Author notes:Welcome to my second story. I thought about this because I played Jak X:Combat Racing. It will also be many cartoon network crossovers. Now without further ado, on with the story! I do not own Ed Edd n Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Power PuffGirls, Code Named Kids Next Door, Billy and Mandy, Freakazoid, Samurai Jack, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and Dexter's Laboratory, they belong to their respected owners.

Prologue:The Gathering:The Villains

Somewhere in an unseen territory

Someone in an unseen room was watching a bunch of TV monitors. And on these monitors were scenes of people racing. On one monitor someone in a black car, short, and had guns on top of them. And, pressing a button, bullets flew out like crazy in another car in front of the black car. After a few bullets penetrated it, the car blew up, and the black car just sped away like nothing happened. Whoever the person was watching the screens had a smile on his face.

"This year, things are going to be different," the man said.

In the middle of all the monitors was a bigger monitor, which the man was looking at now. On the screen, a big logo flashed DEATHRACE:PRE-SEASON, appeared flashily. After the flashy logo with purple in the background, a man appeared behind what appears to be a race track. The man had yellow hair, shiny teeth as he smiled at the camera, and a purple suit. He sort of looked like an anchorman.

"Ladies and gentleman! Are you ready for the biggest racing event on the planet? Yep, it's time for..."


Suddenly, the camera shifted to what looked like eager fans, waiting for what appears to be car racing.

"Amazing! The season hasn't even started and yet the die hard fans are ready for some mechanical thrashing!" the announcer said.

The camera went back to thousand of eager fans.

"This time there are there will be new courses, new challenges and best of all, new thrills! Let's get ready for..."

"DEATHRACE!" the fans and the announcer shouted.

"I tell you folks, the crowd is heated up! And I can't blame them. The excitement from last season was through the roof. And this season will be even more thrilling. Word is old and new challengers from around the world will compete for the DEATHRACE trophy!"

The fans shouted again in excitement.

"The challengers will also compete for a chance to get one million dollars!" the announcer said.

The fans once again roared in excitement.

"And, this just turned in: it seems there is another prize. A beautiful, big, shiny emerald!" the announcer said.

The fans cheered. Just then a picture on the screen showed a beautiful and big shiny emerald. The figure smiled.

That is no ordinary emerald, the figure thought.

"And now a recap from what happened last season..." the announcer started.

The figure then turned off the monitor.

Last season was an embarrassment for me. But this season nothing will stop me from getting that emerald. I'm going to form a better team. And I know just know people that I can start with...

Peach Creek, Cul-De-Sac, Park n Flush

"Hurry up with my laundry May!" the Kanker Lee, shouted.

"I'm coming already!" shouted the yellow haired girl, May.

"I wonder what's on TV," the blue haired girl, Marie said as she turned on the TV

It was just another day at the Park n Flush. Inside their trailer park, the Kanker sisters were bored out of their minds. Ever since the incident with Eddy's brother, the Kankers haven't been with their beloved Eds, because their too busy playing with all the cul-de-sac children. Even though they still see them now and then, the Eds and everyone in the cul-de-sac ignores them.

"Admit it girls, this place has gotten dull," Lee said.

"Yeah. There's nothing to do, no one to torment," Marie said.

"Speaking of torment, I miss our Eds," Lee said.

"Yeah. Me to," Marie said.

"Me three," May said as she just got through with the laundry.

"If only there was some way we can get them to notice us," Lee said.

"I don't know who would notice you. Your to ugly," Marie said snickering.

"Say that again and I'll-"

Lee was interrupted when a knock came to there door. The three girls were surprise.

"Funny. We don't get visitors everyday," Marie said.

"It's probably just the mailman," Lee said."Get the door May,"

"Why do I have to do everything? You get it!" May shouted.

"If you don't get the that door I'm gonna break your neck," Lee said.

"Not if I break yours first!" May said.

"Oh yeah?"


As the two sisters began arguing, Marie got up and answered the door.

"Honestly you guys act like wild animals. Ugly animals that is," Marie said as she opened the door.

It was the mail man.

"Letter for the Kanker sisters," the mail man said as he pulled out a letter from his bag.

Marie grabbed it and began to open it as she shut the door. Lee, on the other hand, stopped her from opening it by snatching it away from her.

"Hold on Marie. It's probably my boyfriend Eddy," Lee said with a smile.

"Nu-uh Lee!" May said as she grabbed the letter from Lee. "I bet it's from my pookey-poo Ed!"

Then Marie grabbed the letter. "In your dreams. It's from my cutie pie, Double D!" Marie said.

The three sisters began to argue and fight over the letter until Lee stopped them.

