Hot Off The Press

Break Your Heart

221, 222, 223, 224, 225...

Why couldn't they just put an elevator in this place? It's not like we don't get enough exercise just running back and forth from classes.

226, 227, 228, 229, 230...

And did they really have to make the rooms so far apart? It's five in the morning. I don't want to be wandering around campus like a lost kitten, I want to be in my new room sleeping.

231, 232...

Here it is. Room 233.

I let out a relieved sigh. It took at least two hours of walking to find this room. Now it was time to face the real challenge; Getting into the room.

I could just knock, but what if my roommate was one of those deep sleepers and didn't wake up? Or worse, what if she was the type who got mad when someone woke her up?

Either way, I was getting into that room. Nothing would stand in my way.

I knocked softly on the door. No answer. I knocked again, more roughly this time. The sound of light footsteps in the room caught my attention. I pressed my ear against the door.

The footsteps came closer to the door, and then, without any warning at all, the solid oak door slammed open. The side of my head that had been pressed against the door was hit full force, and a blue bruise was beginning to form below my eye. Damn. First day of school, and I'm aready being used for target practice.

"Omygosh! Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" I tilted my head up to see who said that. To my surprise, a girl with long blonde hair hovered above me, looking both worried and apologetic.

"Hello? Can you hear me? Do you need ice?" She asked, her ocean blue eyes focusing on the bruise on my cheek. It was throbbing like hell.

"Yeah, ice would be great. By the way, who are you?" I asked. My cheek was beginning to swell, and it was making it hard to talk normally.

"Okay, hold one, I'll go to the nurse. Oh, and I'm Ino Yamanaka. Sorry I hit you with the door." She said. Ino ran off before I could say anything else, and I pushed myself up and dragged my bags into room 233. This is going to be a long year.

"So what's your name?" Ino asked me once she came back from the nurse. I had already explained to her that I was her new roomate, and tranferred here from Hidden Mist Academy.

I blushed, realizing I should've told her this a while ago. "Sakura Haruno. Nice to meet you." I smiled.

Ino grinned back at me. "So why did you transfer?" She asked, curiously eyeing my simple black luggage bags.

"My parents wanted me to. They said I needed to 'branch out' and make more friends. I guess they were just worried about me." I said carefully.

"Did you have trouble making friends at your old school? Wow, I'd just dieif I didn't have my friends!" Ino exclaimed.

"No, at least, I don't think I did. But my parents thought I needed a change, I am." I shrugged. She didn't need to know all the details.

"Oh." Ino nodded, and a comfortable silence filled the room. "Well, I need my beauty sleep if I'm going to be presentable for the first day of school, so good night."

I nodded to her as she padded over to her side of the room, which included a bed, make-up smeared vanity, and a lamp.

Ino snuggled back into her light blue bed sheets. After about ten minutes, I decided it was safe to put on my pajamas and take in my new dorm room. It was furnished just like a hotel suite; The carpet was plush and champagne colored, the walls were painted a soft ivory, a bed was snuggled into each side of the room, and cozy gold/brown sheets lay untouched on top of each bed. It looked clean and crisp, as if a maid came in and cleaned it daily.

Knowing this place, it was without a doubt possible.

The blaring of Ino's alarm clock woke me up at 5 a.m. the next morning.

"I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart! I'm only gonna-"

"Ino!" I interrupted her off-tune sing-a-long with the radio.

"Yes?" She asked, looking at me innocently. It took all my strength not to murder her then and there.

"Could you, maybe, be a little quieter?" I asked sweetly.

Ino grinned at me. "Nope!" she chirped.

"Why not?" I asked through gritted teeth. How dare this girl interrupt my slumber.

"Because it's time to get up!" she said happily. "You'll want to get a head start on your make-up and hair on your first day."

I checked my digital clock. 5:04. "Who needs two hours to get ready for school?" I asked incredulously.

Ino looked at me as if I had just told her I was an undercover ninja who could lift boulders and could heal people with chakra. "Who doesn't?" she asked seriously.

I gave up after that. I'd need some extra time to find my classes anyway.

I climbed out of bed and grabbed my shower basket. It held my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, exc. and made my way to the girl's showers.

The bathroom was much like the dormrooms in design. It had six large showers and toilet stalls, and all of it was either gold, brown, ivory, or champagne colored. Even the toilet paper.

I stripped off my clothes and left them under a towel I had grabbed from a cart (there must be a maid around pushing that. I was right). There was nobody else in the bathroom because of how early it was. That was good. I didn't like being around starngers.

Maybe they had a writing club here, I thought while I showered. Even better if they had a school newspaper. I'd been the editor and detective journalist back at my old school. But not alot of people wanted to join the paper, so maybe it was different here.

I emerged from the shower ten minutes later smelling like strawberry body wash (Suave Kids. Don't judge me unless you hate strawberries with a passion) and Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner.

Grabbing my brush and hair tie out of my suitcase, I noticed how out of place my simple lugage bag looked in the posh bathroom. I really hoped this place wasn't full of snobs. I'd never survive.

Carefully brushing my long pink hair until all the knots were out, I took out my hair tie and pulled it into a loose ponytail. I left my bangs out and let them frame my face. This is how I did my hair every morning, there was just no point leaving it down when it would just get in my face and bother me.

Back in the room, Ino was busy putting on ten pound of make-up. I wondered if that weighed her face down, but wasn't stupid enough to ask.

I went over the suitcase I had packed my clothes in pulled out a pair of worn jeans, my favorite belt (white fabric), and a light green T-shirt.

Throwing on the outfit, I noticed Ino had stopped layering on make-up and was (oh-so-rudely) staring at me. "What?" I asked.

"Is that what you're wearing on the first day of school?" I rolled my eyes. Ino was such a girl.

"Yes it is, oh stylish one." I told her. Then looked around for my white converse. I had brought them, right?

Ino didn't reply, and I guessed that she was too stunned to speak. Great, my roommate thinks I dress like a hobo.

There were my converse! I must have pushed them under the bed last night when I went to sleep. I grabbed them from where they lay innocently and shoved them on my feet. The laces were already tied because I was too lazy to untie them last night.

"I'm going down to breakfast, later." I waved goodbye to Ino, but she grabbed my shoulder.

"Sakura, you can't go to school like that!" She exclaimed. The poor girl looked tortured.

"Why not?" Humor me, Ino. Please.

"It's your first day! At least put some make-up on!" She put her hand on her hip, and I realized I wasn't getting out of this room until I agreed with her.

But that didn't mean I would. "No. now give me back my shoulder." I said.

"No." Ino said. And I decided it would be easier to just give in. I needed to grow a backbone.

"Fine. But I'm not putting on ten pounds of make-up." I sighed.

I dug in my suitcase and yanked out the little blue pouch I rarely used. Then, for the first time this year, (It's November right now, I transferred in the middle of the school year. Thanks, mom and dad!) grabbed the eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss out of it and spread very little of each on my face.

"Happy now?" I asked Ino, who had be supervising me with a victorious smile on her face. Bitch.

"Very," She smiled and led our way out of the room and to the dining room. Which, I realized, I probably never would've been able to find without her leading me there.