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Last Chapter.

Back on the track, the two Eds were now accelerating their speed, hoping to catch up to and get a high ranking place. Unfortunately for them, another driver was behind them, with the intention of passing them up by any means. Eddy noticed that the driver was coming up to them fast, so he started using his machine gun to fire at the driver, but the driver proved to be an excellent maneuver, dodging the bullets with ease. When the driver got close enough between the two Eds, he started too shoot off bullets of his own, forcing the two Eds too hit the brakes in order to not get hit. The driver quickly passed up the two Eds with ease.

"Man, this stinks!" Eddy said.

"Well, it looks like the drivers in this race are more tougher then the other drivers we faced so far," the smart Ed noticed. "If that's the case, I wonder how Ed and the others are doing."

"Well, I know for a fact that Ed can handle himself," Eddy said. "As well as Freakazoid and Cosgrove. Courage is with them, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for them."

"I hope your right Eddy," Edd said. The smart Ed's attention then turned towards the hole that Mandark made earlier. "There is a hole up ahead!"

"So what? Let's jump it!" Eddy said.

"I have my doubts Eddy," Edd said.

But the greedy Ed ignored the smart Ed, as he goes full speed to the hole that Mandark made. He manages to jump over it with ease, and continued to drive at full speed to catch up with the rest of the drivers.

"Come on Double D, we've got to catch up!" Eddy said.

The smart Ed managed to jump over the hole with ease as well. Once over the hole, he managed to catch up with Eddy. After driving a few meters, the two Eds managed to catch up with the rookie driver Randy Corp, who was now right besides them. Before the two could exchange weapons with each other, they have stumbled upon another racing area of the track. This part of the track was more like a big city. Their were buildings everywhere, side benches on the side as well. The area was really big, which reminded the Eds of the time they built that city to scam the kids out of their money.(Minus the cardboard buildings.)

"I wonder if Ed and Dee Dee managed to get here?" Edd wondered.

"I think we should be more worried about that rookie driver!" Eddy exclaimed.

Indeed, Randy started to shoot his machine gun at the two Eds. They started dodging the bullets and entered a fight with Randy...

"It looks like The Lobe has got his sights on Freakazoid ladies and gentleman!" Blitz announced.

Back to the riverside, Freakazoid, Cosgrove, and Courage were having a tough time with The Lobe, as he continually shoots the group with his machine gun. Unlike the two Eds who managed to pass up The Lobe, Freakazoid, Cosgrove, and Courage were unlucky to stay behind the group to face a mad scientists. The group of heroes tried everything to get the rid of the mad tyrant in front of them, but none of their tricks seems to work, as The Lobe presents a whole bunch of weapons that overthrows the heroes with ease. It wasn't long until they reached the big wide open city area, with more drivers around trying to kill each other for the finish line. None of the drivers didn't even payed attention to the remarkable and great city, with it's beautiful and clean fresh air, because they were more busy trying to stay alive to see such a beautiful sight.

"Why don't you just give up Freakazoid?" The Lobe asked. "And I'll make your death more quickly!"

"No can do Lobe!" the blue superhero replied, dodging a few bullets from The Lobe's machine gun.

"Well then, I guess you leave me no choice but to use extreme measures!"

The Lobe then pressed a button in his car. When he did, a compartment opened on top of The Lobe's car, revealing a giant laser type gun.

"Oh boy, that can't be good," Courage said.

The Lobe then pressed another button, and a laser shot out of the gun and was heading right to Freakazoid. The blue superhero tried to avoid it, but the laser was coming in fast on him, with no intention to miss it's target. Just when the laser was about to impact on Freakazoid, an explosion barely missing a familiar car impacted on the ground, causing that car to swerve and impact on building, completely destroying the car. The car was Cosgrove, who dove out of the way to save Freakazoid from getting hit.

"Cosgrove!" Freakazoid exclaimed.

The police Sergent didn't replied. He was clearly unconscious in his car, with nothing but bruises and scratches on his body. Freakazoid could see his hand hanging out of his window, which is lifeless and swinging around a little. Freakazoid's hands started tightening against his wheel, so much so that it could possibly break into pieces if he just tightens them a little more.

"If I were you Freakazoid, I would be more worried about yourself then your dead friend over there!" The Lobe exclaimed.

The Lobe shot off another laser, which Freakazoid managed to dodge easily this time. Courage looked at the almost lifeless body of Cosgrove, wondering if he should do something, or, more importantly, wondering if he could do something.

Everybody is trying so hard to win. It's a wonder how I got this far...probably just by luck as always, the pink dog thought. But...I have to do something!

Courage started to tighten his grip on his steering wheel, having flashbacks of when his parents were shot off to the moon, and all he could do was run away. All those bad memories...

"Hang on Cosgrove, I'm coming!" the voice of Freakazoid said, which snapped Courage back to reality.

The blue superhero started to go for Cosgrove's car, but a laser blast from The Lobe's car made him stop in his tracks, avoiding the laser blast. Freakazoid was getting farther and farther away from Cosgrove, which made Freakazoid mad.

"You'll have to get through me Freakazoid, if you want to save your friend!" The Lobe exclaimed.

Freakazoid was about to reply to The Lobe's comment, but he then notices Courage, who has been not so useful all this time, trying to talk to him. All Freakazoid could hear is some random gibberish coming from the dog's mouth. But when Freakazoid looked into Courage's eyes, he somehow knew what he was saying. Also, Courage was pointing backwards, indicating that he was going to go back and see if Cosgrove was all right.

"Can I count on you, little doggy?" Freakazoid asked. The pink dog shook his head. "Okay then, go save Cosgrove, and I'll deal with ugly here! I'm counting on you little buddy!"

Courage shook his head, and made a u turn around, heading for the unconscious Freakazoid.

"What? It seems like one of the drivers are turning back, but why?" Blitz announced.

While turning back, some of the other drivers started shooting at the defenseless dog. Courage starts dodging these attacks, passing the drivers up, causing the drivers to get confused as to why he's turning back, but that didn't matter. As long as they were heading to the finish line, that prize money and jewel is the only thing that matters to them. When the little dog finally reached Cosgrove's wrecking sight, the Sergent's hand were swinging back and forth lifeless. His car was also smoking black, meaning that it would explode in any minute. Courage got Cosgrove out of the car with great difficulty, due to his size, but manages to get him into his car. Courage then drivers up to catch up with the others, but then the little dog spots something that could help him reach the other drivers faster...

"Mandark is in the lead so far ladies and gentleman, but it looks like that is soon about to change, as Ed and Dee Dee are batting out all their weapons to beat him!" Blitz announced.

Ed, Dee Dee, and the evil Mandark are driving along something that represents a highway. But unlike most normal highways, this highway could lead to certain doom. There were holes everywhere, that if one would fall, one would fall into an abyss that no driver wants to find out. The highway had a bluish color to it as well. On this highway, Mandark was shooting at Ed with a red laser, missing every single time.

"What's wrong, do you need glasses Susan?" Ed teased.

Mandark's face grew red again of his real name. "My name is not Susan, it's Mandark!" he exclaimed, his face growing red.

I've had enough of this monkey! If only I can get rid of him and make Dee Dee mine again! Wait a minute...

Mandark looked at the various holes around the crazy highway. Mandark then grew a smile on his face, with an evil little plan in his mind.

"What's wrong Susan, did you forget to water your garden?" Ed teased again.

"You won't be laughing when you fall into one of the holes you nincompoop!" Mandark exclaimed.

Mandark switched from the laser gun too the missiles, and started shooting at the dumb Ed. Of course, Ed dodged the missiles with ease, but their was one problem. Even if Ed was dodging the missiles, he kept heading straight fist into one of the holes that would lead to certain doom if one were to fall into it. Ed starts having a hard time with this, eventually causing him to swerve like crazy, making the situation even worse. The missiles exploded when impacted on the ground, which made the force from the explosions even more difficult for the dumb Ed to handle.

"Don't worry Ed, I'll save you!" Dee Dee exclaimed.

Dee Dee was about to shoot a missile at the evil mastermind, but another missile from behind interrupted Dee Dee's aiming. The missile barely missed Dee Dee, and the one who shot it was going to be sure that he doesn't miss the next time. Mandark looked at his rear view mirror to see who would dare shoot at his beloved one. It was The Lobe.

"Lobe, what do you think your doing, hurting my love?" Mandark exclaimed.

"You fool! That girl was about to attack you!" The Lobe exclaimed.

"I don't care, so long as it's Dee Dee," Mandark replied.

"Whatever. We still have a race to win."

"Not while I'm here brainiac!" Freakazoid exclaimed, going straight at the villain.

The blue superhero was behind The Lobe, who was also behind Dee Dee. And in front of her was Mandark and Ed. Mandark who was shooting missiles at the tall Ed so he could fall into one of the holes on the highway. Dee Dee hit the gas pedal harder, wanting to save her beloved Ed, but yet again, The Lobe interrupted by shooting a missile at Dee Dee, which barely missed her.

