Victory Love

Chapter 1


Fallout96: This is my first fic that will include pokemon battles and the Sinnoh Pokemon League. Watch as Ash makes it to the top! I hope you like it!

"No!" Paul yelled in defeat as he fell to his knees on the ground.

Pikachu ran towards Ash and tackled him with a hug.

"Pika, Pika!"

"I know, Buddy. We beat Paul!" Ash yelled while embracing his beloved Pikachu.

"And the winner of the preliminary round goes to Ash Ketchum of Pallet!" The announcer yelled with the crowd's cheers not to far behind him. "Now he will move onto the semi-finals which are held tomorrow afternoon!" He announced while motioning for Ash to say something to the microphone.

'What do I say? What do I say?' Ash thought nervously as he grabbed the microphone.

"All I can say is that I'll be here tomorrow ready for the challenge! And I intend to win!" Ash yelled in the microphone while showing a thumbs up to the crowd. The crowd cheered wild for Ash and were indeed anticipating the match to come.

Ash walked out of the arena (with Pikachu at his side) and began to make the climb up the stairs to his room.

"Ash!" A voice from behind yelled.

Ash turned around to find himself in a very tight hug by a certain blue-hair, blue-eye coordinator.

"Dawn, I can see you are happy." He said while trying to breathe due to the strangling hug he was receiving.

Dawn looked up at Ash's face with excited eyes.

"How could I not? You beat that jerk Paul and your on your way to winning. I know you'll do it, Ash! I just know it!" She tightened her hug while saying so.

Several minutes had gone by with silence. Dawn was still enjoying the warmth of hugging Ash. Ash had a beet-red face from realizing how close Dawn and him were.

"Dawn? You can let go now." Dawn eyes went wide and she pulled away from Ash, with a face as red as a tomato.

"Sorry, Ash! Just got carried away that's all." Her face was turned away from his.

Ash, being as dense as he was, believed her.

"That's okay, Dawn. Best friends always hug each other, especially after one is about to win the Sinnoh League!" He used his signature smile. "Anyway, I'm going to head up to my room. My pokemon and I need to rest up for the semi-finals tomorrow. See you in the morning!" He waved goodbye, while running with Pikachu up to there room.

Dawn waved back sadly. 'Yeah, best friends. Ash, I wish you knew that I want to be more than friends.' She slowly walked outside to enjoy the sunset disappearing over the horizon.

"Yes!" May jumped for joy.

Norman ran in the living room.

"What's with the excitement, May?"

May turned to Norman, with the biggest smile on her face.

"Ash won the preliminary round! He'll be moving on to the semi-finals!" She squealed with happiness.

Norman smiled.

"That's great, May. I hope he makes it to the finals." May shot Norman a glare.

"What do you mean 'I hope'. Ash will make it and win the Sinnoh League!" Norman was taken aback from his daughter's outrage at his words. He knew he couldn't say anything else but agree with her.

"Your right, May. Ash will beat them all." He said while walking out the room.

May stared back at the television. Her heart beat fast when she saw the announcer hand Ash the microphone.

"All I can say is that I'll be here tomorrow ready for the challenge! And I intend to win!" The crowd cheered for Ash. May smiled at seeing this.

"You'll do it, Ash. I know it. I only wish I could be there." I thought came to May. 'Maybe I can be there. Probably not for the semi-finals, but for the final match.' Her eyes filled with the happiness of seeing Ash again. 'I'll be there for you, my Ash. Wait! What did I just say?' Her thoughts played with her as she walked into the kitchen to ask both her parents for permission.

Ash laid in his bed, not being able to sleep because of the excitement for tomorrow's match. He looked over to see Pikachu laying awake beside him.

"Were going to do it this time, Pikachu. Were going to win."

"Pika, Pika" Pikachu agreed with him.

"We've been training for a year now here in Sinnoh, and you and all my pokemon are ready, right?" He asked, putting his trust as always in his pokemon.

"Pika, Pika!" Ash smiled.

"Thanks, Buddy. I can always count on you guys!"

Knock, Knock, Knock!

Ash and Pikachu stared at the door. "Come in."

The door opened.

"Ash." Dawn said softly as she entered the room She blushed slightly at seeing Ash without a shirt on and she had to admit, he looked good.

"What is it, Dawn?"

Dawn sat down on the bed.

"I just want to say good luck tomorrow and that Brock and I are behind you one hundred percent!" She said with an uplifted spirit.

Ash smiled.

"Thanks, Dawn." He gave her a small and quick hug. Dawn blushed at the feel of Ash's bare chest against her. When it ended, she stood up and walked toward the door. "Good night, Ash." She opened the door and began to close it. "I love you." She whispered so low that Ash couldn't hear it. "Good night, Dawn." She closed the door and walked back to her room.

