Just when you think you've got everything figured out, something or someone comes along and throws everything off course. No slash.

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Elizabeth sat at the table next to Neal, the two were eating breakfast as they waited for Peter to finish getting ready and join them.

Neal shoved a large spoonful of Frosted Flakes into his mouth, "Why doesn't Peter like to talk about his family?" Some milk slipped out the corner of his mouth before he swallowed the mouthful of sugary goodness.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at the overgrown child sitting across the table from her, a smile lighting up her face at his attempt to talk with his mouth full. "He doesn't talk about me?"

Neal's eyes widened, "Oh, no. All the time, trust me." Neal winked, causing Elizabeth to smile again. "What I meant was, his parents, where he grew up." Neal shrugged before getting another bite of cereal.

Elizabeth took a slow drink of her coffee as she stared across the table at her husband's partner. "He didn't have an easy childhood, Neal."

"Who did?" Neal asked in all honesty.

Elizabeth gave a sad smile and shrugged her shoulders. "His parents argued a lot before they separated and then there was his brother."

Neal looked at her eyes wide. "Peter has a brother?"

"He did."

Elizabeth was cut off from continuing by the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, a moment later Peter rounded the corner into the kitchen and stopped when he saw Neal.

"Why am I not surprised, Caffrey?"

Neal gave Peter a bright smile. " You told me to meet you here."

Peter leaned over and gave his wife a kiss and then looked at his watch. "It's barely 7, I told you to meet me at 8 and by the looks of it." He pointed a finger at the bowl of cereal Neal was eating. "I'd say you've been here more than a few minutes."

"Haven't you ever heard that early is on time and on time is late?" Neal raised an eyebrow at Peter as he took a seat at the table.

Neal unfolded the morning newspaper and raised it as a barrier between him and Nate. "Then always feel free to be late when meeting me in the morning, Caffrey."

Elizabeth laughed and then got up from the table. "Your breakfast is on the stove." She motioned towards the bacon and eggs. "Be nice to each other while I'm upstairs getting ready."

"I think we can manage." Neal said with a wink and a grin as Elizabeth disappeared around the corner.

Peter cleared his throat as he lay the paper aside and got up to get his breakfast from the stove. "You want anything else, Caffrey?" Peter asked with obvious annoyance.

Neal thought for a moment, "How about some toast?"

Peter sighed as he grabbed his plate of eggs and a couple pieces of extra toast and made his way back to the table.

He handed Neal the extra pieces of toast and then grabbed the jelly that Elizabeth had used for her breakfast and unscrewed the lid. He stopped when he saw Neal staring at him, he rolled his eyes and then slid the knife he had grabbed across the table and then picked up the one Elizabeth had been using earlier.

Their knives clinked together as they both put them into the jar at the same time. "You couldn't wait, Caffrey?"

Peter shot Neal an annoyed look over the jelly jar.

Neal smiled as he removed his knife and smothered the jelly onto his toast, Peter doing the same in the seat next to him.

Neither of the men noticed as Elizabeth watched them silently from the doorway a hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing.

The room was silent for the next several seconds as both men continued to lavishly pile jelly onto their toast.

Peter and Neal simultaneously folded their bread together, crumbs falling to the table from the toasted treat. They both reached over and ran a pinky along the folded bread to catch the jelly before it dripped to the table, licked their fingers and then both took a large bite from the jelly sandwich.

Peter nodded," That is good."

Neal nodded in understanding. " I love, love pineapple jelly."

"So does Peter." Elizabeth said, bringing the attention to her as she tried to hide her shock at what she had just seen. Her and Peter had been married for years and they weren't even that in sync with each other.

Peter turned towards his wife, "I thought you'd be in the shower by now."

She stared for a moment longer at the two men in front of her before shaking her head and making her way towards the coffee pot. "I wanted to make sure there was a fresh pot of coffee." She winked at Neal, "Because someone drank most of it this morning."

"Wonder who that was." Peter mumbled after shoving a spoonful of eggs into his mouth.

Elizabeth smiled and placed a kiss on top of her husband's head. "Have a good day, I'll see you tonight."

"Bye, Neal." She waived and then disappeared out of the room.

"What's tonight?" Neal asked with curiosity, a smile beginning to curve the corners of his mouth.

Peter's face grew red, "Nothing." He jabbed his spoon in Neal's direction. "Finish your cereal so we can go interview that witness, we've got a case to solve."


-There is actually a plot to this story and more than one case to be solved. So please let me know if you want me to continue.-