Hello~ IsidarXeloss here after a long death period... This one-shot was supposed to be part of a four part Infinite Undiscovery Valentine's Day contest on deviantART. Unfortunately, this was the only part that got finished since my computer died.

Supposedly, the order was supposed to be:

First Victims: Touma and Komachi

Second Victims: Capell and Aya

Third Victims: Christopher and Seraphina

Fourth Victims: Edward and Kalia

NOTE: For those who read my writing, you should know that Kalia is my OC in 'The Legendary.' The beginning takes place from Kalia's point of view. The rest is third person.

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Valentine's Day in Halgita
What kind of chaos is the kind that strikes members of the Liberation Force?
All kinds. But apparently, once upon Valentine's Day in Halgita
The kind of chaos that struck our dedicated fighters was
Romantic Chaos.

Chaos of Romance Strikes!-:
First Victims: Touma and Komachi

"Komachi!" Michelle cried, throwing her hands up in exaggerated exasperation.
"Yes?" The younger girl asked timidly, taken aback by the brunette's sudden outburst. Well, if you thought about it, the outburst wasn't too sudden; It was only natural for one girl out of a group on Valentine's Day to get insanely frustrated when another girl was insanely panicking about her crush . . . right?
Aya stood between Komachi and Michelle, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. "Komachi, relax. You too, Michelle." Aya cast a quick glance at the healer beside her and continued, "Touma will love your present." The princess smiled reassuringly at the anxious girl.
"Are you sure? I guess you can never be fully sure . . ." Komachi continued to fuss on.

Dominica, Seraphina, and I, Kalia, sat quietly. Rucha, Aya, Komachi, Michelle . . . they were up and at it, arguing and comforting about crushes and such. Well, aside from Rucha, who was just pleasantly cheering each girl on with a bright grin.
Dominica sat with crossed arms and an amused expression plastered on her face. I knew what she was thinking.
'Young love . . . Interesting to see how worked up it gets people - more in specific, girls.' I rolled my eyes at the thought.
Seraphina was just being her regular, peaceful self. Despite the calm composure she was putting up, she too, was tense with anxiety, I could tell.
Then there was me; A very, berry bored Kalia. I thought Valentine's Day was a waste of time – but don't get me wrong; That opinion was reserved for myself. In truth, to me, Valentine's Day was a nice chance at gaining the love from your crush. But I was the unromantic me. I was only half entertained when Michelle had some witty remarks every so often in their, dare I say, banter-of-romance.

"Miss Komachi, you should just stop stalling already." Michelle commented as politely as possible, which was not all too polite.
"Michelle has a point. Just go and give him the gift!" Aya chimed.
"Yeah! Touma likes you. Just go, go, go and give, give, give!" Rucha giggled and looked at Komachi with childishly reassuring carmine eyes.

With a sigh that was inaudible through the commotion, I blinked and stretched.
"Just get out there, hunt that boy down, and give him the gift. Touma's a little . . . clueless to even his own feelings, but maybe your actions will trigger something." I murmured with an oblique smirk.

The pretty, dark-haired girl only blinked at me as everyone's attention shifted to me.

"Now that, honey, is the most brilliant reasoning I've heard today!" Michelle exclaimed, clapping her hands together.
I shrugged, still smirking. "Eh, you get a lot of time to come up with some smart-ass reason when you sit through an hour long debate."
Aya rolled her eyes and Dominica grinned at me . . . and the princess' annoyance.

Komachi shifted her weight from one foot to the other uneasily. "Are you . . . sure?" She fidgeted. Again.
I slammed one hand down on the table next to me and pushed myself up off the chair. "Komachi," I placed my hands on the fifteen year old's slightly trembling shoulders. "I'm sure as I've ever been. Now," I turned her so she faced the door, "Go out that door, search for a certain silver-haired Aristo, say happy Valentine's Day, and give him the damn present." I said cheerfully, removing my hands from her shoulders.

And it started with one small step.
"You can do it Komachi!" Rucha shouted, punching a fist in the air.
Another step.
"Good luck!" Aya clapped her hands together.
Another step . . . there was one more until she reached the door.
"Halt." Michelle stepped in front of the girl. She quickly scanned her attire up and down. The brunette tucked several loose strands of hair behind Komachi's ear and nodded.
"Have fun!" She saluted and stepped out of her way.