"Pika, Pika." Ash looked down at Pikachu.

"What do you mean?"

"Pika, Pika."

"No way. She was just being a friend." Ash reasoned with Pikachu.

Pikachu sighed and gave up hope on his dense trainer. They both laid down and closed their eyes. One thought kept coming into Ash's mind. 'I wish you were here, May. It would be nice just to see you.' He allowed sleep to take over and hoped that maybe his wish would come true.

The Next Morning...

May stood at the end of the harbor, waiting to board the ship.

'I can't believed they said yes!' May thought back to last night.


"I know this is very sudden, but I really want to be there for him." May pleaded toward her parents.

Caroline and Norman stared at each other for several seconds and smiled. Caroline was the first to speak.

"Of course you can go, May. We know how much Ash means to you and will agree to it."

May jumped for joy.

"When you get there tell Ash that after he wins, he has a staying reservation here at the Petalburg Gym." May squealed with happiness at hearing Norman say this. She gave both of them a quick hug.

"I'll star packing and wake up early for the boat ride tomorrow!" She ran up to her room.

Norman turned to Caroline and smiled.

"Just like us when we were young."

(End of Flashback)

May entered her room on the ship and smiled when she saw a small television in the corner. "I'll be able to see Ash win the semi-finals now." She said with joy as she turned on the T.V.


"Are you all ready for the semi-final match!" The crowd cheered at the announcers words with excitement.

Ash walked out to the arena, ready for the match ahead. He could see the opposing trainer walking in the arena also.

"Now, this battle will be between Ash Ketchum of Pallet (everyone cheered at hearing his name including Dawn and Brock) and Tyler Pulse of SunyShore! Each trainer will use six pokemon each and there will be no time limit. Trainers, are you ready?"

Both Ash and Tyler nodded.

"Than, let the match begin!"

Ash smiled.

"I choose you, Staraptor!" Staraptor appeared out of the pokeball.


Tyler grabbed a pokeball from his waist and threw it.

"Go, Camerupt!"


"Camerupt, use lava plume!"

"Rupt!" A surge of fire shot out of Camerupt's open hump, heading straight toward Staraptor.

"Staraptor! Dodge and use quick attack!" Staraptor easily dodged the attack and hit Camerupt hard with quick attack.


Tyler frowned.

"Camerupt, recover and use earth power!"


Dozens of giant boulders were sent out of the ground and launched toward Staraptor.

"Dodge and use aerial ace!" Ash yelled.

"Star!" Staraptor glided through the group of boulders and headed toward Camerupt.

"Camerupt use rock slide!"

"Rupt!" A single stack of rock slammed into Staraptor.

"Staraptor!" Ash yelled, trying to snap Staraptor out of his unconscious fall. Staraptor heard this and snapped out of it. "Now use double team!"

"Star!" A dozen Staraptors appeared in front of Camerupt.

"Camerupt, hit all of them with earth power!"


All the Staraptors disappeared as the hundreds of rocks hit them, but there was no sign of the real one.

"Where is he." Tyler said while looking all over the field for Staraptor.

Ash smiled.

"Now, Staraptor, use aerial ace!"

"Star!" Everyone looked up to see a diving Staraptor heading straight for Camerupt at blinding speed.

"Camerupt, dodge!" Tyler desperately yelled, but it was too late.

"Star!" Staraptor collided with Camerupt using aerial ace.

"Rupt!" Camerupt fell to the ground unconscious.

The reef raised a flag. "Camerupt is unable to battle! The first round goes to Ash Ketchum!" The crowd cheered.

"Camerupt, return." Tyler said while putting Camerupt back in his pokeball. He quickly pulled out another pokeball.

"Go, Steelix!" Steelix popped out of the pokeball.


'Oh, boy. This will be a tough one." Ash thought to himself while seeing the type disadvantage.

"Begin!" The reef yelled.

"Steelix, use dragonbreathe!"

"Steel!" A blast surged out of Steelix's mouth and was heading toward Staraptor.

"Staraptor, dodge!"

Staraptor flew out of the direction of the blast, but was hit at the tip of it's right wing.

"Star!" Staraptor yelled in pain.

"Staraptor are you okay?" Ash asked his pokemon with worry. Staraptor ignored the pain soon after hearing this. "Star!"

Ash smiled.

"Good, use aerial ace than take down!"

Staraptor flew up high, than dived at a high speed.

"Steelix, use iron tail!"