"Stop! Let's just read the letter, and then we'll know who's boyfriend it is!" Lee said.

The three sisters agreed. Lee opened the letter...

In Aron City...

A skinny teenager named Carl Shocker was watching as his best friend, Johnny Bravo, flirt with numerous girls. Carl couldn't believe what he was seeing. Johnny Bravo, actually succeeding in getting a whole bunch of girls? Carl couldn't believe it, but it was happening right in front of his eyes. He had a sad face.

"That jerk," Carl said as he walked off to his house...

Carl Shocker's House.

When Carl saw that his best pal was flirting with a bunch of girls, he went up to him and asked him if he could take one of the girls on a date. Of course, usual Johnny, shooed Carl away, because he was "cramping his style".

"Well then if he wants to treat me that way then me and Johnny are friends no longer," Carl said out loud to nobody.

His parents were on a date. Carl sighed and went to his room, until he heard a knock on his door. He answered it. It was the mail man.

"Letter from Carl Shocker," the mail man said.

"That's me," Carl said.

He took the letter and closed the door. He then opened it...


Mojo-Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him was thinking of a plan to rule Townsville, as usual. Unfortunately, after two hours of thinking, the super villains gave up. Every plan to rule the world was always, always thwarted by the PowerPuff Girls.

"What is the point?" Mojo-Jojo said.

"We might as well give up our evil ways and be senior citizens," Fuzzy said.

"All because of those POWERPUFF GIRLS!" shouted Him with that usual evil voice.

"I also hate them Power Puff girls. They be disturbin' me and Joe," the hillbilly villain said.

"Yes well, I have had enough of taking over the world. We might as well-"

Mojo didn't finish his sentence as he heard the doorbell ring in his evil lair, which was a surprise as he didn't get a lot of visitors.

"Now I wonder who that could be?" Mojo said as he pushed a button on his super computer and went spiraling downwards in his chair.

When he went down he opened the front door of his evil lair.

"Yes?" he said.

It was the mail man.

"Letter for Mojo-Jojo?" said the mail man as he handed him the letter.

"Thanks," he said as he closed the door and went to his chair.

He started going upwards to his main base.

"Who was that?" Him asked.

"The mail man. I have got a letter from someone," Mojo said as he examined the letter.

The address was "2100, Haven City Building."

"Haven City? I have never heard of this place before," Mojo said as he began to open the letter.

After he got through reading the contents, he had an evil smile on his face.

"What is it?" Fuzzy said.

"Gentleman, it looks like there's still hope for us to rule the world yet..."

Somewhere near Philadelphia...

Father looked evilly at the fireplace in front of him. Ever since his last plot to foil the KND failed, it seems he has still not given up. Word is that ever since his "interview" with the Sector V, the adults he "interviewed" turned back into kids thanks to five years of research from Nigel Uno. But Father didn't worry about it. He had new evil schemes that would would thwart the KND once and for all. Just when Father was thinking the doorbell rang at the front door. He got up from his armchair and answered it. It was the mail man.

"Letter for Father?" the mail man said.

"That's me," Father said as the mail man handed him the letter.

He then looked at the letter with curiosity. The address was "2100, Haven City Building." Father has never heard of this place before. He opened the letter and read the contents. Once he got through reading it, he had an evil smile on his face.

"Looks like a new opportunity to get rid of the KND has arrived," he thought with an evil smile on his face...

Somewhere in a house in Endsville

Boogey was reminiscing of his previous encounter with with Grim. That bag of bones was the reason that Boogey spent over 12 months in the Underworld. After 12 months Boogey finally found a way out of that and lived in a small house in Endsville. Boogey was in an armchair, thinking of a way to exact his revenge on Grim and those meddlesome kids. While he was thinking their was a knock on his door. Boogey wondered who it was, after all he just got the house two days ago. No one could know where he lived. He got up from his armchair and answered the door.

"Yes?" he said.

It was a mail man.

"Letter for Mister Boogey?" he said as he handed Boogey a letter.

"Yes, and BOO!" Boogey shouted.

The mail man looked at him awkwardly.

"I said BOO!" Boogey shouted again.

The mail man just walked away and laughed. Boogey growled.

I know I'm scary. I'm the Boogeyman for Pete's sake! Boogey growled in his head as he opened the letter.

I could use this to exact my revenge. And become the scariest thing on the planet! Boogey thought as he finished reading the letter.

Washington D.C, in an abandon building.

The Lobe sighed sadly. Ever since his last attempt to get rid of his arch nemesis, Freakazoid, failed, he has run out of ideas.

