Rebecca groaned and rolled over, her hand reaching for the extension on her bedside table.

"Hello," she mumbled into the phone.

"I know it's early, but I couldn't wait anymore to call you," a voice said from the other end.

"Lee," Rebecca croaked. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Well, it's ten thirty in the morning here, so that makes it four thirty am your time?"

Rebecca shot a look at the clock and sighed, "Good guess big sister." Then she shot up in bed, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Everything is wonderful. I'm getting married!"

"Lee, I know that. We all know that, remember? You asked Mom for the dress she wore when she married Dad months ago."

"I mean I'm getting married next week."


"Yeah. Zander and I are going to Austria and getting married in this little chapel in Kössen and that's also where we're going to have our honeymoon. There's this Guesthouse there. It's kind of like a B&B-"

"Lee, back up. What do you mean you're getting married next week?"

"We just decided to stop talking about it and to actually do it."

"But next week? What's the rush?"

"I just want to make sure I fit into Mom's dress."

"Lee, you're a rail. Why would you- Oh my God! Seriously?"

Emily laughed on her end, "Yeah. Look, I know it's short notice but I would love it if you and the girls were there."

"Of course. Did you tell Robbie yet?"

"She's my next call. I just hope she, Patrick, and Emma can come."

"And Mom?"

"I'm gonna try to get her but she could be anywhere."

"I'll give Frisco a call and when you talk to Robbie, see if she can get a hold of Robert. Maybe he knows where she is."

"Maybe. After I call Robbie, I'm gonna give Monica a call."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"I know Anna's our mom but Monica is my mom and I want her there."

"Okay," Rebecca said. "Lee? I'm really happy for you."

"Thanks Reb. I'll see you soon."

"Very soon," Rebecca agreed. She hung up the phone and shrieked, "Yes!"


"Hey Jason," Max poked his head into the living room. "Your report's here."

"Thanks Max," Jason took the envelope from him and returned to his desk.

"Jason," Brenda came in from the kitchen, "are you still okay with going to Monica's tonight? I know you're not thrilled but she's going out of town on Saturday and she wants to see her grandchildren before she leaves."

"That's fine," Jason said distractedly.

"What's that?"

"A report from a private investigator I hired."

"Who are you looking for?"

"It's more like looking after," Jason said, handing his wife the page he'd already read.

"Rebecca Mae Sutton?"

"Her name was Rebecca Amber Shaw."

"Emily's sister," Brenda raised an eyebrow. "Why are you keeping an eye on her?"

"Because she was Emily's sister," Jason said.


"And about six months ago she was in town at the same time Monica was in New York."

"So, she came to visit Edward."

"She was seen at the Metro leaving the same floor Claire Walsh was staying on and the next day, after a mistrial was declared, Claire disappeared."

"She went back to Washington, right?"

"Yeah but the timing of things is weird."

"Are you doing this for Carly? Are you trying to find a link so that she can try to use it to get Jax out of jail?"

"No," Jason shook his head. As far as he was concerned Jax could rot for the rest of his life in Ray Brook where he was currently locked up for tax evasion but he knew that it wasn't fair to Josslyn to never know her real father though Sonny was doing a great job raising her with Carly. "I want to know why she was here and what she had to do with Claire."

"She could've been up there for any number of reasons. The spa at the Metro Court is one floor above where Claire was staying. Maybe she got off on the wrong floor."

"Maybe," Jason nodded.

"You know she has kids," she was quick to remind him.

"Yea, I-"

"Two little girls."


"She doesn't want him anywhere near them."

"Meaning Nikolas?"

She stared in silence for a moment before shaking her head, "How the hell do you know that? I only know because Robin told me." She lifted a threatening finger at him, "Which by the way, I never told you."

He smirked, "You didn't, I told you."

Her eyes narrowed before remembering they were having a discussion about her lil' sis' little sis. There was always time to torture him later. "You know I remember the night of the engagement party for Katherine Bell and Nikolas' uncle Stefan. Emily was so young and innocent about guys and love but she had it bad for Nikolas even then and he had it bad for Robin who had it bad for you," Brenda smiled. "I wonder what it would've been like back then if Robin and Emily had known they were sisters."

Jason shrugged, "If she'd known she was Robin's sister, she'd have been living with Mac instead of the Quartermaines'."

"I think a lot of things would've been different for her if that was the case." Brenda nodded to his report, "What else is in there?"