Freakazoid decided to take action. The blue superhero pressed a button in his car, and with that a gun popped up on top of the roof compartment. Unlike any regular gun, this gun was mid size, and was blue with a big letter "F" on it. Freakazoid started shooting at The Lobe, and when he did, blue orbs surging with blue electricity started heading towards The Lobe. Unfortanuetely Freakaziod didn't noticed that The Lobe's shield was still around him, and the blue orbs of electricity did no damage to him what so ever. Instead, the orbs shot right back at Freakazoid, which Freakazoid managed to dodge some of them, but one of the orbs impacted on Freakazoid's car straight on, causing more damage to his car. The Lobe started to laugh.

"I've finally got you where I want you Freakazoid!" The Lobe exclaimed.

The Lobe then shot off a missile at the blue superhero, which Freakazoid tried to avoid, but his vehicle is in too much damage to move very fast now. The missile was only a few feet from impacting on Freakazoid's vehicle.

"Freeze!" the blue superhero said.

Suddenly, the missile stopped dead at it's tracks, and all other cars and moving vehicles have place? Wait a minute, this wasn't part of the story!

"I know, but I just want to give a message to the readers out there!" Freakazoid said.

No, just stick to the script!

Freakazoid ignored my statement and said, "Kids, to those of who are reading this...HELP ME! I'm about to get die in a massive explosion by The Lobe's missile all because of the author's dramatic turn of events! Please help me!"

Will you just unfreeze everything before I kick you out!

Freakazoid grumbled and mumbled something about wanting to air back on TV and unfreezes the frame rate by saying the phrase 'unfreeze'. When he did, the missile went back to it's collision course, until another driver from behind Freakazoid went in front of him while his shield was activated, making the missile impact on the shield instead of Freakazoid. The explosion from the missile turned into dust, and when the dust cleared, Edd and Freakazoid were inside a red shield, safely away from the explosions. The smart Ed had to deactivate his shield to save power for it later.

"Thanks Double D!" Freakazoid said.

"No problem," the Ed replied.

The other Ed came from behind Freakazoid, and started shooting missiles at The Lobe. The big brain then started dodging the missiles, only resulting in him coming close to falling into one of the holes. Edd decided to use this chance with him about to fall and launch a missile at him. The missile did miss it's target, but it did impact and exploded on the ground near The Lobe, which caused him to swerve and to force him to hit the brakes. That was another opening for the short Ed, as he launched one more missile at him, this time only hitting the side of his car, and to explode in front of The Lobe, which he dodged. The result of the missile scratching on the side of The Lobe was that some of the paint came off, as well as a big dent on the side.

"It looks like Eddy and Edd has inflicted damage to The Lobe! This could be put the two Eds and Freakazoid ahead of them!" Blitz announced.

"Heck yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!" Eddy exclaimed.

"It looks like we came right on time," Edd commented.

"Yeah, but you could have been a little faster to see me talk to the audience!" Freakazoid implied.

The two Eds were about to ask what Freakazoid was talking about, until The Lobe interrupted them.

"That's it, now I'm really mad!" he exclaimed. "I didn't want to use this until the last part of the race, but I might as well finish you off now!"

The Lobe pressed a button inside his car. This particular button was different from others, as it was red and bigger then all the others. When he pressed it, his car started to change dramatically. The two front wheels disappeared into a compartment and was replaced with big robotic arms. Then the car turned upwards and started to grow dramatically with the outsides of the car going into the inside, and switching into a more robotic look. The two wheels in the back were the feet, and The Lobe was in a circular glass dome which was the moving big robots head. The two Eds and Freakazoid looked at the robot with disbelief.

"No way! That has to be against the rules using that thing!" Eddy exclaimed.

"Well actually, according to the rules, a driver can use any weapon of his or her liking, so it is prohibited," Blitz explained through the intercom.

"Well, that certainly defies anything I have ever heard before," Edd commented.

"Not me, I'm used to this kind of stuff," Freakazoid said.

"Yes, and now Freakazoid, you and your friends will be crushed by my new weapon!" The Lobe exclaimed.

One of the robotic arms, which each had a hole in the middle, started firing lasers at the group. They were about to have a hard time with this particular enemy...

"Well, this is certainly a turn of events!" Blitz said as he observed The Lobe's huge machine shooting lasers at the group, which they were avoiding.

"And Mandark still has the lead, with Ed right behind him, followed by Dee Dee," Sheila announced.

Speaking of Mandark and Ed, who were way up ahead of the other drivers, followed by Dee Dee behind them, Mandark was still trying to make the tall Ed fall into one of the holes on the crazy highway, by shooting missiles in front of him to throw him off, which is almost working. Mandark started getting agitated when Ed was still on the highway rather then on the ground below the highway. Ed himself was having a hard time trying to keep up with Mandark, since the missiles were throwing him off easily.

"Hang on Ed, I'm coming!" Dee Dee exclaimed.

The voice of Dee Dee sparked an anger inside of Mandark. The fact that he was trying to save the buffoon was enough. He decided to use his ultimate weapon in order to get rid of Ed, that way, no one can stand in the way of him and Dee Dee. Mandark pressed a big red button similar to The Lobe, only this one had the letter L on it. The missiles soon stopped spurring out of Mandark's car and Ed could not have seen what was about to happen next.

When the missiles stopped coming, Ed thought that Susan gave up. Ed decided to use this chance to launch a missile at Mandark, hoping it would either hit him or make him get thrown off and fall below the highway. When he did shoot one of his missiles, none of the two things came as a result. Instead, a big red shield appeared all around him, and the missile bounced of the shieldlike it was nothing outside of the highway. Dee Dee struggled to catch up with Ed, since the holes in the highway is hard to avoid. Mandark looked in his rear view mirror to see that Dee Dee was trying to catch up.

That's not good, he thought, if Dee Dee catches, then she'll share the same fate as Ed! I'm going to have to hurry up and use the weapon.

Mandark quickly pressed the big red button with the letter L on it, and soon the missile gun was replaced with an even bigger gun. This gun was straight black, and the hole with which ever ammo it fired was huge. Once could guess the obvious that it was a big laser that could shoot at probably a 5 km radius. Too bad for Ed that he didn't know this, and continued trying to dodge the holes to pass Mandark.

"Now I have you!" Mandark exclaimed.

Mandark pressed the button again and a giant red laser spurred out of the gun so fast that Ed possibly couldn't see it coming. And sadly, he didn't. Then, something like a miracle happened. Just when the laser was only three seconds away from crashing Ed into oblivion, Ed could have sworn that some kind of force made him bail out of the car just in time to avoid the full impact of the laser. He also could have sworn that he saw a white dim light for only a split second, but after that was all a blur, since Ed took some impact from the huge explosions when his car blew up from the impact of the laser.

"I did it! Now no one can stop me from winning this race and become the greatest evil genius in the world!" Mandark exclaimed, starting to laugh his funny laugh.

By this time Mandark was now at the end of the highway. Beyond the end was a straight forward path was some kind of dessert looking region, where the last part of the track is ahead.

"Well, it looks like Mandark has his sights on the prize, as he is almost to the finish line," Blitz announced.

Mandark was now on the dessert path, only two obstacles that will stand in his way to get to the finish line ahead. Back on the highway, Ed was laying down motionless from the explosion from Mandark's laser. All his clothes were torn, and his car was nothing but debris and a big fire on what remains of his car. Dee Dee caught up to see the motionless Ed and gasped. She hit the brakes on her car and got out. She ran to Ed and put her arms around the big lug and started shaking him.

"Ed! Ed! Wake up!" Dee Dee screamed, shaking the lifeless Ed as much as she can. "Ed, wake up!"

Unfortunately, the tall Ed wouldn't wake up. Dee Dee kept shaking him, but to no avail. She wasn't going to believe that Ed was dead; no one as sweet as Ed doesn't deserve to die. But Ed wasn't breathing, and he wasn't even consciouses. Dee Dee tried her best to keep the tears out from flowing out of her eyes. After all, is she just stays there on her knees crying over a person who may or may not be dead, then someone would eventually pass her up. Plus, she was the one who wanted to catch up to Mandark first. She had to dragged Ed from his feet since he was so heavy, which did took some time. Dee Dee was surprised that no one had passed her up yet. What seemed like an eternity, she managed to place Ed into her car and drove off to the dessert area.

"Now that I have finally gotten rid of any obstacles in my path, it's just smooth sailing to victory!" Mandark said out loud to no one.

Just when he said that, he caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eyes in the rear view mirror. He could see the pink car with yellow stripes, and animal stickers on this vehicle. Mandark was glad when she caught up. Now that Ed is gone, nothing can stand in the way of him and Dee Dee's relationship. Too bad for Mandark, for when Dee Dee got closer, he saw that a lifeless Ed was sitting in the passenger seat. What Mandark didn't notice was Dee Dee's mad face when she was approaching. Suddenly an idea popped in Mandark's head.

I get it! My beloved wants to show me his dead body, so that we can celebrate him being defeated by me! Maybe this Ed guy was forcing Dee Dee to go out with him. Yeah, that's it! And now she's coming to me so she can show me her gratitude!Mandark thought.

Mandark's statement was way off, as Dee Dee starts shooting missiles at him. Mandark was unprepared for this, and a missile impacted right by him, causing him to swerve a little. When he stopped swerving, Mandark placed his head out of his window a little and hollered at Dee Dee, "Dee Dee my love, why are you trying to shoot at me?" he asked.

"Because you hurt Ed for no reason at all!" Dee Dee hollered back with rage in her voice.

