Of Swordians and Axes

Chapter 1: The Sad Warrior

Looking into the rainy sky and into the lightning, a young man with his Swordian stands below. ''Leon! Come back!'' One man ran through the storm with his long blond hair, while the other held his head low in depression. He couldn't believe what had just happened after all the time; he wanted to drown everything out of his heart so he wouldn't feel regret. Fear crawled upon his shoulders, making him shake from the cold night that approached the land. It seems as if all hope is lost, so why do I keep standing?, Leon thought to himself. None of this would have occurred if I didn't exist under those cruel hands that shattered me. I was nothing to him, and this is why I'm stuck with the title ''Leon.''

Catching up to his imagination, he touched a mask that shielded his face to the world. No longer did he need to remembered, he was lost and forgotten. Alone, back to life for some unknown cause that seemed to be crossed over by another man's control. He could hear the panting of Stahn, the rain that came right at him, everything seemed so real. The nostalgic cold thrust from the Earth swallowed him whole, and the boy falls to a bright navy blue light that warms him. Melting the ice that covered this being, a sudden twist of fire lurked from the dark and threw him aside. The world made layers of electricity fly from metal this kept a monster in place, no light would be shimmered here. There is no way of escaping if you can't decide your fate. Even a rich son could die cold and lonely without having a destiny.

Wings caressed the man, feathers flew across the water from a woman in white robes what drifted away up above the trees. The world above him pictured a canvas, lines and drops of paint surfaced his face. Is he dreaming, or is he dead? Leon doesn't know; all that he's been through blurred this bizarre background away from him. Will I ever come back? Will Marian be sad? I've failed, and there's no way of turning back. If death comes behind my back once more, then let it be. Everything will stop, and I will lose the vision of this world. I'd prefer that than anyway or another. The sound of an axe passed by his ear, and his eyes opened.

''You were dreaming. I've been dozing off lately, too.'' Chopping up stacks of wood, the short figure stopped to hold out her palm. ''If you are okay, tell me if you feel warmth.'' Leon wouldn't reach out to her, and felt how cold his skin was. It was as if the ice had made a sacred bond with him, forbidding any human interaction. Pulling his arm to feel hers, the girl smiled weakly. ''Do you feel my hand? If not, put your hand into the soil of the grass. You'll realize how dry it is.''

''Who are you talking to?'' Leon gave up cooperating with her; all he knew is that she wasn't someone to trust. ''I know I'm cold, so what? This isn't my world, but yours. Have a nice day'', Leon replied sarcastically. ''Being selfish leads downhill.'' Why won't she shut up? Nobody should be concerned with anything she says. But she's right. I thought I grew out of my selfishness. Did time turn back it's clock just for me? If she said I was dreaming, then why am I not home? Picking at the soles of his feet, Leon walked slowly into a fence. I'm bounded? Is this my punishment? rubbing the hard wood, he banged his shoulders against it. There was no way he'd obey being in a small foot a grass with no other place to go.

''Don't stand by that fence, it's old and rotten. Leaning on it will make you fall and bust your skull.'' The girl holding her axe swung it at a monster. ''Leave now.'' This monster scurried from one location to another, until the stranger's axe swiped him down into the rocks. Now the creature was stuck. ''Whether you like it or not, you have to come with me. Around this area, if one monster strikes, they all strike.'' Leon laughed. ''Monsters? Go away! I don't want anything to do with you!'' Stubborn as a mule, Leon crossed his arms. I will never listen to some demanding axe holder, that's for sure.

The little girl with the axe was heading Leon's way. She seemed to be concerned with his safety. Pushing him from behind, this should work, the strange girl thought inside her head. She thrusted into Leon's back, and carried him along up to the tip of the hill. ''Stop! Running way, Leon ran beyond the hill. He was too pissed to fight back, Swordian or not. ''Where's Chal? Chal! Speak to me!'' Opening his right palm, he noticed that Chaltier wasn't with him, and Leon punched a nearby tree for consoling his anger.

Wind swirls under Leon's feet, throwing him though the sky that turned light blue with the glittered sparkles from the moon. The world's format shifted quickly, mysteriously... He saw a enormous hand toss beads down through the sky. Some marble even flew and bounced off Leon's head. He felt miserable, getting hit by some many tiny objects that he had trouble seeing. Clouds stayed still, while birds with icy stares swooped by Leon's cheeks to peck at him. How could he still be alive with all these supernatural summons came dwon to harm him? He might never be able to get a answer for any of this.

Pausing in a unstable motion, Leon sees the sky below him. I won't live, but in any case, maybe if I jump I'll land. There's no other options left, and I'm too scared to die. Leaping off the air, Leon falls fast, noticing that his life may not be over, but he's still not home.

Well, I'm brain dead kind of in a way now so I might add a little bit more to this chapter, but I'm planning on making this one a masterpiece. Chapter 2 will up soon, but I'm busy with writing and editing for two other stories so far. If this chapter is edited, please not that this section will be erased or replace it with another comment. Bye!

From, Knight's Bouquet.