How could I possibly run out of ideas. My head is a brain for goodness sake! Lobe thought. He slammed his head on a wooden desk. All of his plots, failed by Freakazoid.

Maybe I should just quite. No! What am I saying? I'm a super villain for pete's sake! Will their ever be a time where a super villain will win? When will opportunity knock at my front door?

Just then a knock came from Lobe's front door.

That was fast, he thought.

He got up from his desk and answered it. It was just the mail man.

"Letter for a Mister Lobe?" the mail man said.

"Yes, that's me," Lobe said as he took the letter and closed the door.

He opened the letter and reads the contents.

Wow! It looks like opportunity just knocked at my front door!

Somewhere that represents Hell:

The evil wizard, Aku, was looking at a crystal ball. With this crystal ball, he can see the happenings of the world. Anything that goes on in the world, he can see it. For some reason, he had an evil smile on his face. Within this crystal ball, Aku saw certain people getting a certain letter.

I could use this to my advantage, he thought.

Just then, he circled his hands and the crystal ball changed from seeing people from around the world to an image of what looks like a robot.

"Droid number 2006, I have an proposition for you and your gang," Aku said to the crystal ball.

"I'm listening," the droid replied...

South Carolina, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends...

Duchess was looking outside the window from her room. She looked in disgust as that infernal imaginary friend, Bloo, was playing with Mac outside, along with other imaginary friends.

They all should be worshiping ME! she thought. If only there were some way to rid of that pesky Bloo, then everyone can finally notice me as the best imaginary friend ever!

Her thoughts were interrupted when a knock came to her door.

"Who is it?" she said rudely.

"It's me, Terrance!" the voice from behind the door said.

Duchess was surprised. Terrance was not supposed to be here, after what him and Duchess did to get rid of Bloo.

"How did you get in here?" Duchess said.

"I sneaked in when the other friends weren't looking. Their all playing outside!" he said.

"Come in," Duchess said.

Terrance walked in the room, looking frantic

"Look I don't have time, those imaginary friends could be here any second. Take a look at this letter I got in the mail!" Terrance said as he handed an opened letter to Duchess.

She took it and examined the contents. After she got through reading it, she had an evil smile on her face.

"I can use this to finally get rid of Bloo. And everyone on earth will recognize my beauty!" Duchess said.

"I'm in to," Terrance said.

"Very well then. Tomorrow, our destination is Haven City" Duchess said with an evil laugh...

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a place called Katz Motel...

As usual, no customers, Katz thought in his mind. All because of that pesky dog.

Ever since the dog named Courage, Katz arch-nemesis, stopped him from scamming people to come to his hotel, he hasn't been having any "customers" lately. No one comes to the Katz Motel, all because of that meddlesome dog...

When Katz was about to give up and officially close his hotel, knocking came to the front door of the hotel.

Finally, suckers to take their money away, Katz thought.

"Come in," he called out.

The door opened. An old looking man came in. He had white hair, short legs, and had one of those glass looking things that doctor's and vet's have on the top of his head.

"Hello. Welcome to the Katz Motel. How may I be of service?" Katz said.

"So your Katz huh? Allow me to introduce myself. I am John Hack. I'm a veterinarian," said the old man.

"I see. Well may I ask, are you here to stay in motel, Mr. Hack?" Katz said.

"No. I'm here on more important business of you, mister Katz," the vet said, walking up to the front desk. "I'm sure you know a dog named Courage, do you?"

"Why yes I do. He always gets in the way of my sca- I mean my business," Katz said.

"Well let me tell you, I have some unfinished business with that dog. And I also need to continue to my research for super dogs," John said.

Super dogs? This guy is a complete lunatic, Katz thought.

"So what does this has to do with me, Mr. Hack?" Katz said.

"Well, we both want revenge for that dog. And I know a perfect way we can get rid of him and those other people he hangs around with," John said.

"What beef do you have with the dog?" Katz asked.

"He blew me to the moon. I was stuck on that planet, with a bunch of other dogs trying to rip me to shreds. Luckily the rocket that that dog sent me to was still operational. I was able to escape those horrid dogs. After that I plan to exact my revenge on that dog. And then that's when I heard about you Katz. I heard that your "businesses" have been thwarted by that dog. So I thought that we might as well work together," John said.

Katz thought for a moment. He didn't know if he could trust this crazy vet, but if he had a beef with Courage, and then he might actually be telling the truth.

"Alright Mr. Hack, you have a deal," Katz said.

"Good. And please, call me John," John said.

"So, what did you have in mind to get rid of the dog?" Katz asked.

"Well, I was in my office thinking of a plan when this letter came in," John said as he handed Katz a opened letter.