Mandark was more shock by this then Dee Dee shooting missiles at him, probably almost killing him. "But love, he was trying to use you, wasn't he?"

"Are you out of your mind?" Dee Dee asked. "Ed is a true friend unlike you! He could be dead because of you!" she screamed angrily.

This hurt Mandark's feelings, so much so that he started to regret shooting that laser at Ed. He didn't mean to kill him. He just meant to hurt him a little that's all. Mandark was in love with Dee Dee, from the first day he met her. It was love at first sight for him. But not for Dee Dee. As a matter of fact, Dee Dee despised him, to the point of breaking his lab, and ruling his plot to get rid of his arch nemesis, Dexter. But no matter what, he would never get mad at her. He can't get mad at her. After all, Mandark likes Dee Dee, and wanted to go out with her for a while now, by any means necessary. But not killing someone, nothing but that. Mandark was about to place his head to the window again and apologize to Dee Dee, when Dee Dee unleashed another furry of missiles at him. He never had a chance to apologize to Dee Dee during this Grand Prix...

"The two Eds, Freakazoid, and the two rookies Randy Corp and Leonard Silva have absolutely no chance against The Lobe!" Shelia exclaimed as The Lobe was using was a giant moving machine to eliminate the people behind him.

All the said drivers were now in the dessert area, with Randy Corp and Leonard Silva catching up with the two Eds and Freakazoid. If only they passed The Lobe, then they wouldn't had to fight off a big robot that was shooting lasers out of his hands.

"Maybe not Sheila! Eddward has gotten himself out of some pretty nasty situations before!" Blitz announced.

The crowd in the large stands were hoping that the boy named Eddward would win the race, since most of them bet on him. Probably the only person that didn't bet was the cloak figure, who was still sitting with the switch in his hands, away from most of the crowds. He was looking at that "particular driver" with a smile on his face, still waiting for the opportune moment.

Back on the track, the two Eds, Freakazoid, and the two rookies Randy and Leonard were dodging lasers with great difficulty, some of the lasers even hitting the sides of the vehicles.

"Man, I did not sign up to fight off a giant killer robot," Randy stated, dodging a laser.

"I'm going to have to start scanning for weak points, but I can't get a chance with all these lasers firing!" Edd exclaimed.

"Hmph, you idiots are not even trying to attack him, just dodging his lasers," Silva exclaimed.

"Hey, I don't see you doing nothing!" Eddy exclaimed.

"I was just about to," was Silva's reply.

Silva started shooting his rail gun torrent at the robot, with the bullets just bouncing off the metal like child's play. The Lobe laughed at this.

"This is it! I'm finally going to get rid of my arch nemesis and take over the world at the same time!" he exclaimed.

Freakazoid was the one who was dodging the lasers with great difficulty, since his car was completely damaged from The Lobe's last attacks on him. "Man, we need to get him out of our way before I become like peanut butter and jelly!" he exclaimed, dodging a laser from the right.

"Well, maybe this time Eddward won't make it on this...wait a minute, it looks like another car has caught up!" Blitz announced.

Sure enough, a familiar car that was pink and had black dots on it. It was Courage, with a lifeless Cosgrove by his side.

"The little doggy made it!" Freakazoid exclaimed.

"It's about time he made it!" Eddy exclaimed.

Courage himself looked at the big robot before him, which contained The Lobe shooting lasers at the heroes. I knew I came here at a bad time. The little dog thought.

Freakazoid noticed that Cosgrove was sitting lifeless by Courage at the passenger seat. Of course, this worried Cosgrove.

"Little doggy, is Cosgrove okay?" he asked worriedly.

"If I were you, I would be more worried about myself!" The Lobe exclaimed.

"Freakazoid, look out!" Edd exclaimed.

The smart Ed quickly drove in front of Freakazoid and pressed the shield button, making the laser that The Lobe shot ricochet off the shield, hitting the ground next to Edd.

"Thanks Double D! I thought I was toast for sure!" Freakazoid exclaimed.

"No problem," Edd replied. The smart Ed looked at The Lobe, trying to formulate a plan in order to get past the robot. When he observed the holes in The Lobe's robot, he came up with a plan. "Freakaozid, you think you can distract The Lobe for while?" he asked the blue superhero.

"Sure can do!" he replied.

"All right." The smart Ed then drove over to Eddy, while Freakazoid begins to distract The Lobe.

"Hey Lobe, I know grandmas who can shoot lasers better then you!"

"Why you little-you won't be saying that when I'm through with you Freakazoid!" The Lobe exclaimed.

The Lobe started shooting lasers at Freakazoid, which the blue superhero started to dodge with unease. His car took way to much damage, but he was not going to give up. He had to save Cosgrove, his friend. As long as his friend was unconscious in the passenger seat of Courage's car, then he was not going to give The Lobe satisfaction of winning.

When Edd drove next to Eddy, he said to him, "Eddy, I have a plan."

"Well, it's about time," Eddy replied. "I don't think that Randy and that Silva guy is going to hold out much longer."

The smart Ed looked at the two rookie drivers, shooting weapons after weapons at The Lobe, but to no avail. Freakazoid was with them, dodging the lasers as The Lobe keeps shooting at him.

"Good, with those distractions The Lobe won't realize what you are about to do Eddy," Edd said.

"And that is?" Eddy asked.

"The Lobe is shooting the lasers from his hands. The holes are big enough to fit a missile. While he is distracted, you can shoot a missile at the holes so he can't shoot the lasers," the smart Ed explained.

"Okay, what are you gonna do?" Eddy asked.

"I'm going to find the weak points of Lobe's robot," Edd replied.

The greedy Ed nodded, and drove to The Lobe while he was distracted by Freakazoid and the two rookie drivers. Courage, on the other hand, was driving right behind the others in order to avoid the fight. He was feeling more useless then ever. But he had to something right?

"I've had enough of this charade!" The Lobe exclaimed, getting tired of missing an easy target such as Freakazoid.

Eddy was right behind the robot where it couldn't see him. He tried to aim for the hands, but they were moving to much, shooting lasers at Freakazoid and the two rookies. Speaking of the two rookies, they themselves were forming a plan in order to get past this robot.

Randy looked at Silva as they both shot missiles at the robot with little to no damage to it.

"Well, looks like we're going to have to put our differences aside and work together if we're gonna pass this guy up," Randy commented.

"I hate to agree with you, but your right," Silva replied. "I'll shoot at The Lobe with my rail gun, while you shoot at him with your missiles."

"Isn't that what we've been doing for the past five minutes?" Randy asked.

"But this time we'll shoot at one spot of the robot, that way we can inflict more damage."

Randy nod his head and understood. If they were too shoot at one spot of the robot instead of multiple spots, then that spot would inflict more damage, especially if they fire their weapons continually. Silva started to shoot his rail gun at The Lobe's arm first. Then, Randy started to shoot some missiles at the same spot. This did inflict some damage to the arm, and The Lobe couldn't fire his lasers from that arm. But it did make him mad.

"It doesn't matter, I still have a free arm!" The Lobe exclaimed.

The robot took it's left arm and started firing lasers at the two rookies, which they both dodged. Eddy decided to use this chance to fire a missile at the robot's right arm. When the missile impacted, the missile clogged up the hole that fires the laser. This made The Lobe even more angrier.

"Bingo!" Eddy exclaimed. "Now for the other arm!"

"I won't allow you to!" The Lobe exclaimed as he used the robot's left arm to shoot lasers at him.

The smart Ed decided to use this advantage to scan for weak points on the robot. He pressed the scan button and said to the computer, "Computer, scan that robot for weak points."

Scanning weak points, the computer replied. After for only one minute, the computer spoke up again and said, Weak points:The glass dome is the whole power point of the robot. If it were to be destroyed, then the whole robot would destroyed as well.

"Why didn't I see it before?" Edd asked himself. "Everybody, the glass dome that The Lobe is in is the weak point! Aim for it!"

"All right!" Eddy exclaimed.

Eddy shot a missile, aiming for the glass dome. The Lobe managed to dodge it by moving the robot's head out of the way.

"I won't have your way!" The Lobe said, shooting his lasers even more aggressively.

The two rookie drivers tried the same tactic they used when they attacked the arm, but The Lobe simply dodges the bullets and missiles by moving the robot's head. He then started laughing.

"Oh please, is that all you've got?" he asked.

"Looks like we'll need a new distraction to keep him busy," the smart Ed muttered.

As if he overheard Edd, Courage drove ahead of him and started shooting his mini machine gun at The Lobe's legs, which caused no damage.

I have to do something, he thought, I'm tired of being useless while everyone is fighting for their lives!

The Lobe aimed right at Courage and fired a laser at the poor dog. Courage was barely able to dodge it, and continued firing his machine gun at the robot.

"Hmph, insignificant dog!" The Lobe exclaimed.

The Lobe then shot another laser at Courage, which, this time, was heading straight for him. Courage saw this and had no time to dodge it. The pink dog screamed in fear, as he always does. His life started to flash before his eyes as the laser was coming closer and closer to him.

This is it...I have no use...I was useless all this time...I can' anything...

Just when the laser was close to him, the smart Ed got in front of him and popped open a shield, which ricochet of off it and bounced somewhere else behind Edd. The smart Ed deactivated his shield and said to Courage, "Don't worry Courage, just stay behind us, we'll handle this."