Steelix's tail glowed and aimed toward the incoming Staraptor, but just as the tail was about to hit, Staraptor streaked to the left. Steelix missed and was left in confusing.

"What's it doing?" Tyler asked himself.

Staraptor curved right and slammed into Steelix's side.

"Steel!" It yelled in pain.

Tyler growled.

"Steelix, use harden and than slam." He ordered.

Steelix's whole body glowed and slammed straight into Staraptor, sending it diving towards the ground.

"Staraptor!" Ash yelled upon seeing his pokemon unconscious.

"Staraptor is unable to battle! The second round goes to Tyler Pulse." The reef announced.

"Staraptor, return." Ash said sadly as he withdrew his pokemon. He held the pokeball close to his face. "You did great. Take a long rest." He put the ball to his waist and pulled out a second pokeball.

"Go, Torterra!"

"Tor!" Torterra yelled with excitement.

"Let the match continue!" The reef yelled.

"Torterra use earthquake!"

"Tor!" The ground started to shake wildly. Steelix was knocked off balance by it.

"Now, use wood hammer!"

"Tor!" Torterra charged straight toward Steelix and slammed right into him.


"Use leaf storm!"

"Tor!" A thousand glowing leafs were launched straight at Steelix, all hitting their mark.

"Steel!" Steelix fell to the ground unconscious.

"Steelix!" Tyler yelled.

"Steelix is unable to battle! The third round goes to Ash Ketchum!" The reef announced while the crowd of people cheered loudly.

"Return, Steelix." Tyler returned Steelix back to his pokeball and threw out a third ball.

"Go, Metagross!"

"Meta!" Metagross yelled with a battle-ready tone.

"Let the match continue!"

"Metagross, use meteor mash!"

"Meta!" Metagross glowed bright yellow and charged toward Torterra.

"Torterra, use harden and charge with wood hammer!" Torterra glowed with the hardening of it's body and charged toward Metagross.

"Tor!" Soon, they both collided in a flash of bright light.

"Meta/Tor!" They yelled in unison.

"Torterra!" Ash yelled as he could see nothing but smoke in the middle of the arena.

When the smoke finally cleared, both Torterra and Metagross were unconscious on the ground.

"Torterra and Metagross are unable to battle! The fourth round is a tie!"

"Return, Torterra/Metagross!" The trainers sadly recalled their pokemon.

"Go, Infernape!" Ash yelled while throwing the pokeball.


"Go, Abomasnow!"

"Snow!" Abomasnow yelled while taking the field.

'Why would he choose an ice type against a fire type?' Ash thought to himself.

"Let the match continue!"

"Abomasnow, use sheer cold!"

"Snow!" The air around the arena suddenly became decreasingly low.

"Infernape, charge overheat to warm up the air. Than attack with flame wheel!"

"Nape!" The sudden increase in air temperature caused steam to form, blinding Abomasnow's vision. Suddenly, a red glow of a wheel was heading straight toward Abomasnow.

"Nape!" Infernape scored a direct hit against Abomasnow and sent it back several feet on the ground.

"Abomasnow!" Tyler yelled in horror at his fallen pokemon.

"Abomasnow is unable to battle. The fifth round goes to Ash Ketchum!"

'Wow, that was fast.' Ash admitted to himself with confidence.

"Go, Drapion!" Tyler yelled while throwing the pokeball.


"Let the match begin!"

"Drapion use toxic spikes!"

"Dra!" Dozens of spikes were sent in every direction on the ground, trapping Infernape in a cornered circle.

"Now Drapion, use Poison Fang!" Infernape couldn't dodge it, but put it's arm up to defend it. Drapion clamped down on Infernape's arm and injected poison.

"Infernape, recover and use close combat!"

"Nape!" Infernape jumped in front of Drapion and delivered hundreds of punishing blows to it and knocked it to the ground.


"Now, finish it off with mach punch!"

"Nape!" Infernape charged it's attack and launched a punch directly at Drapion. Drapion closed it's eyes and prepared for the hit, but just as the punch was about to hit Drapion, Infernape fainted. The poison had taken it's affect.

"Infernape!" Ash yelled with worry at Infernape.

"Infernape is unable to battle! The sixth round goes to Drapion!"

"Return, Infernape." Ash returned Infernape back in it's pokeball and placed the ball on his waist.

"Who should I choose?"

"Pika, Pika!"

"Sorry, Pikachu. I want to save you for the final match."

"Pika..." Pikachu accepted the decision sadly.

Ash thought hard for a minute.

"I know!" He grabbed a ball from his waist. "I choose you, Lucario!" Lucario jumped out of the ball and landed on the ground silently.