Katz took it. When he read the contents inside, he was surprised.

"The Paramount Emerald?" Katz asked.

"Yes," John said with a evil smile.

"We're going to Haven City..."

Atlanta Georgia, at Mandark's house

Mandark was disgusted. His last plot to get rid of his arch nemesies, Dexter, has failed again. Well, it was somewhat Mandark's own fault, due to the fact that he was distracted when Dee-Dee came all of a sudden. Now Mandark was thinking of a plan to finally get rid of Dexter once and for all! Just then the doorbell rung at his front door. He got up from his couch and answered it. It was the mail man.

"Letter for Mandark," the mail man said.

"That's me," Mandark said as he took the letter.

When Mandark opened it and read the contnets inside, he had an evil smile on his face...

Somewhere in a place called Haven City, in what looks like an abandoned building.

In a room in an abandoned building, there was a big table in the middle of this room, with a lot of chairs. And even though the building looked abandoned, the room with the big table and chairs looked like it came from a sci-fi movie. There was a big monitor at the very end of the room. And also at the very end of the room was a man in a cloak, looking like he was waiting for someone. And he was.

Just then at the other end of the room, a door opened and a lot of people came out. They were people who received the letter.

"I'm glad that you guys can make it here," said the other man in the cloak.

"Please, have a seat,"

All the villains took a seat in the chairs around the table.

"Now, where is the Paramount Emerald?" Father said.

"Just what is this Paramount Emerald?" Lee said.

"It's a powerful Emerald, giving whoever possess it will become the most powerful being on Earth," Father explained.

"Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie," Marie said.

"Alright then, where is this Emerald?" Lee said.

"And most important of all, how do you know all of us?"

"Well," the figure said as he looked around the room.

"I know you, Carl, because you are a skilled mechanic. I've seen you on the papers, able to fix anything that breaks."

"Your right," the nerdy teenager said.

"And I know you, Mojo-Jojo, because you always try to take over the town called Townsville, right?"

"You are right," the monkey said.

"And I'm guessing those are your two cronies," the figure asked.

"Yes. This is Fuzzy Lumpkins," the monkey said as he pointed to a hill-billy looking pink guy.

"Howdy," he said.

"And this here is Him," Mojo said as he pointed to a devil looking person.

"What him?" asked May confusedly.

"Him," Mojo said again as he pointed to the devil looking creature.

"I know,him, but what's his name," May asked.

"Him," Mojo repeated again getting annoyed.

"I know, but what's his name?" May repeated again.

Mojo slammed his hand on his forehead.

"HIM!" Mojo said louder.

"I know, but what-is-his-name?" May said again slowly.

"ANYWAY!" the man with the cloak interrupted. "I definitely know you, Father. You always try to stop an organization named the Kids Next Door, a group of kids who fight for childhood, am I correct?" the man said.

"Yes," Father stated, with Marie looking at Father.

"Why are you in a silhouette?" Marie asked.

"Because it's my suit," Father said.

"Okay then," Marie said awkwardly.

"Now how in the world do you know me?" Boogey asked.

"Well, a girl named Mandy tried to take over the Kids Next Door. I read the event in the newspaper. Then a few months later I read somewhere that Mandy helped the Grim Reaper in helping get his powers back, by a guy named Boogey," the man said.

"As for Lobe, I read about you in the Washington D.C newspaper, being a super villain."

"As for those robot drones, I have no idea where they came from."

People's attention turned to what looked robots. There are a whole bunch of them.

"What in the heck are you guys?" Boogey asked.

"Were here to help get the Paramount Emerald," the robot said with a robotic tone.

"That is weird," Lee said.

"Anyway, as for Terrance, your the guy who tried to get rid of a fosters home for Imaginary friends. You were in a newspaper," the man said.

"Imaginary friends? What kind of fosters home is that?" asked Him.

"A place where people get tired of their imaginary friends and bring them to the foster home," Terrance said.

"That sounds like a load of bull," Lee said.

"It's true," Duchess said.

When Lee saw that disgusting looking creature next to the guy named Terrance, she threw herself back.

"What the heck are you supposed to be?" Lee asked.

"The most beautiful work of art ever created," Duchess explained.

"Lady, have you looked in the mirror lately?" Marie asked.

"Yeah. Your even uglier then May," Lee said.

"Hey!" May said.

"Moving on..." the man at the very end of the room said, "lastly John Hack, the veterinarian. I read somewhere in the newspaper that you were experimenting on super dogs."

"That is correct," the vet said.

"Super dogs?" said Terrance. "Looks like someone is a little cuckoo for coco puffs."