Edd accelerated his speed to try and get closer to the robot to find a way to hit the glass dome. Courage gripped his paws on the steering wheel, angry that he was completely useless again during the race. He was so angry that he was about to floor the gas pedal to the robot, until Freakazoid stopped.

"No Courage, you need to take care of Cosgrove!" Freakazoid said. "We'll handle the rest!"

Courage looked down sadly, can't believe that he was completely useless again. Freakazoid noticed this and smile.

"Your very brave for going back and saving Cosgrove," he commented. "I don't think that I could have done that...okay, maybe I can, but your brave none the less."

Freakazoid gave Courage a thumbs up and went back into the fight. Afterwards, a light bulb appeared above his head. "I got it!" he exclaimed.

Freakazoid floored the gas pedal as hard as he could and drove towards the legs of the robots. The two Eds and the two rookies noticed this as they zoomed right past him.

"What in the world is he doing?" Eddy said.

"I don't know, but it looks like he has a plan," the smart Ed replied.

The Lobe noticed that Freakazoid was driving towards it's legs at full speed. "I don't know what your up too Freakazoid," he said, "but you are not about too get past me!

The Lobe started to fire his lasers at the blue superhero. Freakazoid just kept on going forward despite the lasers aiming right at him. As a matter of fact, the lasers all impacted on Freakazoid's car with ease, causing even more damage to his car.

"Freakazoid, what are you doing?" Edd asked.

"Trust me on this!" Freakazoid replied.

Freakazoid continued driving straight, until his car was literally on flames due to the lasers.

"If he keeps going like that," Edd said, "his vehicle will eventually explode!"

"Well then we've gotta do something to help him!" Eddy exclaimed.

"We can't Eddy, his car is already in flames; it should explode in any minute."

Freakazoid was now at the robot's leg, and since he gathered enough speed, he was able to ride up at the leg, with his car still on fire, and drove up to the hand. The Lobe ceased firing, since if he were to fire at Freakazoid while he was on his leg, then he would inflict more damage to his own robot.

"What are you doing, you idiot?" The Lobe exclaimed.

When Freakazoid got to the robot's hand, he drove to the hole where The Lobe was firing his lasers and drove in it. The smart Ed now knew what Freakazoid was up too.

"I see! He's clogging up the other lasers hand with his own car, so The Lobe wouldn't fire anymore lasers at us!" he said.

"Yeah, now is your chance to hit the dome!" Freakazoid exclaimed.

"All right," Silva said.

He began to aim one of his missiles at the dome, until Eddy stopped him by saying, "Wait, what will happen to Freakazoid if we fire?"

"If he were to stay up there, then Freakazoid will most likely explode with the robot as well," Edd said.

Freakazoid heard what the smart Ed mentioned, while The Lobe was trying to shake Freakazoid off of it's hand. "Don't worry about me!" he exclaimed. "Just do it! All superheroes like me survive!"

But the two Eds were still hesitant as to what would happen to Freakazoid. They would definitely feel responsible if Freakazoid were to die in the explosion.

"Look, I don't know why you guys are being hesitant," Silva said, "but I'm about to finish off this robot."

Silva fired a missile at the glass dome where The Lobe was. While The Lobe was still trying to shake off Freakazoid off of his hand, The Lobe looked at the corner of his eyes to see a missile coming right at him. He gasped and quickly pressed a button inside the robot that said "eject". When he did, the glass dome opened just right before the missile impacted on the dome itself, and the whole robot exploded in nothing but debris. The Lobe flew into the sky due to the explosion.

"NOT AGAIN!" he exclaimed as he continued to soar through the sky.

Along with the robot, Freakazoid's car exploded to debris as well, but Freakazoid himself managed to bail out of the car, but just barely. When he landed on the ground, one would notice that Freakazoid had a lot of scratches on his suit, to the point where if you could guess he was still alive.

Courage drove up to the lifeless Freakazoid, as he was not moving an inch. The two Eds and Randy also drove to Freakazoid, but Silva and just kept on driving, like he didn't do anything. Courage got out of his car and sniffed Freakazoid, to see if he was still alive.

"Well Courage?" Eddy asked.

Courage nod his head as if to say he was still alive. But he was unconscious, and probably needed medical attention.

"Hey, what are we standing around here for?" Eddy asked. "That Mandark guy is gonna win if he reaches the finish line!"

"Your right, let's hurry and catch up," Edd said.

The two Eds quickly drove forward, almost heading to the finish line, as well as Randy. Courage, on the other hand, dragged the unconscious Freakazoid to his car, and sat him on the passenger seat with the unconscious Cosgrove. He then began to drive off, but first another mysterious driver that would give the two Eds, the two rookie drivers, Mandark, and even Dee Dee hell, past up Courage before he could even hit the gas pedal.

"Man this race is exciting!" Blitz exclaimed. "The two Eds managed to destroy that huge robot, and now their getting closer and closer to the finish line!"

"Yes, but Mandark is in the lead so far, but Dee Dee might change that soon enough," Sheila announced.

While the two Eds, the two rookie drivers, and Courage were driving to catch up with the unconscious Ed, and while Dee Dee was firing weapon after weapon at Mandark, another driver zoomed right past the two Eds at a very fast speed, so fast that they didn't see him. They were mostly focusing on trying to get to the finish line before Mandark. This driver came from the same shortcut as Courage. Between an alleyway in the big wide opened city, was a shortcut to this dessert area. The alleyway lead into a bridge, a bridge that connected from the big wide opened city to the dessert area. Up ahead, Dee Dee and Mandark were still fighting, Dee Dee with near tears at her eyes for what Mandark has done. They couldn't have possibly known that this new driver would give them hell.

Dee Dee was still pouring out weapon after weapon at Mandark, mostly wasting her ammo at one boy. She didn't care anymore, it's as if the whole world is blocked around her. All she could see in the world was a dark pathway and Mandark. She was that blinded by rage. Beside her the unconscious Ed appeared far away to Dee Dee. That's what made Dee Dee scared in the first place. It was as if he was already dead. And it was also like getting rid of Mandark would help that pain somehow. Their was a feeling for this:rage, nothing but blind rage.

"Dee Dee, stop!" Mandark plead.

Mandark pleas were far and distant to Dee Dee, it didnt' matter to her. She continued shooting missiles, bullets, lasers, everything at Mandark, and Mandark was having a hard time dodging the ammo. Almost one or two missiles would hit him so close that it was like being in WWI, the documentary he saw on tv. The only difference was that this was not black and white, and, most importantly, it was real. Of course it was real. He should have saw this coming; this race has been a breeze for him until he...he couldn't say kill Ed, and Dee Dee raging on at him. And he didn't want to hurt his beloved.

"Okay Dee Dee, I quit!" he exclaimed, trying to calm the raging Dee Dee. "I'm sorry if I killed Ed, I-"

Before he could finish his sentence, a missile impacted right next to him, forcing his car to swerve in an uncontrollable like rage. Dee Dee decided to use this chance by shooting off some bullets at Mandark. Mandark predicted this and pressed the shield button, which caused the big round shield to appear around him, and the bullets to bounce off the shield and onto the ground. This made Dee Dee even more angry. Not the fact that she couldn't hit Mandark with a spur of bullets, but the fact that she couldn't get this uncontrollable of her. She was angry because of what Mandark did to Ed, no doubt. But did that give her any reason to be angry? Maybe she loved Ed just that much...

Once Mandark saw that Dee Dee was spacing out, he used this chance to get away from her as fast as he can. Dee Dee snapped out of her trance of thinking and saw that Mandark was trying to get away. She put her foot on the gas pedal hard, not wanting him to get out of her sight. Just then a red flashing appeared in her car. She noticed that she was out of ammo now, which did not cleanse her anger down one bit. But no matter, she could just ram into Mandark like their was no tomorrow. She was about to do just that, until another driver from behind came and rammed Dee Dee out of the way with his speed. The girl started swerving until she hit the brakes. The driver that bumped into her drove right past her with any sympathy on his face. Dee Dee's anger started boiling up even more, and she hit the gas pedal and to teach this driver a lesson.

The two announcers, Blitz and Sheila, noticed the driver that just bumped into Dee Dee and both looked with surprise. Blitz got his microphone and announced, "Where in the world did Mike Son come from?"

"It must have been the shortcut in the big wide open area, the same one Courage took," Sheila exclaimed.

"Well, Mike Son is also one of the best top rookies of the season, not as good as Him, but still good none the less ladies and gentleman," Blitz announced. "Mandark is definitely going to have a tough time with this one."

When Mandark heard this, he saw at the corner of his eyes, in his rear view mirror, that another driving was fast approaching him at top speed.

"No way!" he exclaimed. "I am not about lose, not when I'm so close!"

Mandark pressed a button in his car, causing a heavy machine gun to appear on top of his car, and started firing at the driver. To Mandark's surprise, the driver was fast. He dodged the bullets like if you were throwing heavy slow objects at him. Mandark then tried a different approach and switched to the missiles, and started firing rapidly at him. The driver even dodge these more easily then the bullets to Mandark's surprise. The missiles instead exploded on the dessert ground, causing dust to rise up from it's surface.

"It looks like we'll be having a different winner after all ladies and gentleman!" Blitz announced. "If Mike is able to pass Mandark, then it'll be the end of him, because once Mike takes a place, he always stays in it."

