" W-what" was all John managed to spit out, did something happen to Sam, he was more than a little confused.

" Yeah Dad I did but look it's a little hard to explain over the phone so can you just meet me at the hospital"? Dean asked more demanding than asking but at this point he couldn't care less about his fathers rants,

" I'm on my way" John said while shutting the door to his truck.

The two said their goodbyes and hung up their phones.


**Hospital **

Dean sighed

He was sitting next to Sam's bed holding his kid brothers hand waiting for the meds to wear off so he would wake up. As if Sam had read Dean's mind Sam started to stir in the small hospital bed.

"Sammy"? Dean asked.


"Yeah hey buddy I'm right here" He reassured

" W-water"

Dean grabbed the water and let Sam have a drink, all in one swift motion.

" Better"?

" Yeah thanks, I'm sorry Dean, I wanted to tell you I did-" Sam was cut off by his crying that he no longer had control over as his body shook in rhythm with his cries.

"No it doesn't matter anymore you're here with me and that is all that I care about, your alive Sammy" Dean cooed his brother while holding him in the small stiff hospital bed"

" Your not m-mad" Sam said getting his breathing under control.

" No of course not"

That is how John had found them when he arrived at the hospital, Dean holding Sam in his arms in the small hospital bed. He knew that this family could get through anything if they could get through this.

Wait a minute John thought. I thought Sam was dead what the hell is going on "DEAN!"

Dean woke up to his fathers yelling, "Dad"?

"Dean care to explain how Sam is alive" John said fighting back tears.

"Well here's what happened…." The next two hours there was explaining tears hugs and many silent promises made, though they went through hell and back but they knew they would be just fine.


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