Naru was putting her hair up in a ponytail when Sakura walked over and stopped in front of her and crossed her arms, her expression dark as she held out a hand and said, "The pearls... I want them. Now."

Naru dropped her arms to her sides and then got up off of her sleeping bag and slapped Sakura's hand away. She was just about tired of the pinkettes bitchy attitude.

Stepping into Sakura's personal space Naru let her temper show as she practically spat, "Just because you act like a gold digging whore who likes to think she's better than everyone else- doesn't mean that you are. The pearls were a gift to me so back the fuck off before I break your face."

You could have heard a pin drop a mile away. Everything was silent aside from the buzzing sound in Naru's ears as Sakura gave her a wide eyed look, but still didn't back down. Behind Naru, Haku dropped his sleeping bag and moved to intervene since it looked like Sakura had suddenly gotten in over her head with Naru.

If there was one of the few things that people could say about the girl it was that while she may not have a lot of money, or much of anything of value- when she got her hands on something that was of value, she never let it go.

"Now you listen to me you little gutter rat-" Sakura started when Naru's hand lashed out, striking her across the face as she hissed as she grabbed a handfull of Sakura's pink hair and pulled the whole handfull out with a jerk.

"Bitch!" She yelled as she dropped the hair in her hands only to replace it with another handfull and start pulling again. Sakura screamed in pain and fury and tackled Naru to the ground and started to punch her wherever she could. But her blows had little effect on Naru.

If anything it only served to piss her off more as she grabbed Sakura's wrist to keep her from hitting her then reached up with her other hand and raked her fingernails down Sakura's face. "Get off of me you mother fucking toad!" Naru screamed as she reared back to punch Sakura next.

Only to have her weight suddenly pulled off of her by Sauske and Haku. Both of whom looked pissed.

"Naru-" Haku started as he let Sauske take hold of Sakura in an effort to get her away from his friend. Sakura screamed and stamped her foot several times as she glared at Naru, her face was bloody and if Naru's nails were as sharp as Haku always bitched about- the the pinkette would likely be scarred. The thought of scarring her after pulling her hair out by the roots, nearly made Naru smirk.

Sakura continued to scream and bitch, even in Sauske's grasp until finally Sauske lost his temper and smacked her on the side of the head and shouted at her to shut the fuck up before turning to Haku and Naru and asking if Naru was okay. She nodded her head as Sauske turned back to Sakura and told her to pack up her shit- he was taking her back into town since she couldn't behave.


Kakashi finished dressing in some of his dad's old clothes, a nice button down sky blue shirt with long sleeves and a pair of jeans that felt just a bit tight. Then he put on his boots and picked up a mirror and looked at himself.

His father must be laughing his ass off in his grave right now.

But this was what had to be done. If he wanted his companion to stay with him then he would have to approach her not as a wild man, but as a normal man. "Dad, if you and mom are watching up there- help me not to ruin this... Please."