"Yes, for he has the top record for staying in first place for the longest time here in DEATHRACE," Sheila announced as well.

The people in the crowd were anxious to see what would happen next, while the cloak figure was smiling evilly down at the track.

Looks like I'll be using my weapon after all when he catches up, he thought.

"Looks like you leave me with no choice but to use the laser!" Mandark exclaimed.

Mandark pressed, what he didn't know his final button, and his laser, the same laser that he used against Ed, replaced the missiles from his car. He shot it at Mike, knowing that no one can dodge a laser that can spread at a 5km radius. When the laser looked like it impacted on Mike, Mandark laughed his strange laugh, knowing for sure that the laser hit him.

"You fool, no one can beat the almighty Mandark!" he exclaimed.

"Your the fool," a voice said from the dust flying from the ground from the laser.

Mandark was completely surprised. When the dust cleared, Mike's car was completely unscratched, even thought Mandark was sure that the laser hit him.

"But that's impossible," Mandark said, "that laser spread at a 5km radius, no one-!"

Before he could finish his statement, the rookie driver Mark shot out a missile at Mandark, and before Mandark could even blink, the missile impacted on the car with great force, causing the car to explode into debris.

"Well, so much for Mandark, their was no way he could have survived that explosion," Blitz announced.

The driver Mike drove past the debris of Mandark's car like nothing happened, like he was driving in a highway passing up a bad car wreck. When Dee Dee saw the debris that was Mandark's car, she gasped and covered her mouth. Suddenly her rage turned into something else, something unfamiliar to her at the time, but something she will learn later on in life: regret. She regretted trying to kill Mandark, seeing the scattered debris around the area. Even though Mandark did tried(or did) kill Ed, he didn't deserve to die. Punished, yes, but not death. This feeling that Dee Dee was feeling, it was like wanting to kill someone for stealing something valuable from you, and you want them to die for it. But then you learn that the guy who stole your valuables was killed in a car accident, also learning that he was homeless and had no job, and you know felt bad for him. That was the feeling that Dee Dee felt. It wasn't long after until rage boiled up inside Dee Dee. She stepped on the gas pedal and headed towards the driver who killed Mandark, with a new task in mind.

"Well, seeing how Mandark is dead and no one else behind Mike, it looks like this race belongs to him," Blitz said.

When Mike heard this, it was like music to his hears. He was actually going to be a winner for once in his life. When he first joined DEATHRACE, all he was in it for was the money and the jewel, it looked valuable enough to strike some more dough, he thought. Once he won the competition, he thought about buying his own mansion and hosting parties non stop. He would also buy him an expensive car, a pool, some expensive clothes, the works. He was going to live it big. He has been thinking about using some of the money to help his poor mother with her cancer, but he objected the idea. Why waste money on someone you don't even care about? And besides, using one million dollars for just yourself is more worthy then spending it on someone else.

Yep, he was just smooth sailing it to the finish line when Blitz's voice came back on again. "Wait a minute, it looks like Dee Dee is catching up!" he exclaimed.

This made Mike looked out of his rear view mirror to see that Blitz was right. The girl that he rammed into a few meters back was catching up to him as fast as The Road Runner. No matter, all he just had to do was dish out some of his weapons on her. But before he could even push a button, the girl said:

"Why did you kill Mandark like that?" she said with rage in her voice.

Mike could have bust into laughter, if he wasn't busy trying to get to the finish line and get rid of this annoying girl out of his back.

"What, you mean that big headed boy?" he asked girl through his window.

"Yeah!" she exclaimed.

"In case you haven't heard, little girl, you can do that in this competition," he answered very dully.

Of course Dee Dee knew this, but she was still angry at him, probably because she missed Ed.(She still didn't know if he was dead or not.)

"But you killed him so cold blooded!" Dee Dee exclaimed.

Mike was getting bored of this talk. He didn't have to listen to some obnoxious little girl. He shot a missile at Dee Dee, which was heading straight to her. Dee Dee countered this by shooting bullets at the missile for it to explode in mid impact. It did, and Dee Dee stepped hard on the gas pedal, shooting bullets as she accelerates her speed. The only problem is, is that she was out of bullets from shooting so much at Mandark. She gasped at this. Without any weapons, their was no way in hell she was going to beat this guy, who probably had tons of weapons at his disposal.

"Out of ammo I see," Mike declared, seeing Dee Dee's surprised face through his rear view mirror. "That's just to bad."

Mike began shooting more missiles at Dee Dee. The yellow haired girl had no other choice but to dodge his missiles, which she was having a hard time doing, since the missiles that Mike was shooting was a straight lock on system. Even if you tried to dodge the missiles, they would follow you until they hit you, plain as that. One of the missiles did in fact only scratched the side of her car. The missile itself exploded to the side of her, bringing her car to swerve. Mike decided to use this advantage by switching from missiles to a heavy duty machine gun, and started firing at the poor defenseless Dee Dee. Bullets drew like sparks when they impacted on Dee Dee, causing little holes to form on her car, a lot of them. Their were so many bullets that the window glass of her car broke into tiny little shards. The bullets were so heavy that parts of her car, the paint, the front bumper, the side bumpers, were starting to fall apart, reavealing Dee Dee's completely naked car. When the paint and parts of her car were splitting open, she started to scream.

I never thought I would die like this, she thought, I'm going to die, oh yes, I'm going to die. Dee Dee turned her head to the lifeless Ed. Well, not completely lifeless. Dee Dee could still see some life inside of Ed, he was still alive. She thought about pushing Ed out of her car, while the bullets were still impacting on her car like a bunch of little birds pecking on your head. But she didn't have the strength, she couldn't move at all. She was to scared. And she felt bad for herself, not protecting Ed. Feeling so useless. Well, she thought again, unless I'll have a friend where I'm going...

"If Dee Dee keeps taking those bullets, she better start saying her prayers!" Blitz said. Blitz could somehow see the coldness in Mike's eyes. Well, not see, but can feel the coldness in his eyes. He started feeling bad for the poor girl...

That is, until he saw five drivers heading straight to where Dee Dee was getting shot at. These five drivers were in fact the two Eds, the two rookie drivers, Randy Corp and Leonard Silva, and Courage.

"Ah, some of the drivers has caught up!" Sheila announced.

"Hang on Dee Dee!" the smart Ed exclaimed.

Edd quickly started shooting bullets at Mike, and since Mike was busy shooting Dee Dee and did not want to get hit, he had no choice but to cease his shooting to dodge Edd's bullets. The smart Ed then drove to the side of Dee Dee, who was just screaming in horror. He also saw a lifeless Ed in the passenger seat. This made the smart Ed gasped.

"What happened to Ed?" he exclaimed.

Dee Dee woke up from her spell when she saw the sparks stopped coming. The sound of Double D's voice woke her back into reality. Before she was imagining herself in a field of flowers, with Ed right beside her. Dee Dee started crying again, seeing how completely useless she was in protecting her friend.

"Dee Dee, what happened to Ed?" Edd exclaimed even more roughly.

"Don't worry Double D, he's still alive, he's just unconscious," Dee Dee explained. "Mandark shot a laser at his car, a really big one. But Ed bailed out of the car in time, but he still took damage."

Eddy overheard this conversation, and quickly drove to the other side of Dee Dee. "Why that little! Wait until I get my hand on him!" Eddy exclaimed.

"You won't be doing that Eddy," Dee Dee said. "Because Mandark is already dead. That driver that was shooting at me killed him."

Eddy and Edd looked forward to see the driver that killed Mandark, Mike, was looking at his rear view mirror at them. He was wondering what was taking them so long for them to attack him. He decided to throw this thought away and attack them first by shooting his heavy machine gun at the two Eds. Edd and Eddy quickly drove to dodge the bullets, as well as Dee Dee.

"Dee Dee, your car is badly damage, stay out of the way while we deal with this driver," Edd exclaimed.

"Okay, and I'm sorry I couldn't protect Ed," Dee Dee said sadly.

Edd and Eddy, for a moment, looked down in sadness, hoping that their friend was all right. They could only hope.

"That's why we need you to stay out of the way, so Ed won't take any damage," Eddy said.

Dee Dee nodded and drove behind the two rookie drivers and Courage. Leonard noticed the driver known as Mike, who was also a top rookie driver. He faced him before in a DEATHMATCH challenge. He's pretty dangerous, a real driver.

"Yep, looks like we're going to have to work together in order to beat this guy," Silva said. "He's a tough one."

"Okay, no problem, if you really say he's this dangerous," Randy said.

The cloak figure was smiling, gripping something in his hands with excitement. He couldn't wait to use it on him...

Back on the track, Mike was shooting his heavy machine gun at Eddy, while Eddy was dodging the bullets from left and right. Edd decided to help his friend by activating his shield and getting in front of Eddy. The bullets bounce off the shield in different directions.

"A shield huh?" Mike said, looking at his rear view mirror. "My missiles can take care of that."

Mike switched from the heavy duty machine gun to the missiles. When Edd noticed how big the missile launcher on top of Mike's car was, he told Eddy, "I don't think my shield can take that thing. Get out of the way!"

