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A small, blond fifteen year old girl stumbled through the forests of Forks. She was lost, but not afraid. She had no family to speak of, a fact that she had come to accept. She wandered through the thick trees careful to avoid any roots waiting to snag her feet. A wanderer, that's what she was. She wasn't lost, merely exploring. She broke from her thoughts when a twig snapped nearby.

"Who's there?" she said, taking a slow step back. Another twig snapped.

"Hello?" she said, her voice trembling slightly.

She stopped and looked around her quickly. Something moved in the bushes and she jumped.

"Who's there?" she repeated nervously. No one answered and she turned to run.

A hand suddenly gripped her wrist and she started to scream before another hand covered her mouth.

She kicked and punched but the person holding her was strong and rock hard. The person wrapped an arm around her torso and squeezed. She felt her ribs crack.

She managed to get an arm free and she swung at the person holding her. Lightning fast, they grabbed her arm and dislocated her shoulder. Her scream was muffled.

She continued struggling until she caught a glimpse of the being holding her. She was barely older than herself and absolutely beautiful. The woman grabbed her wrist, then let out a violent growl.

The girl suddenly saw a beautiful man, then felt a searing pain in her wrist. She looked down to see a thin slice there. The woman was gone, replaced instead by the beautiful man.

Her wrist was on fire. She screamed, pleading with the man to stop the burning. She screamed again when he lifted her, her ribs protesting.

Impossibly fast, she was lying on a comfortable couch, staring at the cream colored walls.

The same beautiful man stood over her, examining her injuries. The burn in her wrist was slowly lessening and she was thankful, but it only made her notice the pain in her ribs and shoulder more. She couldn't catch her breath and it quickly escalated to hyperventilating.

A sudden calm swept over her and she sighed, managing to take a deep breath. The next thing she knew, everything was black.

When she woke up, her arm was in a sling and her ribs were taped. Her wrist was lightly throbbing and she heard whispering.

"I don't think she's going to make the change. Only a very tiny bit of venom was injected into her system. There's just not enough there," a man said.

Another man responded. "So what will she be?"

The first man spoke again. "My best guess would be that she will be something similar to Renesmee. But I've never seen this situation."

A female spoke then. "She's awake and can hear you," she said as she passed.

It seemed the man was at her side before the woman even finished speaking. Her eyes popped open wide as a pair of cold hands touched her.

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