"She has some travel plans in the next week. She's heading to Europe."

"So is Robin," Brenda said. "She and Patrick are taking Emma to visit family."


"Yeah. Robin's aunt Alex married some Count or something. They live in Hungary, I think. But they're meeting up in Austria because Alex's husband has some business so she's going with him and Robin's going to meet them there."

"Well, Rebecca's flying through Iceland into Munich this weekend and she rented a car for herself."

"So is Robin. The Austrian international airport is in Vienna and according to Robin it's an eight hour drive from the town they're staying in. Munich is closer."

Jason nodded as he continued to read. He frowned after a moment.

"What's wrong," Brenda asked.

"I'm not sure. A shop in Salzburg sent two dresses to a Guesthouse in Kössen under the name of Lee Cameron."


"The credit card on the receipt is Monica's and the dresses are from some place called Elrica's Brautgeschäft."

"Well Elrica is a name. I actually toyed with it when I was looking up names for Selena. But I don't know what the rest of it means." Brenda thought for a moment and then turned her head, "Spinelli? Find a translation page and translate that word."

"Yes Siren," the hacker agreed. A few moments later they had their answer. "It means Bridal Shop."

Brenda looked at Jason, "Why would Monica buy dresses from a bridal shop?"

"Spinelli can you find out what kind of dresses they were," Jason handed him the slip with a copy of the receipt on it.

Spinelli click-clacked on the computer for about ten minutes before he looked up, "They're bridesmaid dresses."

"The plot thickens," Brenda said before she looked at her watch. "Oh, I gotta go get Selena ready. Jason, call Liz. See where we're picking Jake up. If he's at Audrey's we don't have to leave until six but if we have to go all the way to Wyndemere and back, we have to leave by quarter after five at the latest."


After Brenda headed upstairs to get their daughter ready for dinner Jason turned to Spinelli, "Keep researching. I want to know why Monica's buying bridesmaid dresses and who Lee Cameron is."

"Your most fervent wish is as always is my most pressing task."


Jason ran a hand over his face after he read the latest report again. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible.

But, as he looked at the picture again, he was finding it hard to believe that there were three people in this world that looked like his sister, especially when she was sitting next to Robin in an airport café.

Any thought of it being Rebecca flew out of the window when he came across the next picture. Rebecca had gone back to the blonde hair she'd been sporting when she first showed up in Port Charles.

Then he came to the last picture and he nearly passed out. Identical girls standing next to each other smiling at their big sister.


"It's late."

"Yes, I'm aware of that. So, why are you still awake?"

"Just doing some reading," Jason said.

Brenda folded her arms and stood behind Jason, "What's going on?"

"I had Rebecca followed."

"You had Rebecca followed," Brenda repeated. "Okay, I have to ask. Why would you have Rebecca followed?"

"Because she and Robin and Monica are hiding something," Jason said.

"So, Robin and Monica are in on this too? The only thing the three of them have in common is," Brenda stopped. "No. Jason, no. No way. She wouldn't do this. None of them would."

"She would if she thought she was keeping us all safe."

"From what?"

"I don't know," Jason sighed.

"Okay, so you had Rebecca followed. But where did she go?"

"She and Robin met up at JFK and flew to Iceland and then Munich together. From there they were supposed to drive to Kössen."


"They sent Patrick ahead with Emma and Rebecca's daughters while they waited in a café by a terminal that handled Air France flights."

"Air France? Jason, France is where Rebecca's supposed to be. That's where Monica tells people she is."

"But she's working at a hospital in Georgia."

"And you had her flight checked the night she left."

"She checked in. She got on the plane. I had Spinelli confirm that. I wanted to make sure she was okay."


"Because I knew Elizabeth and Nikolas were getting close."

Brenda scoffed. "You know I used to like Elizabeth Webber. I thought she and Lucky were cute together. First love, you know?"

Jason rolled his eyes, "Anyway then I heard Ethan talking to Monica at the hospital. He said that Rebecca was getting an accent and that 'y'all' was starting to creep into her vocabulary. So, I checked again. She'd changed her name before she left Port Charles," Jason said. "I figured she checked in and then just disappeared."

"You thought she wanted to forget Port Charles and everything she'd done."

"Right. Then I found out about her daughters."

"Robin's nieces," Brenda nodded.

"Emily's too," Jason said.

"And you knew that you had to keep an eye out for them, just in case."

"Yeah," Jason admitted.