Eddy quickly did so, and so did Edd. Mike fired one of his missiles, aiming for the smart Ed at first. Edd quickly got out of the way from the missile impacting him. When he did, the missile went behind him, but Edd didn't hear no explosion. When he looked at his rear view mirror, he saw to his horror that the missile was heading straight for him from behind, and this time he had no time to dodge it.

"Double D, look out!" Eddy exclaimed.

But it was to late, as the missile impacted on Edd's shield, exploding it into a million pieces. Eddy gasped at this. Dust flew around where the explosion was, making it hard to see Edd, or the remains of Edd, through the dust.

"Well, sad to say ladies and gentleman, but the top rookie driver Edd is no-wait a minute!" Sheila said.

When the dust cleared, Edd was still driving his car, and it wasn't in pieces. But their were was some damage to his car though, where much of his paint has come off, and part of the side bumper was missing.

"How in the world did he survived the explosion," Sheila said puzzlingly.

"It must have been the shield," Edd thought out aloud. "Even thought it couldn't take the missile, it did protect me from some damage."

"Thank goodness, I thought you were a goner there," Eddy said in relief.

"Oh trust me, you will be a goner," Mike said.

The two Eds noticed that Mike shot off another missile at the group. The smart Ed know knew the missile he was shooting were homing missiles, so the missiles would follow them no matter where they go. He had no chance in telling Eddy this, because the missile was close to impacting on them.

"Can't you fools do anything for yourself?" Silva said.

Leonard drove in front of the two Eds and shot some bullets from his rail torrent gun at the missile. This caused the missile to explode in the middle of it's collision course. The two Eds didn't have time to thank Silva for saving their lives either, because Silva started shooting his rail gun torrent at Mike Son. The bullets started to impact on his car, causing for some holes to form on it. Mike quickly pressed a button to activate a shield around him. Silva didn't expect that the his bullets would ricochet back at him, because the shield possessed enough resistance to withstand the impact of his bullets. If only Silva knew this, then maybe he some of his bullets wouldn't make bullet holes in his car. Silva quickly stopped shooting at Mike and switched to his lasers. He shot two of his lasers at Mike, but, like last time, the lasers ricochet back to him, which he quickly dodge.

"It's no use, my shield can ricochet back anything you throw at me," Mike explained.

Silva cursed under his breath, trying to find some way to get rid of his shield.

"Guys, if we all fire our weapons at him at the same time, we can destroy his shield!" Edd exclaimed.

Silva looked at his side to see that Edd, as well as Eddy, Randy, and Courage were right beside him.

"And how do you know this?" Silva asked.

"I used my computer to scan the shield for weak points," Edd exclaimed, "and it said that the shield can't take more then 10 percent of ammo."

Silva thought about this. If that were true, then surely if they would all fire at Mike at the same time, then the shield would break, and possibly some damage could be inflicted upon him. Still, he was skeptical listening to some kid. While he was thinking, Mike stated shooting some of his missiles again while his shield was deactivated at the group.

"Look out Silva!" Edd exclaimed.

Silva, taking Edd's word this time, activated a shield of his own, without even looking at the missile that was coming to him. Mike's missile impacted on Silva's shield, and, to Silva's surprise, the shield exploded into tiny little pieces. Silva didn't hesitate to try and shoot more lasers at Mike, but Mike activated his shield before the lasers could even travel farther to him. Once the lasers ricochet off the shield, Silva quickly got out of the way when the lasers went back at him. Silva decided to listen to Edd's idea.

"Hey, are you sure that if we all shoot together, the shield will break?" Silva asked.

"I'm not quite sure, but it's our only option," Edd commented.

"Fine." Silva said simply.

The smart Ed nodded and the group of heroes began to aim their weapons at Mike. Edd with a machine gun, Eddy with a missile, Randy with a missile, and Silva with his laser pulses. Mike saw through his rear view mirror that the group was all aiming their weapons at him. He didn't know what they were up to, but he had a feeling that if they fire all their weapons, disastrous results would occur. He was about to get away from the group, until a car that was pink and had black spots on it stopped him. Courage was at the side of him, touching the side of Mike's sheild with his. This caused Mike from moving to the side hard.

"Way to go Courage!" Eddy exclaimed.

Mike quickly turned his wheel to the left side, the opposite of Courage, when, to his surprise, their was another car on the side of him. This car was more familiar to Mike, because this car was Edd's car. The kid and that dog must be creating a barracks so Mike couldn't move, so his shield would get hit. Mike looked in his rear view mirror to see if the group was about to unleash all their weapons, when he saw, to his even more surprise, that Edd was their, preparing to shoot with his machine gun. Mike then looked back on his side to see Edd holding his shield to form a barracks.

"Must be confused huh?" Eddy asked.

"Using my delusion technique(first seen in chapter 3) I used my delusion clone to block you from moving," Edd explained. "Now, fire all your weapons!"

Edd, Eddy, Randy, and Silva fired all their respected weapons at the same time at the shield. When they impacted on the shield, it scattered and blew into pieces, not before Courage got out of the way of the explosion. The Edd duplicate stayed there and took the full impact, but it was only a duplicate, so it didn't matter.

"Yes, we did it!" Eddy exclaimed. "Now all we gotta do is get rid of the driver himself!"

Do you really think it will be that easy? Mike thought. Mike aimed his heavy duty machine gun, aiming at the short Ed. Even though my shield is broken, I will not lose to a bunch of losers.

The smart Ed looked up front to see that Mike was going to shoot his machine gun. He also saw him aiming at Eddy. Before Edd could scream out Eddy's name for him to get out of the way, bullets started coming out of the Mike's gun, and were headed towards Eddy. Eddy didn't have time to react when he saw a bunch of bullets coming towards him. Everything went in slow motion, feeling as though the bullets would take forever to impact on him. But in reality, the bullets were coming at him fast, just like regular bullets, but in Eddy's world, the bullets were coming at him at a slow pace, and he didn't know what to do. The next thing he saw was his friend, Edd, driving in front of him, and then everything went back into a regular pace.

Edd drove in front of Eddy, and pressed a button to activate his shield. But he remembered, to his horror, that his shield was broken by Mike. He definitely realised this when Mike's bullets started impacting at his car. Sparks flew in front of Edd, sparks so bright that he would think that this was New Year's Day, like fireworks. Bullet holes started to form in his car. Edd tried to drive away from the bullets, which he did start doing, but the bullets just kept following him, like a bunch of bees trying to sting you from stealing their honey. And since the bullets were shot out of a heavy machine gun, the impact made it much worse for Edd's car. It wasn't long until his car started arouse with black smoke from the front bumper.

"Double D!" Eddy exclaimed.

I just can't sit here and do nothing while Double D is getting hammered at! Eddy thought.

The short Ed decided to take action. He quickly drove in front of Edd, avoiding some of the bullets that came from Mike's gun, and started shooting bullets from his gun at Mike, while he was preoccupied with shooting Edd. Eddy knew this would work, since Mike was busy shooting at Double D, he couldn't avoid the bullets while he was shooting at him. And if he did move, then he would surely stop shooting at Edd, giving him enough time to get out of the way. What Eddy didn't expect was this: when he started shooting at Mike, Mike would aim at Eddy with a missile with his name on it. And that is exactly what happened. Eddy started shooting at Mike with his own set of bullets. When Mike felt the impact of the bullets, he quickly pressed a button in his car, which caused the missile launcher to appear on top of his car. And, while the missile launcher was coming, he was still shooting bullets out of his heavy duty machine gun at Edd. Mike then fired one of the missiles at Eddy, which Eddy did not see coming, for throughout this whole competition, he only saw a driver only using one weapon instead of two at the same time. By this time Edd's car started to catch on fire.

"This seems to be the end for the top rookie driver Edd," Blitz announced, watching the whole thing through a stand on top of the racing course. His voice was full of excitement, wondering what in the world would happen next. His partner, Sheila, also shared the same amount of excitement in her body. Everybody in the crowd was also holding on to their seats as well, some of them having dissapointed tones in their voices from betting on Edd. The cloak figure, who was sitting on the far corner of the stands, was not impressed. Instead, he was smiling, wondering if he was ever going to use his "weapon".

When Eddy saw the missile coming straight at him, he didn't know what to do, since it was so unexpected. His first thought, of course, was to move out of the way. But his hands wouldn't move from the steering wheel, because it was already to late to move. When the missile was closing in on him, the vehicle of Courage appeared in front of him, with a shield around his car. The missile impacted on the shield, causing an explosion that Eddy could see in front of Courage. Eddy wasn't surprised when the shield broke, since it broke Double D's shield into a million pieces.

"Thanks Courage!" Eddy said to the pink dog in front of him.

Courage gave a thumbs out by sticking his thumb out of his window. Eddy returned the favor. He then looked at his rear view mirror, to see the condition of Edd's car. To his surprise, Edd's car was in a million pieces, with Edd at least ten feet away from the car. He must have bailed out just in time before his car exploded. Eddy quickly drove back to where Edd was, and picked up the lifeless Ed and placed him in the passenger seat of his car. Dee Dee was right behind him when he climbed back into his car.

"Will he be okay?" she asked. "I just saw him bail out, he couldn't have passed out or anything."

"Knowing Double D," Eddy began, "he did. He was always weak when it came to sports, so him bailing out of the car must have been too much for him."

Eddy then quickly accelerated his speed, with Dee Dee in tow of him.