With renewed confidence and a smile, Komachi pushed open the door and she was gone. Silence overtook the room for a moment.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back with a few different boys on her arm." Dominica was the one to break the silence.
All eyes turned on her; Aquamarine (Aya), chocolate (Michelle), ruby (Rucha), ice blue (Seraphina), and onyx (Me, Kalia).
"Huh?" Aya's tone was filled with something beyond confusion.
"Say what!" Rucha contributed.
"Explain, Miss Michelle." Dominica tilted her head towards the brunette in a beckoning manner.
The brown-eyed girl cleared her throat. "She means that, like all of us, Komachi is looking awfully nice today and will probably attract a crowd of men." She clarified and fluffed her hair.
I groaned inwardly. This was so girly. They were talking about crushes, looks, and romance. Well, the romance part I wouldn't have been so aggravated about if they weren't stressing. Yet somehow, I'd been talked into dressing for the occasion.
'Black, collared, cropped shrug – the kind that ended above the cleavage, a black and bright red lace corset, matching ruffle-layered mini skirt, knee-high black socks, red, two-inch platform lolita shoes, red ribbon tied around my right wrist.' I sat back down and heaved a heavy sigh. I actually had no clue how I had been convinced into wearing this, and that was irritating.
Everyone else was, of course, in a different attire. Aya had kept the same design and colors; Red, pink, white, and gold detail. Instead of the usual beautiful, blue crystal hanging from her golden choker, a gorgeous ruby hung in place.
Michelle wore a shorter version of her regular dress which was adorned with small rose buds in shades of coral, scarlet, and white. For the first time in the history of us knowing each other, she opted to let her hair hang loose in soft, chestnut and amber waves.
Komachi had dressed up in a knee-length kimono. From the top it started as a sapphire blue, then faded into a violent, then a baby pink at the bottom. There was white sakura petal pattern printed on the silk fabric, and she matched the outfit with geta. Simple, but still pretty.
Dominica and Seraphina remained in their usual.

I sighed. "Aya: Dressed for Capell. Komachi: Dressed for Touma. Seraphina: Not dressed up for Christopher. Dominica: Not dressed up for anyone in specific. Michelle: Dressed for her own pleasure?" I reported to no one in particular. I averted my gaze downwards at my hand placed on the table and studied my nails.
"Kalia: Dressed for Edward the Gentleman." Michelle chimed teasingly.
At the words, I immediately pushed myself up again. "I am not!" I cried defensively.
The older girl arched an eyebrow, glancing at me up and down. "Really?"
"Yes, really." I replied as blankly and possible, but a hint of tension remained.
"Then why are you looking so particularly elegant today?" The brunette sounded smug in her supposed triumph.
My eye twitched in aggravation. "You, Aya, Komachi, and Rucha put me up to it."
"Oh, whatever!" Michelle, Aya, and Rucha groaned in unison.

Komachi had wandered through Halgita partially self-conscious. She had been gazed at by many strangers, and the compliments of the kind, old women weren't exactly helping. Her confidence was already depleting . . . Somehow.
After little more searching the young ninja spotted the silver haired Aristo at the blacksmith's. Clutching the package tightly Komachi tried not to hurry over to the boy.

"Lord Touma! Good afternoon." She greeted him politely with the usual respectful title.
"Ah, Komachi, good afternoon." His voice was gentle and he had his calm composure, like always, and smiled at the girl.
Hearts were racing as one started towards one another, and when they were two feet apart, they stopped moving and beamed at each other.
"A-ahm . . . H-Happy Valentine's Day, L-Lord Touma." Komachi stuttered nervously. With shaky hands, she held out the package to the young Aristo.
Although his heart was beating so hard it was about to rip out of his chest, Touma smiled and accepted the gift. "Thank you, and happy Valentine's Day to you too, Komachi."
He took her hand in his, pulled something out, and gently placed it in her hand.
She blushed furiously as her mind began to melt. The bliss was almost too much to bare.

She gazed down at the item in her hands: A gorgeous rose of the most brilliant red. Wrapped around the stem was a piece of paper that read in neat letters "Read this."
Casting a quick questioning glance at him, she began to remove the paper.
'Komachi: Thank you for always being by my side, and happy Valentine's Day. Will you stay by me forever?'
She gasped quietly as she looked back up at him, jaw hanging. Upon seeing his lips drawn into such a sweet smile, she closed her mouth immediately before any drool was to spill out. The sweetness of him was just melting her into a puddle of Oradian Honey. First her brain, her heart, now just her as a whole. She was embraced by pure mirth. She was enchanted.

She flung herself onto the Aristo in not just a hug, but a glomp. "Yes! I'll stand by your side for eternity."
He wrapped his arms around her, and they stood like that for several minutes. In their worlds, they were the only two that existed. They were blocking out all passing Halgita residents' stares.
"So when will you open my present, Lord Touma?" Komachi asked, pulling away.
"I can open it over lunch." He grinned and clasped his hand in hers.
They began to walk to where the silver-haired boy was guiding her to, and she fell into a dreamy state.
Her love's words pulled her out of it for a moment.
"Oh, and no need to be so formal, Komachi. Touma is fine."

I swear that this was horribly corny... Yeah... Failboat writing, I know that.


-Cuppucaku Hime