Brenda put her arms around Jason's neck from behind in a loose hold, "And if you didn't, you wouldn't be the man I married or the one I love."

"Thank you."

"I'll go with you?"


"We'll leave her with Spinelli. It'll be good practice for him. Maxie's due in two months."

"If she is," Jason didn't have to finish.

"We'll find out her reasons first and then we'll talk about the rest."


Robin studied a menu as she waited for her sisters to come join her in a restaurant.

"Hey Robbie," Emily sat down on the right of her, leaving the seat on Robin's left empty. They often sat like that. It cut down on the confusion of seeing identical faces when you stuck a different one in the middle.

"Hey. Where's Reb?"

"Frisco called as we were leaving. I think he found Mom so she's trying the number he gave her."

"And Monica?"

"She gave Patrick the day off and took all the girls shopping."

"So, where's Patrick," Robin raise an eyebrow.

"He's taking Zander up," Emily pointed to a mountain top where people were hand gliding off of it.

"Oh good God."

"Don't worry Robbie," Rebecca said as she joined them. "I'm sure they'll come back in one piece."

"They better," Robin muttered darkly.

"There's a car show here in the village tomorrow. No way Patrick's missing that."

Robin smiled, "Any luck getting Mom?"

"Yes. She'll be here in time to sit in the front pew and cry her eyes out while she and Monica watch Lee walk down the aisle."

"You know I think the wedding party is going to be bigger than the audience. I've got you two standing up with me and Zander's got Patrick standing with him. That leaves Mom, Monica, and the girls in the audience."

Robin shot a quick glance at Rebecca before she looked back at Emily, "Lee, it's not too late to invite anyone else you might want to have at the wedding."

"Grandfather's not well enough to travel. You know that Robbie."

"What about Jason?"

Emily stared at the table top for a moment before she looked up again, "I would love to have Jason there but if there's even a chance that Helena would have him followed it's not worth it.

"You think Jason would be afraid of Helena?"

"No. I think Jason should be afraid of Helena."

"Jason carries a gun for a living," Robin said.


"She tried to kill us both," Rebecca said. "And with Lee it was more than once."

"If Helena even attempted to threaten Jason he'd have her tied to a chair in a filthy warehouse where rats and all sorts of creepy crawlies were running over her feet," Robin said.

"And if he did that, Brenda would get a visit from some goon of Helena's while she was in the park with Selena and then Monica would get harassed on her way home."

"And then Jason would up the ante by rounding up all her guys and hanging them on meat hooks," Robin said.

"Well, whatever," Emily shook her head. "I'm not inviting trouble into our lives by telling Jason I'm alive."

"It's your decision Lee," Rebecca said. "And I'm with you. I don't want that family near me or mine either."

Robin nodded in agreement, "I know what you mean. Nikolas keeps trying to set up a play date for Emma and Spencer and Steven. I'm running out of excuses."

"Tell him the truth. 'Nikolas, our kids can't play together because your grandmother is a stark raving loon who tried to kill my sister on at least one occasion'."

"Reb," Robin rolled her eyes.

Emily giggled. "Or she could use Elizabeth as an excuse. 'I don't want my daughter playing with the child of the woman who screwed my sister's fiancée while calling herself her best friend and while she was engaged to her lover's brother'."

"You two are horrible," Robin said, picking up her menu again and opening it.

"I'm gonna have a hot dog and fries," Rebecca said.

"I'm gonna try their lasagna. What about you Lee?"

Rebecca looked up when Emily didn't answer. Her sister was pale and staring across the patio.

"Lee? What is it," Robin asked.

Rebecca followed her sister's glare and let out a soft gasp when she saw who was walking their way.

Robin followed her sisters' sightline, "Oh my God."

Jason stopped right across from Robin but his gaze was on Emily, "Hi."

Rebecca looked at her sister who was staring at her brother. She hadn't moved. She put a hand on her arm, "Lee?"


"I've had people looking out for Rebecca and Robin for a long time."

"What," Rebecca looked a bit surprised.

"You're Emily's sister," Jason said. "I couldn't leave you without any protection especially with Cassadine still roaming around free."

"I should be really, really mad at you," Rebecca said. "But I know from several long talks with both of my sisters it wouldn't do me any good."

Jason shook his head.

I told the witch doctor I was in love with you…

Robin and Emily stared at Rebecca.

