Huh? Sam questioned eyeing the stereo in their house; He grabbed one of Dean's tapes and popped it in blasting the music through the small house.

He was home alone for at least two days and he was making the best of it. It was so loud he was sure the only neighbor two miles away would be able to hear it but he didn't care.

It was so loud he didn't hear the faint noise of somebody picking the lock or somebody rummaging through their house, or the sound of somebody cocking the gun behind him, but when he turned around that was all he could hear. Shit.


"Hey Dad you think Sam is alright" Dean asked worriedly"

"He is 15 he can handle himself stop worrying"

"Fine" Dean sighed still not satisfied, picking up the phone to dial their phone number.

It rang three times till Sam answered it.



Sam sat there the music still blaring with a gun pointed at this face, Shit.

Then the phone rang you could hear it even through the music.

" Who is it? " Asked the man holding the gun.

" My brother" Sam said masking all emotions from his voice and face.

" Answer it and tell him your fine but your going to bed if you don't you wont like the end result you hear me?" The man asked making it sound like a question but not actually wanting an answer.

" Hello"


" Hey Sam just checking in on you – is that my Music are you listening to my music"

" Yeah but I'm going to bed soon so I will turn it off"

" If you lose one " Dean warned but with no real threat in his voice.

" I wont see here I'm turning it off now," Sam said as he switched off the music Gun following his moves.

" So your fine?"

" Yes I am fine but I tired so goodnight"

" Goodnight bitch"


And with that the phone call ended Sam's only way out ended.

Sam stood their watching the man but also eyeing the knife that he had hidden nearly two feet away under the pillow.

Could I make it in time he thought looking back at the man who stood in front of him.

" What do you want? " Sam questioned realizing that he had no clue who or what this guy wanted.

" Nothing much, Just you "

Fuck he thought why did it always have to be somebody who was trained or at least knew about him and his family about hunters.

" Why "

" John Winchester, Revenge I guess you could call it but I like to call it justice, you see 2 years ago John came to my town for one of his hunts but he was a little to late and the Damn thing whatever the hell it was killed my Daughter my only Daughter. So I figured why not make him suffer the way I did"

" Then why are you just standing there why haven't you killed me yes come on kill me now" Sam said as he saw the surprised expression on his face as same pretended to be circling him but only moved closer to the hidden knife.

" Silly I don't want to kill you I want to make him suffer, that's why I am going to cause you pain but I am not going to kill you, I want to see johns face when he realized this is his fault."

Sam grabbed for the knife and raised his hands only to drop them once more when he heard a shot rand out, he glanced at where the pain in his arm was and there it was a bullet whole with blood steadily spilling form the wound on to the floor.

The knife dropped to the floor with a clink Sam stood there watching as his blood formed a pool on the ground, that was a lot of blood he knew he was going to collapse when another shot rang out and hit him in the leg forcing him to collapse. On the way down he had hit his back on the Shelf and the phone fell with him.

The man ran out leaving a bleeding Sam on the floor.

Sam gasped he was dying he thought he saw the phone, Not hesitating he dialed 911 Dean would take to long to get there.

" 911 Operator what's your emergency" Came a woman's voice from the other end of the line.

" H-help" Sam managed to say before passing out.

Sam awoke to sirens in the distance but they became slowly louder giving him a headache.

He was barely awake when he was put in the ambulance on the gurney, or when he was being wheeled into the hospital.

Or when he swore he heard the doctor say to a colleague that he wasn't sure if he would make it and to find his family.

John was flipping through the channels in the crappy motel room when Dean yelled

" Hold on go back"

Without making a comment the turned back to the channel and all blood drained from his face.

The two Winchesters listened in silence to the news.

" A 15 year old boy is left in Serious condition after a robbery goes wrong here is Bill reporting live from the house" The lady on the TV said before the screen was suddenly switched to a man in his late 30's standing in front of the Winchesters house behind him.

" Thank you, Tonight a tragedy occurred, a 15 year old boy was shot twice while he was home alone and surprised by a burglar, though he did not go down without a fight police say that there was a hunting knife on the floor from which it looked as if the Boy had tried to defend himself. The young man is now currently in ICU at West Virginia hospital."

John and Dean were already half way out the door before the news reporter had finished his sentence.

The engines rumbled down the street as the two pushed their foot down harder on the gas pedal.

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