"Why don't you shut up, you annoying brat," John said.

"Man. This place is full of weirdos. And what's with that red cat?" May asked.

"Oh. This here is Katz. He decided to join me," John said.

"Hello," Katz said to everyone in the room.

"It can talk?", Lee said.

"That's weird," Marie said.

"Anyway, just who are you, and how do you know us?" Lee asked.

"Yeah. And why are you wearing that cloak. Just what are you hiding under there?" Marie said.

"Yeah, what they said," May said.

"To answer your first question, I've seen you girls a few times before in a place called Peach Creek, while I was on vacation," the man said. "As for your second question, I'm going to reveal myself when this whole businesses is done,"

"What businesses?" Carl asked.

"Well, as the letter said, you'll get a chance to obtained the powerful emerald, Paramount," the man said.

"Then where is it?" Lee said annoyed.

"You girls are just like any other children. You didn't read the whole thing, did you?" Father asked.

"So what if we didn't bub?" Lee said.

"Well then, if you would have read the whole thing, your going to have to compete for the emerald in a racing competition," the man said.

The Kankers looked at the man.

"What? A racing competition?" Marie said.

"Yes, I'm sure you've heard of Deathrace, haven't you?" the man asked.

"No, we haven't," Lee said.

"Your the only ones. Fine, I'll explain it to you," the man said.

"Deathrace is a racing competition that takes place every year in three locations. The first one is here, in this city. The second one is in a place called Kras city. And the third is in a snowy region. There are four rounds in the competition," the man said.

"Well if there are four rounds, how come there are only three locations?" Mojo said.

"Because the last round will be in all of the regions," the man explained.

"So all we gotta do is race, and we'll get the emerald?" Father asked.

"Yes, and knowing it's power, they'll be enough for all of you, including me," the man said.

"Is that it? That's kid stuff," Lee said.

"You may think so, but the competition is harder then you think. You won't just have to race, but there are other events," the man said.

"Like what?" Lee said.

"Like the death event, turbo challenge, etc. I can't name them all," the man said.

"And about this emerald? Just what is it?" Marie said.

"It's an emerald that was created years ago by a Maya civilization. It can grant the users powers do anything it wants. Originally it was created for peace, but over time people began to fight over it. I don't know how the Deathrace staff got a hold of it, but they did, and now it is one of the rewards for winning the competition," the man explained.

"This is a load of baloney," Lee said.

"There's also a one million dollar prize, and the trophy," the man said.

This sparked people's interest

"With that kind of money, plus a powerful emerald, I could finally get rid of Freakazoid," Lobe said.

"I can finally get rid of the KND once and for all, and turn children into adults," Father said.

"I can become the scariest being on the planet," Boogey said.

"I can get popular with the ladies," Carl said. And to prove to Johnny Bravo that I can get any girl I want, Carl thought.

"We can rule the world with that kind of power," Mojo said to his cronies.

Fuzzy Lumpkins and Him agreed.

"It was direct orders from Aku to compete in this race. We'll follow it to the last ladder," one of the robot drones said.

"With that emerald and that much money, I can finally be realize as the most beautiful piece of art in the world!" Duchess said.

"And I can...uh" Terrance thought. "Hit something!"

"I can finally get rid of my arch nemesis, Dexter, once and for all!" Mandark explained.

"One million dollars? I can increase my "businesses" and make more money. I'll be the richest cat on Earth," Katz said.

"And I can continue my research for super dogs, and get revenge in that cowardly dog, Courage," John said.

"Then we all agree?" the man said.

Everyone shook their heads yes.

"Good. Then we have a racing team," the man said.

"You know what? Why can't we just steal the emerald?" Lee asked.

"Because the staff of Deathrace hid it where no one can possibly find it. It's impossible, so we might as well compete in the competition," the man said.

"Girls, do you know what we can do with that kind of money and power?" Lee asked.

"Yeah. We can become queens of the world!" Marie said.

"And our kings would be..." May said.

"The Eds!" the Kanker sisters said together.

"So, when will this race start?" Father said.

"In one week," the man said.

"One week? Hold on, what if someone in this room doesn't know how to drive?" Mojo said.

"That's why we're going to prepare for the race. Starting now. There is a race track I know and I have some vehicles for everyone. Come," the man said as he got out of his chair and led the other villains to the door. Little did they know that someone was watching them in the room all along in a closet in the corner.

"I can't let him get away with this," the person said as he watched the whole scene unfold. "The only way I can stop that mad man is if I for form my own racing team. I hope those letters reached them..."

Author notes: Well, there goes the first part of the prologue. Next chapter will be the second and last part of it. R&R!