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She awoke the next morning feeling fresher then she had any other day. After the letter she had received last night Ariadne had began to look at things a lot more positively. Everything he had said in the letter was true. She was lonely. She couldn't dream anymore, the only thing that came to her in her sleep was Mal. And she wished that what happened in the dream world could become reality. But the letter made her realize. Anything is possible because it was a dream.

Leaning over she placed her thumb above her totem and flicked it over. The small clink of it on the hard wood reassured her that everything was real. These letters were real. Arthur was near and it wasn't all part of her subconscious.

She smiled widely as she remembered his words. The things he had advised her, the things he had felt as well. It showed her that she was not alone and she never would be. She studied her totem as she continued to push it over. Just to make sure. Her thoughts then lingered to the man who had made her feel like this. She wondered if he was doing the same thing. Throwing his die back and forth checking to see if this was all reality. More then likely yes she thought to herself as she stretched her arms above her head. This was Arthur we were talking about.

Arthur was sat down in the hotel restaurant sipping at the glass of orange juice he had in his hand. The other was pressed deeply in his pocket as he rolled his die between his fingers feeling the exact weight of the totem. I hope she's realized what the dream world can do to people if you get to attached to it he thought to himself as his mind wandered to the letter he had given to her yesterday.

He let his thoughts rest on the Architect. She was the only person who knew these things now. Not once had he ever said how he felt to anyone. But to her it seemed perfectly natural, it was as if she was put on this world for him, to be someone that he can confide in. He knew he was a recluse and that he hardly had a life but he was hoping that now that would all change with her close to him.

He was counting down the days till they could finally meet face to face. Sure he saw her face everyday but this would be different. He could read her face and touch it with his hands and his mouth. He could stare infinitely into her brown eyes and just lose himself in the woman who had so quickly captured his heart. He could breathe in the sweet scent of her hair as he held her tightly to him keeping himself and her sane as they trudged on through their wondrous lives in dreams and reality.

His thoughts then lingered to Cobb and Mal. Their love was so strong that they even made a life with each other in their dreams thinking that it would last forever. But sooner or later, you have to wake up. And when they did Mal was gone in the mind. It had drove her insane. The one thing that frightened him about himself and Ariadne is that it could so easily happen to the two of them. And he never wanted anything like that to happen to Ariadne.

He shuddered at the thought. How can I compare Ariadne and Mal, they're two completely different people he reassured himself shaking the French woman's face from his head and instead focusing on the Architect.

His body was aching for her. Every atom of him screamed for him to just run up to her room and take her in his arms to make sure she was okay and safe. But his ever so sharp and professional mind told him otherwise. He knew how dangerous it was and he was not going to put her in anymore danger then she was. No he knew in the long run this wait would all be worth it.

She was stood alone in the dark. Spinning around she could see nothing but blackness in every direction. But there was something there, something whispering to her. She narrowed her eyes as she continued to spin on the spot wondering what was there waiting for her in the darkness. But she soon found out as a familiar woman stepped forward.

"Mal" she said her voice barely above a whisper as the woman appeared in front of her dress in the sultry black dress hat she had worn in Limbo. "What are you doing here" she said her voice breaking slightly. How did she get here, she was dead?.

"You took him from me" she said simply as she circled Ariadne like a vulture. Ariadne froze at these words. She followed the womans movements trying not to show how scared she really was but she knew it was pointless because Mal knew anyway.

"No he left because he realized what was important" Ariadne said back bravely trying to muster up all the power into her voice that she could. The woman completely petrified her. There was something about her look, about her voice which screamed danger.

"No you shot me and told him to leave me which he did" Mal said her voice slightly more sharper with this.

"You killed me first" Ariadne said back knowing which was worse. "And Dom did what was right for him and for your kids, you couldn't trap him there because he's better then that and he finally came to realize that you were gone" Ariadne said back her voice harder then before. She wasn't about to let this woman walk all over.

"Because of you, you invaded his mind and turned him against me, it's all your fault" Mal screamed and with that she pulled out the gun that was behind her and shot. Ariadne only had a split second before she felt the shot hit her chest.

She shot up in bed sweat lacing her brow. Her heart was pounding and it felt as if it was going to explode out of her chest. It was just a dream, it was just a dream she kept repeating to herself like a mantra. She gripped a hold of her bishop hard and flicked it over watching as it fell. It was just a dream she mumbled once more before flicking the light that was beside her on.

Rubbing the back of her neck she arose and went to the kitchen area of the hotel and began to boil the kettle. Opening the fridge she pulled out an apple and bit into it. She drummed her fingers impatiently on the surfaces as she waited for the kettle to finish boiling and as soon as it did she made herself a hot cup of tea.

Picking it up she walked back over to the bed and placed it down beside her before dropping her head into her hands. It was just a dream.

Arthur watched from his window as he saw the light flick on. What was she doing awake at this hour of the morning he thought moving himself closer to it. He could see her hurry over to the kitchen and he could just about register the fear on her face as she did. His heart sank and he could have sworn he had felt what she had.

Finally after a few minutes she reappeared and was perched at the end of her bed head in her hands sobbing silently to herself. His heart began to tug and he could feel his legs trying to run over to her hotel but he stopped himself. He could only watch helplessly as her shoulders slowly shook as sobs racked her frame.

His eyes glazed over a little as he watched the girl break down in her room. He wished he could be there to hold her and to reassure her and to protect her from the horrors that were plaguing her sleep. But he knew he couldn't. Not just yet.

After around ten minutes she wiped away the tears from her face and made her way over to the window and pulled the net back to look down at the street below. He took a step back so she would not be able to see him opposite her. He smiled to himself as he took in her appearance. Her hair was completely tousled and she wore a grey pair of sweat pants and a yellow tank top.

Ariadne scanned the street below which was completely deserted. Her eyes then wandered to the hotel in front of her and she looked at the room opposite her's. Narrowing her eyes she could have sworn she could see someone in the window watching her. Just your imagination she said to herself before letting the net slip back to it's place and she settled back into her bed hesitantly praying that Mal would not return that night.

Arthur let out the breath he didn't know he had been holding. His heart had stopped and his breath hitched when his eyes caught her's and although she couldn't see him he could see her and he couldn't help but have the wind knocked out of him. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth and he ran an anxious hand through his hair. Would the wait be worth. Definietly.

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