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It's just a sleepover.

I know this.

Kyle knows this.

So...what the hell?

Stan Marsh couldn't fall asleep...his mind was focused on the mane of red hair before him, fast asleep.

Staring at the boy's unconscious face, Stan decided there was no point in looking away again. He had been staring at his best friend for, easily, an hour or so now. They had had sleepovers in the past -hell-they were super best friends after all, but now was different...

Stan had no idea.

He just knew it was, and for some reason, he couldnt look away. Bringing his hand to the Jewish boy's head, Stan brushed his fingers slowly through his curly hair. Why was he doing this?

He still had no idea.

It was just sort of an urge, an urge he had succumb to about an hour ago and since then couldnt stop doing...it just felt good.


Repeating the motion, Stan allowed his mind to wander. He needed to know why he kept feeling this way around Kyle. Why everytime Kyle came over, all he wanted to do was touch the red-haired boy and get him as close as to himself as possible.

But without being gay.

Stan Marsh wasnt gay.

And nethire was Kyle Broflovski. They were both straight, and both had girlfriends. Granted nethire of them liked the girl they were with. Kyle had given up on his attempts to push away a certain blonde by the name of Bebe Stevens over a year ago and have been going for about 3 months now. He constantly complained about her and how he wished she would just break up with him. As for Stan, well, he was currently with a raven-haired 'beauty queen' as she was so called by every man in school. The student council president, straight A making, cheer-leading captain: Wendy Testaburger.

There was a point in Stan's life where he would have screamed from the tops of South Park's mountains that he loved this girl. She was, after all, the perfect girlfriend. Sweet, funny, smart...hot. You know, everything a guy wanted.

Not what Stan Marsh wanted.

To be honest, Stan Marsh had no idea what he 'wanted'. He just knew that Wendy wasnt it. As soon as a certain 'Token Black' stole his girl from him so...easily, back in the 4th grade he just hasnt been as close to Wendy as he used to be.

Stan sat up in the bed slightly, removing his hand from the beautiful boy before him's head and leaning up against the bed post as he continued to stare.

He really was beautiful.

Gay or not, it was the truth. No one could look at Kyle Broflovski and not say he wasnt attractive. He was so fit and clean and...pure? That may or may not have been the right word Stan was looking for but it was all his brain could come up with at 4 in the morning. Wether calling another guy beautiful made him gay or not really didnt seem to matter to Stan, though. Somewhere in the back of his mind he had always wondered if he was gay. He swore to god that he wasnt when he was around his friends, but when it was just him and his thoughts he couldnt help thinking about it.

Maybe he was gay.

But ethire way that didnt change his best friend's sexuality. Stan knew Kyle wasnt like that, regardless of how he felt towards Bebe, Stan knew his best friend here liked chicks, not guys. At least thats what he let his mind assume, seeing as the two had never really discussed their 'sexuality' before.

Stan paused, looking down at the Jewish boy below him, currently sleeping away on the raven's bed. "So goddamned beautiful." He found himself saying, shaking his head and slumping back into the covers beside Kyle. "Your really something, Kyle."

Shaking his head, the raven slowly placed his arm around the red-head. Skrew the awkward conversation that would take place in the morning. The two of them had been best friends -SUPER best friends- for over 15 years now, its about time they had this conversation.

"Goodnight Kyle."

What Stan wasnt aware of was the fact that the boy before him was fully awake.

Keeping his eyes closed, Kyle allowed himself a small smile before sneaking 'unconsciously' closer to the raven. "Night Stan." He whispered, but was unheard. The raven was now asleep, eyes shut lightly as he drifted into his personal world of dreams.

"I love you."