I'm a fighter not a lover

Chapter 4

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"Oh great so you're going to turn out worse than what I see you as now, because I sure as hell don't believe that you're going to turn into 'Prince Charming'."


Angry tears slipped down my cheeks, dripping like a steady rain onto my t-shirt. I hated fighting with him, but I had to. I had to make myself loathe him. It was the only way to get out of this stupid agreement and the only way not to fall for his charm. No matter how much it hurts, I have to convince him that I hate him, even if it's not true. Even if I fall for him I can't let him know.

I stood, trying to calm myself and stop the tears. I moved to the mirror, and started to wash away the tears, making myself look more presentable and put together. I stared at myself in the mirror, I wasn't anything special; just your average girl. So how did I end up here? With a freaking Prince in my house? Maybe this is all a dream, some stupid fantasy that's wildly swirling into a nightmare.

I straightened my clothes, fluffed my hair, made sure the tears were all gone and walked with an air of confidence to the bathroom door. I took a deep breath, then pulled the door open. Edward apparently hadn't been expecting that, as he had been leaning on the door. He was now lying on the floor beneath my feet. At first he looked shocked, but then a smirk started to appear on his face. Why the hell was he smiling?

"Nice undies," now I understood his smirk. I jumped backwards, but being my clumsy self, of course, my foot collided with Edward's face. My hands flew to my mouth in shock, as he screamed out in pain. I was speechless. As much as I wanted to apologise, it was really his own fault for peeping up my skirt.

Profanities continued to fly out of Edward's mouth, and that's when it clicked. This was the beginning of what I needed to do. I already knew that I had to be mean, but I hadn't yet realised just how I was going to go about it, until now that is. A plan had hatched in my brain. Operation: Make war not love.

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