"Well ladies and gentleman, Double D is down for the count, and their are only six drivers left to get to the finish line!" Blitz announced, the excitement in his voice bearing through the speakers of the racing course. "Who will take this Grand Prix today?"

The answer to this question would be revealed in a rather shocking way. As soon as Eddy started driving, Dee Dee saw that he started to turn and swerve to the left, and then the right, to the point where she could see the tire marks on the dessert road.

"Eddy, what's the matter with you, why are you turning like that?" Dee Dee asked through her opened window.

"I-I don't know!" Eddy exclaimed. "I'm not doing this!"

Eddy tried to hit the brakes in order to stop himself from swerving, but the brakes wouldn't budge an inch for some reason, which was strange, because it was working fine before. Eddy just kept on swerving from left to right, but still going in a straight direction to the three rookie drivers and Courage. Speaking of those people, Courage himself started shooting his mini machine gun at Mike, but Mike just kept dodging the bullets like it were nothing. Courage then took a different approach, and instead pressed the gas pedal even more to ram into Mike, hoping his car would swerve enough for him to pass.

"Is that dog crazy?" Silva said out loud. "Going up and trying to ram him is suicide!"

"Why is that?" Randy asked.

"Didn't you hear what I said before? Mike is a dangerous driver, and going up to him with all those dangerous weapons is just stupid!"

Courage knew it was stupid to try and ram into Mike, but he had to do something. All this time he had been useless, only picking up the lifeless bodies of Cosgrove and Freakazoid. He couldn't do anything useful. Back when he was at the farm, he had been helpful at times, saving his two loving-well, only one adopted parent from monsters and stuff. But now, he was more useless then ever. He even wondered how he got far into this competition. As always, it was luck that helped him. But...wasn't he lucky to have such luck on his side in the first place? Courage began driving faster, thinking about if his luck would help him get rid of this driver in front of him, and proceeded to ram into Mike. Unfortunately, before Courage could even touch Mike's car, a missile out of the missile launcher launched at him with in incredible speed.

"See, what did I tell you!" Silva said.

"Well, looks like their are about to five drivers now!" Blitz exclaimed.

"Wait, why is the dog still driving forward?" Sheila said confusedly.

Sure enough, Courage was still driving forward, even with a missile right in front of him. Courage had the idea to bail out of the car as soon as the missile was close enough to him. When the missile would impact on the car, the car would still drive forward due to the speed of the car that Courage was riding out, hopefully hitting Mike. When the missile did close enough, Courage quickly bailed out, with the explosion of his car driving him into the air a couple feet. Just like Courage thought, the car was still moving forward, on fire and heading towards Mike. Mike, on the other hand, anticipated this, and got out of the way from Courage's car by steering his steering wheel to the right. Courage damage car kept on driving forward away from Mike, until it skidded into a halt up ahead.

"Well, that was pathetic," Mike said to no one at all.

"Well, their goes another driver, now their are only five left in the standings!" Blitz announced. "And I say, what a humiliating defeat that was."

When Courage heard this, he was heartbroken to know that this was right, it was a humiliating defeat. He was useless this whole time, he was sure of that. He really thought that he could have at least been the little of help.

But I guess luck wasn't on my side today, Courage thought.

Courage then saw Eddy, and for someone reason his car was swerving like crazy. Courage thought that Eddy would hit the brakes and bring him into his car, but instead he past him up, like he didn't see him. And he was still swerving his car like crazy. After Eddy passed him up, he saw Dee Dee heading towards him. She got out of her car and bend down on the poor dog.

"Are you okay?" Dee Dee asked.

Courage only spoke some gibberish that Dee Dee didn't understand. "I don't know what your saying, but you can catch a ride with me if you want."

Courage just shook his head to this. Dee Dee picked up Courage with both of her hands and placed the little dog in the passenger seat, where Ed was lying, still unconscious.

"Sorry, but your going to have to sit on Ed's lap," Dee Dee said as she placed the pink dog into Ed's lap.

Dee Dee then went back into her car and drove forward. When she looked at the dog from the corner of his eyes, she saw that the dog was looking sad. Part of her wanted to aske what was wrong, but she just decided against this. She guessed that the dog was sad because he thought he was useless. She didn't know how, but she just guessed this. Dee Dee sort of felt the same way. She still felt bad for not protecting Ed, and just looking at Ed's lifeless form, it made the feeling worse. She quickly drove these rambling thoughts out of her head and pushed on the gas pedal further, in order to catch up to Eddy, who was still swerving like a mad man.

Back up ahead, Mike was dodging lasers and bullets from the two rookie drivers, Randy and Leonard. No matter how much they continued to shoot, Mike would just dodge the ammo like they were throwing rocks at his car.

"We are not going anywhere like this," Leonard said to Randy.

"I agree," Randy said. "I guess we have to work together huh?"

"Seems like it. Let's block Mike's steering velocity by creating a 'barracks' around him." Leonard suggested.

"Sound good to me," Randy replied. "Then what?"

"Then we use our weapons against him while he can't turn."

"But didn't you say that going close to him is dangerous?" Randy asked.

"Yes, but do we have another choice?" Leonard asked.

"I guess your right," Randy replied.

The two of them then split up into two parts, Randy going to the right, Leonard going to the left. Mike saw this, and decided to shoot at Randy first with his heavy machine gun, since Randy was on a motorcycle, it should be easy to hit him. But to Mike's surprise, Randy started to outmaneuver the bullets easy. It wasn't long before Randy and Leonard got on both sides of Mike. When they did, they both touched the sides of his car, making steering for Mike impossible.

"All right Randy, let her rip!" Leonard exclaimed.

Randy and Leonard were about to fire their weapons at Mike, but Mike thought otherwise. He quickly started shooting at Randy while they were holding him. One of the bullets shot right through his arm, causing blood to flow out of a circle where the bullet went. Randy howled in pain and fell off his motorcycle. Leonard gasped at this. While Leonard was surprised, Mike began to shoot at his car as well. Leonard saw sparks flying at the side of him, and quickly steered to the left in order to avoid anymore bullets. But Mike was still shooting at him, even though he was a pretty good distance away from him. It wasn't long before his car caught on fire. Leonard quickly bailed out of his car, rolling onto the ground until coming to a complete halt. He heard his car explode in the distance, scattering into debris everywhere, while Mike just passed him up, like nothing happened.

"Well, this is it ladies and gentleman," Blitz announced. "It appears that Mike is going to take this one. With Dee Dee's car badly damaged and Eddy's car malfunctioning, it appears that the Grand Prix will belong to Mike Son."

The crowd was not pleased with this, since most of them did not bet on this Mike Son guy. But little did they know that their money would not go to wast on him, it would go to waste on somebody else.

Mike was glad that all the obstacles in his way were gone. Now, it was just smooth sailing to the finish line. Once he crosses that finish line, he will be one step closer into winning the prize money, and the emerald. And once he wins it, he can squeeze the what little life had to offer. He can finally forget about all the mishaps that happened in the past. Him going to jail under stupid charges, his love of his life that dumped him after he got out. Him living most of his life drinking beer in front of the TV, doing nothing and had no friends to call. All that was about to change. Soon, he would the rule the world with an iron fist. He would go out and buy anything he wanted, sleep with any girl he wanted, do whatever he wanted to do, not listen to his boss fuss at him all the time. He was going to be somebody. And forget his mother, who was right now dying of caner in her hospital bed. After all, ever she ever did was nag him to death. In fact, the old bag deserved to die, as well as his slutty girlfriend. He couldn't wait to shove his million dollar prize right in their faces. The finish line wasn't far now, he could see it. Mike Son accelerated his speed.

"It looks like Mike Son really-oh, I spoke to soon!" Sheila announced. "Eddy and Dee Dee have caught up!"

Mike looked in his rear view mirror. Sure enough, Eddy and Dee Dee were catching up at accelerated speed. But for some reason, the kid known as Eddy couldn't stop his car from swerving for some reason. He didn't know why, and he didn't care. All he cared about right now is reaching the finish line before those two kids catch up. Dee Dee saw Mike speeding up and decided to do the same. She passed Eddy up quickly.

"Wait, Dee Dee, your car is still damaged!" Eddy exclaimed, but Dee Dee kept driving anyway.

Dee Dee knew that her car was badly damaged. But she wanted to be helpful in some way, so the Paramount Emerald wouldn't go into the wrong hands.

"Whoa, Dee Dee is catching up very fast!" Blitz said, the excitement rising in his voice.

When Mike heard this, he quickly pressed the button that would activate his heavy machine gun. When he got it on top of his car, he noticed that he only had a few more bullets in.

Damn! he thought. I am not about to lose, especially to some girl!

He aimed at Dee Dee and started shooting at the girl. Dee Dee saw this coming and outmaneuvered the bullets successfully. The crowd stated getting excited seeing this. It was going to be a close call if Dee Dee catches up. Mike kept shooting at Dee Dee but to no results of her stopping. Then the machine gun ran out of bullets. Mike cursed under his breath. The girl was closing in on him now.

"Oh boy, if Mike doesn't do something soon, Dee Dee might take the Grand Prix!" Blitz said excitedly.

Oh, I will do something about all right, Mike thought.

