my sister and Jasper is her husband. Then there's my brother Emmett and his wife Rosalie. Alice is an over excited pixie who seems to have a never ending supply of energy and loves to shop for other people. So since you will be marry- um living with us she has decided to get you a new wardrobe. She did the same thing with Rosalie, except Rose actually enjoyed it and went shopping with her. You on the other hand, don't seem like the shopping spree type."

I laughed at his description of his sister, "She sure sounds interesting. So were Rosalie and Jasper arranged to be married with Emmett and Alice? I don't mean to sound rude or anything I was just wondering since-"

"It's fine Bella, really. None of them had arranged marriages; they fell in love with each other. Emmett and Rose took a bit of time to realise it, but for Alice and Jasper it was love at first sight. I was just unlucky enough to have not found someone by a certain age," he replied now looking very somber.

It felt like a slap in the face. His words hurt, even if he didn't mean them to. I could now see what he sees me as; a misfortune, something that he was unlucky enough to have forced upon him. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and quickly rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

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