"That's Aunt Alex. She told me she'd call when she was almost here." Rebecca flipped open her phone as she got up, "Aunt Alex? Hi. Where are you?" Rebecca walked away from the table.

"I have to go to the bathroom," Robin announced as she got up and walked in the opposite direction.

Emily stared at the tablecloth for a moment before she looked up at Jason, "I know you must have about ten million questions-"

"Actually I have significantly less," Jason said.

"Before we start, can you just sit down?"

Jason took the empty seat across from his sister.

"I imagine you want to know why," Emily said.

"Among other things," Jason nodded.

"I was strangled. I was pronounced dead."

"I know this."

"But what you don't know is that I was taken to a hospital in Chicago and that when I woke up Rebecca was recovering from a car accident in the bed next to me because the night I was strangled she was in a near fatal car accident."

"The same night?"

"The same night," Emily nodded. "And it wasn't exactly an accident."


"Reb's car accident was about as accidental as Diego strangling me and neither of those were independent ideas."

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you remember Lucky's friend Summer Halloway?"

"Sure. Someone pushed her off the cliffs at Wyndemere right?"

"Right. Stefan hired someone to kill me but he pushed Summer instead."

"So, what's that got to do with you hiding from the world?"

"The Cassadine family has been trying to kill me for years and as far as Helena is concerned Diego was successful."


"She was behind Diego. He was supposed to kill or attempt to kill a few women and then split town after me, with the idea that his killing me would enrage you and cause you to go after him."

"No one knew it was him though."

"He was supposed to be seen before he left Wyndemere. He wasn't of course, so that left him free to go rogue."

"Go rogue," Jason asked.

"I was supposed to be the last. Georgie Jones' murder was not on Helena's agenda. Neither were the attempted murders of Alexis, Carly, Elizabeth, or Nadine. Cooper Barrett got too close so Diego eliminated him. If he hadn't hung himself when he did, Frisco Jones probably would've killed him."

"Georgie and Maxie's dad," Jason nodded.

"That's him," Emily said. "He's an old friend of Mom's-Anna's- and well, he made it possible for Rebecca and me to be alive."

"Monica knows?"

"Yes," Emily nodded. "Jason, I'm sorry I didn't tell you but Monica would be able to let me live my life and be okay knowing that I'm okay and happy. You, on the other hand, would gather up Nikolas and his remaining relatives, put them in a room, and blow them up."

"Sounds good to me," Jason agreed.

"I'm okay, Jason," Emily said honestly. "And I'm happy."


Emily held out her hand, "I'm getting married."

Jason stared at her hand, "Who is he?"


"What," Jason stared at her.

"It's Zander Lewis."

"Zander? Like the guy who took you hostage Zander?"

"Yeah, that's him."

"You're gonna marry him again?"

"I love him, Jason."

"He tried to kill you, Emily."

"No, he didn't. He went a little crazy when we broke up and besides that he wasn't jumping into bed with a nurse less than a year after I was died. Jason, he was there when I woke up. He was with Anna and he stayed with me until I got better."

"And you fell in love with him again."

"Yes. We're getting married and I would love it if you were there but I understand if you don't want to be because you don't approve."

"Emily, of course I'm going to be there," Jason reached out and took her hand.

"Good. I need someone to give me away," Emily smiled.

"I'd be honored."


Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Spinelli and Maxie were trying to calm a screaming Selena, whose blue eyes were currently scrunched up and closed while her mouth was open and emitting cries at a amazingly high volume for such a little person.

"Spinelli, what are we going to do? She won't stop screaming and nothing I do is helping," Maxie panicked to her partner.

"I don't know what to do for her either, Maximista and I don't want to call Siren or Stone Cold because they can't help us and I don't want to worry them."

"And of course the only doctors I'd call for something like this are currently in another country. God, what if this happens with Mariah," Maxie motioned to her stomach. She was starting to get really scared; not just of becoming a mother but of completely screwing her kid up. She was worried that she'd end up doing something to make her daughter resent her as much as Maxie currently resented Felicia.

"Mariah will be used to us for long periods of time without being taken into the arms of her parents because we will be the parents," Spinelli said in his usual patient way.

"And if she starts crying and just won't stop?"

"We will call The Top Cop over to help you just as he helps Dr. Robin."

Maxie looked at Spinelli gratefully. He really was the most wonderful man in the world.

"And she's calmed down now," Spinelli said. "So, maybe we're not so bad at this after all.

"Spinelli, I love you."