Mike switched from the empty machine gun to his missile launcher. He then launched a missile at Dee Dee, knowing that it would most definitely hit. The missile flew straight towards Dee Dee. She tried to avoid it, but to no avail, the missile just kept on following her. She then remembered that the missiles were homing missiles, and that they would follow their target until it would impact. When the missile was about two inches away from her, she had no choice but to bail out of the car and let the missile impact on her car. The explosion knocked her a few feet back, while her car exploded into debris. The excitement from the crowd let down when they saw this.

"Well, it looks like it is going to be a win for Mike Son after all," Blitz announced.

Mike started laughing for no particular reason and said out loud to nobody, "Of course, what do you expect!" he said aloud. "That million dollar prize is mine!"

"Not while I'm still here!" Eddy said.

Mike was surprised, and looked in his rear view mirror to see the boy named Eddy swerving in a circle now, but still driving forward. This made Mike laugh even harder.

"Please, if you keep driving like that, I won't even have to use any of my weapons to beat you!" he exclaimed.

"Indeed, Eddy can't unleash any weapons if he keeps swerving like that!" Blitz announced.

Eddy tried to get his car in control, but no matter how hard he would hit the brakes, the car wouldn't stop. Mike's laughing was ringing in his ears madly.

"I'm tired of seeing such hopelessness!" Mike exclaimed. "I might as well shoot a missile at you to end your helpless position!"

Mike shot a missile at Eddy, and with Eddy swerving like crazy, he can't possibly avoid the missile. And even worse, he couldn't bail out of the car either. Since he was swerving like this, their was no way he could survive bailing out of the car.

"Well, looks like Mike has won this Grand Prix, and we are getting closer and closer to the DEATHRACE winner," Blitz announced, knowing that Eddy would get hit by the missile, and it would be over for him.

Suddenly everything slowed down for Eddy, and soon, everything would go black and white. Eddy expected to be soon walking in a field of flowers soon. But then again, he thought about his friends:Double D, Ed, and even Dee Dee. He couldn't die now, not with his friends at their mercy. But...but what could he do? His damn car wouldn't stop swerving, and he couldn't bail out of the car; he would die if he would do so.

Why...why? It can't end like this! Double D, Ed, everyone...NO!

Suddenly, everything stopped. The sound of the missile coming towards him, the sound of the crowd disappointment, everything. Eddy was in complete blackness. He was wondering if he was already dead. He looked around, but everything felt real. Although their was nothing to feel, he still could feel nothing. He could also feel himself flying for some strange reason.

What, am I dead? Eddy thought.

No, your not dead, a voice said.

Eddy looked around, but their was nobody here.

Who said that?

So, your another one that cares for his friends.

Yeah, of course I do!

Well then, just exactly how much do you care about them?

How much do I care about them? Are you nuts, their my friends. I...just only wish I can do something to protect them...

Then I shall give you the power to protect them.


Just then a bright light shinned right in front of Eddy's eyes. He didn't know what it was, but the light was somehow engulfing him. And when it completely engulfed him, he was sitting behind the driver's wheel, the missile heading straight for him. Only when the missile was supposed to impact and exploded his car into oblivion, the missile instead exploded right on Eddy, but did no damage to his car what so ever. Eddy also noticed that his car stopped swerving, and instead was driving straight out of the dust that the explosion occurred.

"Well, it looks like that was the end of-" Blitz began. When he saw Eddy coming through the explosion, with no scratches on his car what so ever, his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his sockets. He was nearly flabbergast, and so was Sheila. Everyone in the crowd were also silent, because they could have sworn that the missile hit him directly. "I-I don't know what happened! Didn't the missile impacted on him directly?"

"It-it sure looked like it Blitz!" Sheila said. "But-somehow Eddy is still alive."

Mike was also surprised to see Eddy still alive. He decided to shoot another missile at Eddy, saying to himself that the kid must have done some kind of trick. Another missile was heading to Eddy at full throttle. Eddy expected that this time he would not survive, that this time he was going to-

The missile exploded, but like last time, Eddy's car did not receive a single scratch. He kept driving straight to Mike. Mike was surprise, and so was the crowd. Eddy was even surprise himself.

"I don't know what's going on," Blitz said. "But Eddy could still have a chance of winning this competition!"

Eddy then snapped out of a trance from surviving two explosions. He quickly shoot a missile at Mike, hoping that it would hit. When Mike saw the missile, he quickly got out of the way, knowing that he was going to avoid it. But, for some reason, the missile was following him, like one of his homing missiles. Mike gasped, and tried desperately to get away from the missile, but it was no use. When the missile was close behind him, he had no choice but to bail out of the car, being knocked back from the explosion from his car. Eddy quickly passed him up and saw the finish line only a few feet ahead of him. It wasn't long before he crossed it and won the Grand Prix of DEATHRACE!

"I-I can't believe it! Eddy has won the Grand Prix!" Blitz exclaimed.

The crowd got up and was now cheering for Eddy. The cloak figure, who was still on the far corner of the stands, was mad at this. He thought that the weapon would finish him off, but instead, he won the whole damn thing. He walked angrily out of the stands, swearing under his breath.

Eddy got out of the car, and soon reporters started swarming in, asking him questions about the race.

"And please welcome our second place winner, Dee Dee!" Blitz announced.

Dee Dee came across the finish line, with an unconscious Ed and Courage in the passenger seat. Soon the medics came and got them to the hospital. Then the medics searched the course, looking to find any bodies or causalitiesalong the track. After the reporters came, Eddy was surprised to see Freakazoid and Cosgrove walking, injured, out into the finish line. Eddy dismissed the reporters and walked to the two friends.

"You guys!" Eddy said.

"Yo," Freakazoid simply said.

"Yo? Where have you guys been?" Eddy asked.

"We've been in Courage's car. Luckily we bailed out of it before it exploded into debris," Cosgrove explained.

"Well, I'm just glad your all right," Eddy said.

"Yeah, just some minor injuries, no big deal," Freakazoid commented.

"I just hope Double D is okay," Eddy said.

Just when Eddy said that, he saw a couple of medics rolling a hospital cartwheel with Edd on it. Eddy ran up to it and said, "Double D, are you okay?"

Edd opened his eyes, and looked up to see his friend above him. "Yes, I'm fine Eddy, just a few broken bones. Ouch!" Edd exclaimed, trying to move.

"Don't move Mr. Double D," one of the medics said. "You suffered a lot of injuries from that explosion."

"Will he be okay?" Eddy asked.

"Yeah, we'll take good care of him," the other medic said.

"Okay," Eddy replied.

The medics took Edd to the back of a hospital car, and drove him off to the hospital. It wasn't long before more medics came and took Ed in from Dee Dee's passenger seat. Courage stayed, because his injuries weren't that serious. Soon all the hospital medics left, and Eddy, Freakazoid, Cosgrove, and Dee Dee were ready to leave to 1901 Haven City Building, the rookie driver, Leonard Silva, came up to them from the finish line.

"That was a good race," he said to Eddy, who turned around.

"Oh, yeah. Where's that guy Randy?" Eddy asked.

"He's with the medics as well," he replied. "I also saw a guy named Mandark going with the medics."

Dee Dee immediately turned her head when she heard the word Mandark. "You mean Mandark is still alive?" she asked.

"Yeah, he suffered a lot of injuries though. My guess is that he barely bailed out of his car when it exploded," Leonard said.

"Well, that's good," Dee Dee commented.

"Huh? Wasn't Mandark that guy you always hated?" Eddy asked.

"Yeah, after all, no one deserves to die, no matter what they do," Dee Dee commented.

Eddy thought about this. Dee Dee was right. No matter what a person did, their shouldn't be any reason for them to die. He then hoped that Mike was okay.

"Well, I'm going to go visit Ed in the hospital," Dee Dee said, climbing into her car.

"Yeah, I'm coming to," Eddy said.

Freakazoid and Cosgrove decided to go with them as well. Leonard Silva bid them farewell, hoping into his car, going into places unkown. Just when Eddy climbed into his car, the speaker where the announcer would make his announcements said:

"Attention drivers, we have an important message for all of you."

Eddy, Dee Dee, Freakazoid, and Cosgrove perked up their ears and listened.

"We're sorry to inform you that the competition is over and all of its events following are canceled. We hate to break this news to you but it appears that this scheme has been nothing more of a failed attempt of getting viewership and tempting racers for a prize that doesn't exist. We confiscated everything and cleared out every bit of data from DEATHRACE, meaning everything you've been racing for was all for nothing.

"However, this doesn't mean that DEATHRACE isn't over. We have bought the rights and we're going to be restoring the competition into our image. The challenges are all new and we're allowing certain racers to come back to compete once again. We do expect to see amazing races and fierce rivalries spark between the new teams, as well as new vehicles from all of you. But to be warn: the new challenges are not going to be as easy as they were before, so build a team that will help you win the competition.

"If you're planning upon returning, we'll send the word on when competition starts. We do want to see you once again racing for DEATHRACE and making your way to the top. We do have a reward if you want to win it, but in order to do it... you need to outrace your fellow drivers. Do that and you'll receive top prize and glorification from all of us. If you want to know what the top prize really is, then we suggest that you want to take the challenge once again and compete on your terms. We'll make sure that no shady business is going on behind our or your backs, and that is an guarantee."

We'll be expecting you next year.

- From: The Organization...

To Be Continued...

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