'I'm ready to battle, Master!' Lucario said to Ash telepathically.

"Let the match continue!"

"Drapion, use cross poison!"

"Dra!" Drapion charged it's attack toward Lucario.

"Lucario, use extremespeed to dodge than use dragon pulse."

Lucario easily dodged the attack and released a large, powerful blast at Drapion.

"Dra!" Drapion yelled as it was knock unconscious by the powerful blast.

Lucario landed gracefully on it's feet and looked at Ash with a smile.

'To easy.' He joked with Ash.

"Good job, Lucario!" Ash replied back.

"Return, Drapion!" He place him back in his ball. "Go, Salamence!"

"Mence!" Salamence roared loud, trying to intimidate Lucario. It didn't work.

'Bring it on, Lizard boy!' This mad Salamence furious.

"Let the match continue!"

"Salamence, use Draco Meteor!"

"Mence!" Salamence flew so high up that no one could see him. Only when he glowed from the powerful charge was he visible.

Ash stared up in the air and smiled.

"Lucario, charge up aura sphere!"

'Yes, Master!' Lucario nodded. He stomped his feet a foot in the ground to hold him in place. Lucario place his hand's together and formed a large, very powerful ball of energy. Salamence dived down and Lucario prepared for it.

"Mence!" Salamence yelled as he was inches from colliding with Lucario.

"Master!" Lucario yelled as he released the ball of energy that collided with Salamence. It was so powerful, the blast sent Salamence back several hundred feet in the air. Salamence fell hard to the ground moments later.

"Salamence is unable to battle! The winner of the semi-final round is Ash Ketchum!" The reef tried to yell over the already cheering crowd,

"Lucario!" Lucario turned around and was tackled with a large hug by his trainer. "You were great, Lucario! Thank you!"

'Don't thank me, Master. Your the one that trained me.' Ash looked Lucario in the eye. "It was all you my friend and please don't call me Master. Just call me Ash."

Lucario bowed.

"Yes, Master." Ash could only sigh at his friends manners and professional appearance.

With his Pikachu and Lucario following him, Ash exited the arena, leaving a cheering crowd behind him.

"Yes! Ash I knew you could do it!" May said while jumping for joy over Ash's victory that she had just watched on T.V. "Leave it for Ash to capture such a powerful pokemon like Lucario." She walked over to her bed and laid down.

"I can't wait to see him tomorrow." She admitted to herself. 'I'm going to see my Ash tomorrow. I hope he'll agree to stay at my house for a couple of months.' She wished with a big heart as she slowly let sleep take over her.

"I wonder where Dawn and Brock are?" He asked Lucario and Pikachu. Both shrugged.

"Ash!" He turned around and saw Dawn running toward him. 'Oh no. Not again.' Ash thought while bracing himself for the tight hug to come. He was almost knock off his feet.

"I knew you'd when Ash! Just one more to go!" She buried her face in his chest. "Dawn." He managed to get out. She looked up at him. "Yes, Ash?"

"Your hurting me." She released her grip, reluctantly, and apologized several times with the biggest blush on her face. Lucario grinned.

'It seems that you have a mate courting for you, Master.' He used his telepathic bond with Ash to tell him.

"What do you mean, Lucario?" He asked, dense as ever.

'You see, Master. When a mate likes another mate, he or she does...'(The reason I didn't write down what he said next is because this is a T rated story.) He described with great details.

"Lucario! Don't ever tell me that again!" Dawn gave Ash a questioning look. "What did he say, Ash." She asked him.

Ash couldn't tell her what he really said.

"Nothing. Just a very bad joke." Dawn stared at him with a little disbelieve, but shrugged it off. "Okay. Good night, Ash. Sleep well you have to rest up for the big day in four days." She smiled at him and walked down the hallway to her room. When she was out of sight, Ash glared at Lucario.

'What, Master? I was just telling you what I was told when I was a younger.' He reasoned with Ash.

Ash placed a hand on Lucario's shoulder. "That's alright, Lucario. Just don't ever say it again. Now come on. It's time to go to bed." Ash looked down at Pikachu. "You ready, Pikachu.

"Pika (yawn..)." He replied.

"Than let's go and Lucario you can stay out of your pokeball tonight." Lucario bowed to Ash at hearing this. "I'm honored, Master."

Ash could only let out a small chuckle. He walked toward his room, ready to relax for the next four days. Right now, he was the happiest trainer on earth. If only he knew that tomorrow he would feel even happier.

Fallout96: Well, what did you think of that? That was my first pokemon battle and it was hard work. Anyway, I hoped you all enjoyed it. The next update will be coming soon! See you than! Review please!