Ariadne lay on the bed in her hotel room idly flicking the chess piece over watching as it clattered on the bedside table before picking it up and tipping it once more. She still couldn't get over what she had just been involved in. The things she had seen in the last few months. Everything she thought could never exist really did. And one thing she never thought existed but deep down she always knew did was the feelings she held towards a certain point man.

She closed her eyes and imagined him lying next to her arms wrapped around her tightly as if to shield her from everything that could harm her. But she was so emotionally exhausted that even that hurt her head. She wanted to get up to make herself a coffee but she was physically drained as well as emotionally therefore she surrendered herself to the duvet's closing her eyes and trying to aim her thought towards Arthur.

Ariadne hoped that if she could fall asleep thinking of him that she would be able to dream. Dream of the two of them, having a life together, growing old together but her thoughts on that track abruptly ended when she remembered what happened with Mal and Cobb. She involuntarily shivered at the thought of the woman who killed her once in her dream.

Sighing she rubbed her tired eyes willing the woman's face out of her thoughts but there was no such look. Whatever she would think Mal would appear standing from a distance. She knew she could never hurt her anymore, she was dead, Ariadne had shot her herself but still she stayed watching the younger woman's every movement. Shaking the visions from her head she opened her eyes and stared up at the plain ceiling.

She hadn't realized how much she cared for Arthur until he was gone. Out of the country and out of her life. Her heart ached dully as she thought of his face. A face she figured she would never see again. Maybe I wouldn't have fallen like this if he hadn't have asked me to kiss him? She pondered running a hand through her brown hair.

Ariadne remembered that kiss vividly. She remembered how she didn't even hesitate as he asked her to kiss him and she kissed his lips which were surprisingly soft without a second thought. She didn't want to pull away from him and it took every bit of her will power to move away from the man who held so much power over her. Not that he intentionally did so. They were on a job and that was the main focus. But she knew he had felt the spark that ignited between them as their lips brushed together gently as if they were molded to fit each other's.

'It was worth a shot' he grinned afterwards and she couldn't help but smile at his charm. So he had intended it, not just to draw attention to them. He had wanted to kiss her. But was it worth it, her hopes soared but right now they were drastically falling back down.

A knock at the door shook her out of her reverie and she slowly dragged herself off of the bed her body and head throbbing in the process. Groaning lightly she moved her hair out of her face and slowly opened the door. Standing there was one of the waiters who in his hand sat a large silver plate with a small square letter addressed to her folded on it.

"This is for you miss" he said graciously handing her the letter and with a final smile he turned on his heel and walked away dropping the plate under his arm. She watched him go and finally shut the door. She leaned back against it wondering who would write to her, and how they knew where she was.

Rubbing her temples lightly she walked back over to the bed and sat down on the edge pulling a neatly folded bit of paper out of the envelope. Opening it she was net with neat handwriting.


Cobb said we couldn't see each other for at least a month as it is still dangerous. But that doesn't mean I can't write to you now does it. It feels as if I've known you my entire life but I guess that's what being in a dream world for such a long time does to you. We are all lucky to escape the inception with our lives, and if it wasn't for you and your genius mazes and incredible courage to follow Cobb down to limbo then I doubt I would be writing to you and you wouldn't be reading this letter.

I just want to let you know that I'll never be that far away from you, as we speak I'm only down the road but I'm not going to say where because it could cause a lot of trouble if I did. As soon as the month is over we will meet face to face whether you like it or not because I simply need to see you. There's no harm in taking you out for a few drinks and a meal I hope.

The next few weeks are going to be hard and they are going to be lonely but I know without a shadow of a doubt you'll get through it. Your work is impeccable as is your mind and that is what gives you your strength. Your dreams will begin to fade and eventually you will stop dreaming completely and as hard as a realization like that is you will dream again. Except in these dreams you have the power to control everything inside it. The hunger for a dream is intense and you'll be feeling as if you've been weaned off heroin. But you have to fight it at least for this month until I can see that you truly are fine.

But for now lets just take this one letter at a time shall we.

Yours always Ariadne,

Arthur x

A dopey grin fell across her face as she clutched the letter tightly in her fist. Her heart was racing and she re read it once more his comforting words soothing her every worry and easing the pain she was feeling. And she thought about her earlier question. Was it really worth it?.

But after this letter she knew it was. Every atom of her knew that in the end they would meet again. One letter at a time.

So I loved inception and I thought it was such a remarkable film that I just had to write this :D hope you all enjoyed guys. Seriously thought these two were so good together and I had to get this fic off my chest so if you liked guys please review the inspiration keeps me going x