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Accidentally In Love

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"Forehead! Hurry it up!" Ino yelled at me through the bathroom door. I thanked Jashin that she wasn't strong enough to break it down, because if she was all of my gang would see me in all my naked glory.

I pulled on the dress Ino had insisted I wear, and finally opened the door. There was a hushed silence as I stepped onto the plush vanilla carpet in my strappy heels. I took advantage of the moment by getting a look at what Ino had forced the rest of my girls into.

Tenten's dark brown hair was stick-straight and middle parted. It cascaded down her back beautifully and left a few stray pieces to frame her face. She had on a tight brown satin dress with embriodery across the waistband. I inwardly smirked, Neji wouldn't be able to take his eyes off her.

Naruto had asked Hinata to go with him, and she was wearing a purple cocktail dress that was ruffled at the bottom and went down to her nees. There was a rinestown bow pinned at the hip of the dress, and her dark purple hair was pulled into an elegant bun.

Temari wore a stunning silver dress that brought out her eyes. It had a crystal snowflake pinned underneath the bust and the bress flowed out to her nees from there. Sakura noted with satisfaction that the harsh blonde had her arm linked with Shikamaru's.

Ino was holding Sai's had, and for some reason I caught Naruto glaring at the pair. She had let her long blonde hair out of it's pony tail and it now tumbled across her blue satin halter dress. The ties around her neck were incrusted with sparkling rhinestones.

I looked over at Karin, only to see she was studying my dress as well. She smirked at me, which I knew meant she thought Ino had done a good job dressing me up. Karin was, surprisingly, standing next to Suigetsu and wearing a high neck black lace dress. It fit her perfectly.

"Well, forehead, I have to say I outdid myself." Ino said smugly, I raised an eyebrow at her. "You look amazing. I told you that was the perfect dress." She explained.

"Thanks," I said sincerely. Ino had been right, not only about the dress, but she was also spot on about what to do with my pink locks.

The pig had loosely curled my hair, and it tumbled down my back and front in soft strawberry-scented waves. I had on a pale pink empire waist dress, the light chiffon fabric floated down to about mid-thigh, with a few longer pieces spread out around the hem. The waistband was sprinkled with pink rhinstones, and the thin spaghetti straps had just enough hold for my chest.

"We should get going now," Hinata said in her soft voice. Me and her had become quite close, and she didn't even stutter anymore.

"Alright, to the ballroom!" Ino annouced, and strutted out of the room runway-style. I followed her out, honestly looking forward to the Hyuuga's annual Christmas pary.


I was sitting on the bed in the suit next to the ballroom, trying to catch my breath after Ino had forced me onto the dance floor with every guy that asked. I had finally slipped out of her clutches and made it to this suit, my latest safe haven.

The door creaked open and I looked up to meet Itachi's charcoal black eyes. He stared at me for a moment, then his face broke out into a messy smirk.

"Hey Sakura," He said, sauntering towards me. Itachi plopped down on the bed next to me, close enough so that I could smell the beer scent on him.

"You're smashed." I pointed out stupidly. He just smirked at me some more.

This was a gift from Jashin. It would be a crime not to rape him!

Uh, no.

"Thanks for noticing," Itachi breathed, leaning closer to me. He pushed me back against the bed and put both hands on either side of me, preventing escape.

"Um...Itachi?" I asked nervously. I felt like a mouse who was cornered by a cat.

"Yes?" He asked, nuzzling my neck.

"Can you get off me?"

"No," Itachi said bluntly. He kissed up my neck and to my jawline, finally hitting my lips and catching them in a heated kiss.

Itachi's tongue forced a reaction out of mine, fighting and easily beating it, causing me to moan into his mouth.

I suddenly pushed him off of me, taking a deep breath before sitting up. Kissing Itachi and had left me dizzy.

"Something wrong?" He asked, sounding genuinly concerned.

"It just..." I started, wondering how to put this. Hurting Itachi was the last thing I wanted to do. "

"I can take it." The dark-haired man said.

It's like he knew what we were thinking.

Maybe he did O.o

"It's just...this" I motioned at him and me "Doesn't feel right."

That was the truth. I couldn't kiss Itachi because my head kept wondering away from me to some unknown place. I had unconciously started to fall for someone, and I didn't even know who.

Itachi leaned back on his palms, staring at me casually. "It's okay," he suddenly smirked "But..."

He leaned in and whisped something in my ear, making my face flush wildly.

"Really?" I asked, not completely believing him.

Itachi nodded, and pushed me off the bed. "Go!"

I grinned at him, and sped out of the suite and back into the ballroom. There, standing under the mistletoe looking amazing in his suit and tie, was the boy I had somehow fallen in love with.

He spotted me and waved, I took that as an invitation.

"Hey," I breathed, staring up at his.

"Hey," He grinned back, looking into my eyes.

"We're under the mistletoe." I stated, glancing up at it.

"I know," He said, and I could tell he was nervous because he had dropped the 'un.'

Deidara leaned down and kissed me, for the second time, softly on the lips. I don't know how long we stood there, kissing under the mistletoe. But I do know it was a long time, because when we finally broke apart, the party had ended and my girls had all left with their dates.

Six Years Later

"You may now, kiss the bride!" The priest annouced, and Deidara wasted no time. He dipped Sakura and kissed her passionately on the lips, getting the familiar shock of pleasure when she returned the kiss.

"I now pronouce you, man and wife!" The priest said as Deidara scooped Sakura up bridal style. They made their way down the aisle, people throwing rice at them as they did so.

Ino wiped her eyes. "It feels like only yesterday I was dressing her up for prom." She gushed like a proud mother. Tenten, one of the bridemades, took Sakura's Made Of Honor's hand. "She all grown up now," she said.

Hinata nodded. "At least she found someone nice." The dark-haired girl said, watching Hidan throw a ball of rice right at deidara's head.

"Everyone say cheese!" Pein shouted, snapping a picture of all the chaos. Right as the camera clicked, Hidan's ball of rice hit it's target, making Deidara loose his grip on Sakura, and the pinkette's shoe to go flying into Zetsu's stomach.

"Sorry Zetsu!" Sakura said as she was handed back her strappy white heel.

"No harm no foul." The green-haired man grinned, surprising them all.

Pein snapped another picture, catchinf the moment while he could. Everything was as it should be, he thought, as Konan came up to him in her bridesmade dress and kissed him on his cheek.

Life couldn't possibly get better than this, but judging by the ring on the blue-haired girl's fourth finger, it definitely would.